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It has been a while since I just covered Mid-East news.  Well here it is.  On all fronts it seems the world is preparing for WWIII, it won’t be clean, quick, and easy, as the War Hawks envision, and it will strike home in a number of ways (Consumption Tax and rising Oil Prices). 
The target is going to be Iran, Israel will not carry this out alone, not without U.S. blood being spilled.  As explained very well in an article by Justin Raimondo Israel’s Big Bluff. Be sure and read his article, the only variance that I see is the price of fuel will go up after the attack, when Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz.
Notice that Justin says the Republican Party will get behind the attack on Iran leaving us no choice at the election but to support war.  Clever indeed, how the bankster’s and Zionists, who control and fund our elections, always make sure one of their candidates will win.  In the past I’ve discussed Herman Pain and his loyalty to Isreal, now Rick Perry reveals support for Israeli air strike.
Britain is also considering attacking Iran, they sent their UK Army Chief to Tel Aviv for secret meetings.  The general “visited the northern parts of the Israeli occupied territories at the regime’s borders with Lebanon”.  That is because this war will bring in Lebanon and Syria; Syria automatically, if Iran gets attacked because of Treaties between the two. 
Why didn’t he tour the Gaza Strip?   That will become Israel’s job to  eliminate the Palestinians when the war starts.  It’s for the greater good of Eretz Israel, of coarse.  Eretz Israel is an imaginary Zionist empire that encompasses parts of Syria, Egypt to the Nile, and the upper Tigris and Euphrates valley of Iraq.
As Justin predicted, here comes the UN  (started by Rothschild, as was Israel) and Reuters (owned by Rothschild) revealing  evidence that Iran has a large steel container for nuclear arms related high explosive tests.  Is this a joke? . . . allegedly?  It could hold water!!   Iran isn’t purifying uranium to the point it could be used in a nuclear device.  This, like  the yellow cake evidenced used against Iraq, is no evidence at all. 
If that isn’t bad enough, Peres steps forward, and here is where both British and American blood will be spilled, nations of the world make good on commitments to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Notice the photo op? Peres looking up as if God is behind him, when it is really Rothschild.
Can Iran retaliate? The strait of Hormuz will be closed, Iran has the capability to sinking oil tankers with Russian and Chinese missiles, along with any U.S. Navy vessels found within range.  They can also place mines in the strait and shell ships from artillery positions.  They will target aircraft carriers, few people realize that during a ‘mock’ exercise the entire American Fleet was destroyed in the Persian Gulf, like ducks on a pond.  I don’t claim to be an expert on what the Iranians have, but you better pray Lord Stirling is wrong.  
 World Wars, involve more countries than Iran, Israel, Syria, Britain, and the U.S.   Russia has interests in Iran, and built their reactors and may still have their citizens on the ground.  China also has interests in Iran with contracts.  But as of today, the Obama Administration  is denying that they are seeking military confrontation with Iran.  Surely Obama wouldn’t lie about anything would he?  Let’s hope Russia doesn’t get a surprise on this.
Notice now it truly is an “Israeli Bluff”, as Peres is expecting other countries to shed  blood for Israel.   Israel gets the bulk of U.S. foreign aid; not only is it time to shut off the aid, it’s time to quit being Israel’s Whore.