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They say a picture paints a thousand words, but how about news footage?

There were rumors of police and provocateures inside the World Trade Organization in Seattle, Washington (1999) and then later the same rumors at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Why should Occupy Wall Street be any different?

Before I start let me be clear, not all the protesters are pulling scams, many are just led by the crowd and have their own problems with unemployment, under-employment, bad mortgages, and of course, wanting an end to the Federal Reserve. These are problems that most of us face in today’s world, or solutions we’d like to see. Everyday the Too-Big-To-Fail take another bite and leave us  nothing but crumbs . That is something we can all agree on.

 Would you be shocked to see protesters that are really police officers in the videos? One minute they are protesters the next day they are police officers. Could the Marine that held police at bay on Occupy Wall Street be playing a part in a bigger picture?

I hope you will follow along with me as we investigate who is who in the crowd at Occupy Wall Street. You may be surprised!! Here is the first tip-off video. I will make note of people in the video at different times and hopefully you will recognize them in later clips.   Pay attention to the facial features of the man at 1:09, at 1:39, at 1:54 the Marine, the man at 2:39, the guy in the “hoody” at 2:52 (We will see him again in later videos.)

In time you will really appreciate the work this guy is doing. I wasn’t convinced at first, but like the video says, if you find one agent provocateur in the crowd how many others are there? I’m taking his research a step further and showing more videos.

In the next clip watch the police surrounding the Marine, notice their faces.

Beyond a doubt, this  is a staged event.

Is the Marine in on the staged event?  On that I am not sure and will let the audience decide.  Here is the video of the black man being arrested. This video is taken at a different angle than what appeared in the first video, it is taken from behind the crowd.  Watch at ten seconds in, a familiar face, next at 43 seconds, the guy with the “hoody”, and the black man at 59 seconds to 1:53 in the video.  My personal opinion is that the Marine is taller than the black man being arrested, but maybe that is the camera angle in the preceding video.   Everything else is a dead-ringer, the hair and the beard.

Final clip, in the beginning of this video you see the guy with the “hoody” and his ‘Dracula’ looking forehead, moving back into the crowd when the arrests start.  He is in the foreground at 50 seconds into the video, pushing his way back into the crowd, while the rest are holding their ground.  He is in fact the only person moving back into the crowd when at first he was on the front lines. 

The audience needs to decide.  Is this normal behavior, or the behavior of a provocateur?