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“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
–Alexis de Tocqueville
 H.R. 2990,National Emergency Employment Act of 2011, a Bill proposed by Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers; a Bill I would normally be in favor of, as it does away with the Federal Reserve.   It begins stating about how the average American is hurting, then blames the Federal Reserve.  It changes the name of the Federal Reserve, but keeps those in charge, still in charge ( at (B)(2) on page 33, it states, “All employees of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System . . . shall be transferred to the Monetary Authority). 
I lost count of how many times “National Emergency” was mentioned.  National Emergency is what gives the President powers not delegated to that office, war powers and the powers of a dictator.  We have lived under a National Emergency since the Civil War.  I thought Kucinich might have known better than to use that terminology.  He claims to be a Constitutionalist.
The Bill talks about infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports, water systems, sewers, and ect.  But it also mentions ‘railroads’,  meaning the People are going to pay for the railroads to be rebuilt.  We already did with land grants and treaties (Gadsden Purchase) to eliminate steep grades.  Railroads, I guess,  join the “too big to fail” club. 
It does eliminate Fractional Reserve Banking, and limits interest to an  annual percentage rate of 8%, but not for mortgages. 
It creates United States Money, but it is still a fiat currency.  Being unbacked, except for the “faith and credit” of the government,  makes this Bill unConstitutional.  

When Congress approves money for a project, war, defense, and etc. , the U.S. Treasury will print it.  If we have an independent U.S. Treasury, which is overlooked by the Bill’s sponsors (see International Organization Immunities Act ).  The government is a for-profit-corporation under the Rothschild’s U.N.

It also funds the states through grants for 25% of the money created, including unfunded federal mandates.  Think National ID.  It also gives interest free loans to cities and communities for infrastructure.

 Here is the ‘kicker’, and what the quote is all about; if you are a U.S. citizen you will receive a tax free dividend from the government.  But don’t be in a hurry, if the Bill passes it could take 2 years to fully enact it. The Bill speaks of strengthening the U.S. dollar, but to me it appears to be another work project, like those under Franklin Roosevelt, that provided no long term jobs.  If it passes it will be extremely inflationary, when you get your tax free dividend, spend it on gold and silver.

The Title goes with this piece as well.



Parents Sue D.A. for Charging Their Son With a Felony After He Played Doctor With 5-Year-Old Girl  the girl is “the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County,” and her brother, who is the same age, also was involved in playing doctor but was not charged.(I think we all played doctor or nurse as children, pretty sad when a six year old gets arrested for a felony for being a child.)

USS George H.W. Bush Arrives in Marseille, France The visit to Marseille marks the carrier’s fourth stop in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations, and supports efforts to build global maritime partnerships with European nations and improve maritime safety and security. George H. W. Bush and the embarked squadrons of Carrier Air Wing 8 completed combat operations in support of Operation New Dawn (This was the carrier that was off the coast of Syria, it left with its Guided Missile Destroyer.  Late last week American’s were warned to leave Syria as the carrier arrived. Why did they leave?  Were they afraid of Syrian missiles purchased from Russia?)

  THE RETURN OF DEBTORS PRISONS: Collection Agencies Now Want Deadbeats Arrested In September, a 53 year-old woman named Vivian Joy was stopped for a broken tail-light in Champaign, Illinois. And then, because the cops discovered that she still hadn’t paid $2,200 to a collection agency, she was cuffed and carted off to jail. (This used to be illegal, but the police state we are living in, has changed the rules.)

Dow, S&P Log Worst Thanksgiving Week Since 1932 Stocks closed in negative territory in thin, shortened trading Friday as investors were reluctant to go long ahead of the weekend and amid ongoing worries over the euro zone. (Euro zone is going to fail, guaranteed!!)

Warplanes: F22s Gobble Up More Billions upgrading its F-22 fighters, at a cost of $39 million each. This is just the latest of several upgrades for the F-22, which entered service six years ago. (I couldn’t help but notice in Senate Bill 1867, the cost of the B-2 mentioned in this article is going up another $20 billion in the near future.  According to an aritlcle on Rense, S. 1867 also means the arrest of Americans.  I’ve looked at the bill and this is B.S. )


Video  (This video tells why marijuana will never be legal, as far as the federal government is concerned.  They are too busy supporting the drug companies.  Skin cancer can be removed with food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted to 17%.  I’ve done it. )
(Another reason to leave the cell phone home)Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices That Governments, Police, Big Corporations and Stalkers Can Use To Easily Track Your Movements If you regularly carry a cell phone around with you, you might as well say goodbye to your privacy. . . . .On Black Friday, two U.S. shopping malls started actively using the FootPath Technology tracking system to monitor their customers.
 Syria: Ten troops killed in strike on base “An armed terrorist group undertook an evil assassination plot that martyred six pilots, a technical officer and three other personnel on an air force base between Homs and Palmyra,” a military spokesman said on state television.  . . . “This confirms the involvement of foreign elements and their support of these terrorist operations in an effort to weaken the fighting capabilities of our forces,” he said.
 Egypt: America tells generals to quit, as siege of Cairo goes on For the seventh successive day, a vast crowd thronged the city’s Tahrir Square to press their demand for an immediate restoration of civilian rule (So much for the Arab Spring, it was always a plot by the US, NATO, and Israel to cause unrest that resulted in no change.)



