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“If you know yourself, and know your enemy as well as you know yourself, you will never be in danger.  You may not win every battle but you will always be able to survive to fight another day.”
–Sun Tzu
I love running across websites such as this, if understood it in-the-proper-light, it is pure intell information on where New World Order has been.  Now you just have to realize that they have probably gone past this phase of development and can do more with robots now, range of travel, range of the operators, increase of batteries or self plug in mode, on board cameras, etc.
There are some who think that Hollywood warns us of future events, or are compelled to reveal the future.  I don’t, because there are just too many Zionists associated with movie production at the upper levels.  But the  facts are, a real ‘Terminator’ is only a few years away.   
This is part of the information that can be gleaned from Boston Dynamics website.  I’ll leave a link at the bottom.  It has teamed up with DARPA, and the military to create robots that are not far away from the sci-fi Terminator.   Boston Dynamics is a creature from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  When engineers started developing robots for military purposes it became Boston Dynamics, part of the Military Industrial Complex. 
They call their robot man Petman.  With a delivery date of 2011, Petman can move freely, walking, crawling and balance itself.  By the delivery date it might already be in service.
LS3 will carry 400 lbs of military gear and can go anywhere soldiers or Marines can go.  It can cover 20 miles and carry fuel for 24 hours, at least  when it is first introduced.  The first leaving the factory will be in 2012.
This is the smaller version of LS3 called ‘Big Dog’,  watch as it maneuvers on black ice.
Big Dog  can recycle energy from one step to the next, meaning extended range.  It can walk, run and climb while carrying heavy loads in rough terrain.  Its control system keeps it balanced and  navigates its direction.  It can run at 4mph, climb slopes of 35%, while carrying a 340 lb load, and can travel up to 12.8 miles without stopping or refueling.
RHex is portable can climb through rocks, mud, sand, vegetation, can swim, travel under water and as of ‘Now’ can be controlled remotely by an operator up to 600 meters away.  It has a compass and  GPS navigation.

Here is the link to their website where you can learn about other robots, such as Squishbot and Little Dog.

Let’s take this a step further, is there any reason why Petman can not use this robot, once arms and fingers and on board cameras are fully developed?

No there isn’t, especially if a robot gains the ability to reason and correct mistakes.  Soon humans will be hunted by combinations of Petman, with the assissance of Big Dog, and Recon Scout XT.  The cost of the robots could be off-set by the cost of feeding, clothing, training, and equipping the modern soldier . It further eliminates soldiers that are squeamish about murdering other humans; machines have no conscience. All that is needed is a small group of humans to control the robots, as the drones are currently controlled from a Base in Nevada.

But there is still that hurdle of a robot that can correct mistakes isn’t there?  Or is there? Finally, it is important to remember the purpose of  Washington D.C. in the Global Empire.