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As I write Gaddafi is winning in N. Africa , the rebels are continuing to lose ground. But here at home another problem is brewing, namely Occupy Wall Street the financiers would like to alter our Constitutional Republic. (see back issues)

I always like to prove what I say about connections between the so called ‘elite’. So let’s start off with George Soros.

George Soros – Obama’s Boss – America’s Communist Leader – Commie Tunes 13

Here is the   Open Society Foundation website. Under initiatives/ U.S. Programs, there are a lot of articles that are heart warming, such as this one Soros Pledges $30 Billion to Transform the Lives of NYC’s Most Vulnerable Black and Latin Boys . Everyone deserves a chance in school, and it is nearly mandatory for children below high school. The article goes on to say, “In addition to support from the Open Society Foundations, the Young Men’s Initiative will receive $67.5 million in city funding” and this of coarse is twice the funding by but tax payers. From the website it implies that this is mixed education and includes college, for it says “Fewer than half of all African American boys finish high school and a mere 18 percent of black males aged 18 to 21 are enrolled in college”. That is all well and good if jobs can be found for these youths after going to school or college, otherwise ‘high hopes’ will turn to anger. Later we will see other funding by Soros that is counter productive.

As you search George Soros’s website note that his African projects deal with women and their rights. In the American projects he is being discriminatory towards young white males young, Asian males,and women. There is little doubt he is using his money to foment revolution around the globe. He is spending a lot of money for writers to spin the ‘real truth’. As with all communist revolutions, the educated are used to spread information and later will be eliminated.

Here is MoveOn.org along the right hand side it is obvious they are heavily involved with Occupy Wall Street. How about his connections with MoveOn.org? I hate to use wikipedia and there are several other links if you do a search for “MoveOn and Soros” . Be that as it may, here is George Soros . In the first paragraph you can see he was a Board Member of Council on Foreign Relations. We will go there next. Further below under Political Donations and Activism/ United States you can see where he donated $ 2.5 Million to MoveOn.org. The big donor of his is America Coming Together to the tune of $20 Million to endorse democratic candidates. How many of these politicians are sending jobs off shore? Isn’t that counter productive to other funding by Soros to educate the black and Latino boys?

On to the Council on Foreign Relations. On the front of the website is an article Occupy Wall Street’s Global Echo . “The Occupy Wall Street protests that began in New York City a month ago gained worldwide momentum over the weekend, as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in nine hundred cities protested corporate greed and wealth inequality.”

But the question is . . . is Soros a member? Yes he is. Going through their list of membership, A-Z is a trip through Alice-in-wonder-land. This rabbit hole goes very deep. There are many PNAC members on this list. You will find about half of PNAC are members. Isn’t it odd that Occupy Wall Street doesn’t complain about this 1%?

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