(I got this e-mail from Neal in Chicago over the weekend, Americans really are tired of war.) 

A leafleting team from March 19th Anti-War Coalition leafleted for an hour and a half near the State Street parade today, with people taking our leaflets knowing what they were getting, and 650 taking them. We got a lot of gestures or statements of support for stopping the U.S. wars and bringing all the troops home now. Interesting, young people in JROTC uniforms almost all took copies of the leaflet.
 We decided to have another distribution tomorrow (Friday) at 11:30 a.m. We will meet at Washington and State, southeast corner. Everyone is invited to join in with us. We will also have placards with us, and can use people to hold them, with or without the leaflets.
 Here is a copy of the leaflet we are distributing, basically the same as was posted the other day:
Check out the facts:
The Government is NOT bringing all U.S. troops home
or ending its wars against Iraq,  Afghanistan,  Libya,
or its threats against Iran and Syria and elsewhere
     We’ve met  a number of people who ask us, “Why are you still talking about opposing U.S. wars when all the troops are coming home now? The wars are over.”  It seems that the government is giving people a false and dangerous impression. Consider the basic facts:
· IRAQEven though the U.S. government has announced  that all U.S. troops will leave  by the end of the year–because  the Iraqi government refused to allow the troops to be above Iraqi law–, the U.S. is making arrangements to keep thousands of forces in Iraq and many more at the ready nearby. 
     The U.S. will  leave at least  5,500 private mercenaries to protect 16,000 “State Department employees,” who will have “diplomatic immunity”(New York Times, 11.16.11). This will include security for the largest U.S. embassy in the world, in Baghdad, one that has its own airport, and for a consulate in Irbil. There will be thousands of  U.S. military “trainers” and CIA operatives at 10 bases and other locations (Reuters, 10.22.11)
     Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough said in October, “We’re going to have…robust security cooperation with the Iraqis.” This is to include frequent joint military exercises inside Iraq. 
     U.S. corporations with billion-dollar contracts to exploit Iraqi oil and contracts for reconstruction in places with  destroyed infrastructure require armed guards or mercenaries.  
     Also, the U.S. has 23,000 combat-ready troops next door to Iraq, in Kuwait, including in two air force bases.  There are nearly 5,000 U.S. troops with  the U.S. Fifth Fleet  headquartered in Bahrain, others in the  United Arab Emirates (3,000),  in Qatar (7,500), and more in Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, including bases for drones. Secretary of Defense Panetta  testified to Congress on November 15: “We have more than 40,000 American troops who remain in the Gulf region. We’re not going anywhere” (army.mil/article/69409).

      In no way has the U.S. ended its military presence, interference, and war in  Iraq, or in the Middle East region, with the aim of  protecting super-profits, power, and strategic locations. And this is true of Afghanistan as well: 
· AFGHANISTANThe U.S. has withdrawn some troops sent in during “the surge,” and President Obama has promised that  33,000 U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the fall of 2012.  If carried out, it  will still leave at least 68,000 U.S. troops  in Afghanistan plus an unknown number of hired military “contractors“ and troops from NATO and other countries. This will leave twice as many U.S. troops as were in Afghanistan when  Obama took office in January 2009 (Daily Mail, 6.24.11).  So much for talk of a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. 
· PAKISTAN—  U.S. troops and hired mercenaries continue to kill civilians in Pakistan.  And, despite protests from Pakistan,  the U.S. ignores Pakistan’s sovereignty including attacks by armed drones.
·  LIBYA AND OTHER  COUNTRIES IN AFRICA AND ELSEWHEREThe U.S., after dropping 40,000 bombs to destroy Libya and installing a puppet regime,  hopes to set up other U.S. puppet governments in Syria and Iran, and to establish an AFRICOM regional base in an African country. We can expect new U.S. wars from the U.S. combat troops being sent into Uganda, and other troops planned for the Sudan, Central African Republic, etc. There is a new U.S. base in Australia as a base for more attacks in Asia. And there are possible new attacks coming against Venezuela,  Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico and other countries in Latin America.
      U.S. banksters and corporations, the 0.001%, require war, occupation and military bases  for their profits, by gaining markets, valuable raw materials, cheap labor and strategic locations  around the world.–and trying to block their rivals.  So the president will not stop being a war president who is ready to sacrifice the rights of people at home and abroad.  The people need peace and an anti-war government.  Don’t let the government lull us into believing that they’ll give us peace. We ourselves have to establish a peace and justice government.