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“He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.”
— Thomas Paine
I think I’m watching a new Wag The Dog movie on Iran with a cast of Zionist players; here is the cast : John Kerry ( 3rd richest in Congress, 13% invested in energy, CFR member ),
Carl Levin (Chairman Armed Services Committee) , Peter King (Chairman Homeland Security)  and Hillary Clinton.   Even Eric Holder gets involved to turn attention away from “Fast and Furious” , the gun running plot to the Mexican Drug Cartels.  No kidding, even the government said it sounds like a “Hollywood plot”.   A Hollywood plot as  the FBI says, and keep in mind this agency  helped allow 9-11 to follow through to completion.   Yes, they were warned, but failed to react.  Don’t forget governments gain power through their war powers, the FBI got funds, Homeland Security got funds, TSA got funds, and the People  got the USA Patriot Act.
Oddly the “Hollywood Plot” involves the Mexican Drug Cartels the same bunch that Eric Holder was busy supplying with machine guns.  Except this time it was explosives, somemthing the drug cartels don’t normally use.  Maybe a hand grenade, or a rocket, but an actual bomb with a fused detonator, unlikely.  
Of coarse if the plot had been hatched, which didn’t happen, who would have benefited, Qui Bono?  The Saudi government would just have replaced its embassador.  Iran doesn’t benefit as chances are this is just and excuse to “bomb, bomb, bomb,  Iran” as McCain, the Manchurian candidate proclaimed.   Remember him?  And of coarse his running mate Sarah Palin who had in her Alaska governor’s office  an Israeli flag in the corner.    It was hard to tell who she represented. 
The target is Iran, one of the last countries that doesn’t have a Rothschild central bank in place.  The U.N. won’t complain because they are run by the Rothschild’s and their cousins the Rockefellers.  There is even a U.S. plot to have Iran removed from the U.N.   As I have said before, the U.N. has used up its usefullness when it comes to preventing wars, ever since it became OK to bomb Libya.
The U.S. has wanted a pre-emptive strike on Iran for a long time and with the mutual defense pact between Iran and Syria, here comes WWIII.  Can Iran fight back?  Yes they can, they have an arsenal of fuel air devices, and bio-chemicals and the ability to launch rockets with satelites.  But there first move will be to block the Straights of Hormuz and cut off oil to much of the west.  Unlike the U.S., Iran will wait until they are physically attacked before retaliating. 
All the cast has something to gain, except Iran.
John Kerry
“All Options Open on Iran Plot”
Carl Levin
 Defense  Electronic Company contributions
Defense Aerospace Company contributions
Hillary: “Nobody Could Make This Up, Right?”
FBI, DEA, say they foiled terrorist attacks in US, Buenos Aires http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/81369/fbi-dea-say-they-foiled-terrorist-attacks-in-us-buenos-aires  FBI Director Robert Mueller told reporters the convoluted plot, involving drug cartels in Mexico, big payments of money and an attempt to kill the ambassador in a Washington restaurant, could have been material for a Hollywood movie. (I think it was)
When this should be our reaction
Do The Right Thing!