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Not if they keep getting elected, over and over again. . . .

Lieberman: Military force against Iran must be considered “It is time for an unequivocal declaration that we will stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability by peaceful means if we possibly can, but with military force if we absolutely must,” said Lieberman from the Senate floor. Lieberman was responding to a report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Tuesday that cited “credible” evidence . . .(Lieberman showing his true colors, he is related to the PM Avigdor Lieberman in Israel.  Like his relative he is a Zionist.)

Obama challenger Romney says ‘prepare for war’ against Iran Accusing President Barack Obama of naivete on Iran, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney promised Thursday that if elected president he would “prepare for war” with the Islamic republic.  
IAEA’s ‘Soviet Nuclear Scientist’ Never Worked on Nuclear Weapons The report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published by a Washington think tank Tuesday repeated the sensational claim previously reported by news media all over the world that a former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist had helped Iran construct a detonation system that could be used for a nuclear weapon.

 Putin welcomes Iran, Pakistan to join SCO Putin lashed out yesterday at “arrogant world powers” as he hosted his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao for a regional security summit Moscow bills as a counterpart to NATO. 

‘War with Iran would be a catastrophe’
 Iran will release 100 documents implicating U.S. in terrorist acts: Leader Khamenei has said that Iran has one hundred indisputable documents that prove the United States’ involvement in terrorist actions and assassination plots in Iran and the region and will release them to the public.  
9-11 Re-Visted
(I’m sure everyone will enjoy this video link of some very special heros on that fateful day, it’s not the firemen, it’s about the boats that helped rescue people out of lower Manhattan.) ‘Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience’


The Covert Agenda Behind the Occupy Wall Street Protests The “occupying” protests here in America have been characterized as spontaneous and leaderless. Protesters, politicians, and the mass media have compared it to the so-called spontaneous uprisings of the Arab Spring. In reality, neither has been spontaneous nor leaderless.  The Arab Spring was planned years ago and then executed by the forces of oppression that the people thought they were attempting to overthrow. (An excellent article, try to take the time to read it.  The rebel in me was all for this movement, until I realized the truth of the matter.  The US-day-of-rage website says it, they want to alter the Constitution .  Who besides the Globalist, Zionist traitors within, corporations, and Rothschild/cousins would sponsor such a revolt?  I would imagine that few of the followers of OWS know the end result.  Has Obama condemned OWS?  No, quite the opposite, it is part of his ‘Change’.)

Notes from the Star Chamber-Blacklisting in the Digital Age US Prepares to Censor the Internet Access While Urging Internet Freedom for the Rest of the World! (This is another excellent article on Representives Lamar Smith (R-TX), John Conyers (D-MI), Howard Berman (D-CA), and Bob Goodlatte (R- VA) proposing a bill called Stop Online Privacy Act, you can go to it on the link above.

How the Khazar Jew Master Crooks Lie, Cheat and Steal from US In the last centuries, since the rise to power of Khazar Jews bankers, I would suggest that the Cabal masters have used different crooked practices on more than one occasion to really stick it to the investing and unsuspecting public . . .