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“The danger to which the success of revolutions is most exposed is that of attempting them before the principles on which they proceed and the advantages to result from them, are  sufficiently seen and understood”
— Thomas Paine The Rights of Man
(I try to incorporate all on my blogs.  This one exposes the problems, Freedom Documents explains how it should be and Wild Edible Plants shows you how to depend on what our Creator gave us for survival.)
 Unwilling to back down from the growing criticism that his foreign policy would be “dangerous,” Ron Paul told voters in Iowa that western sanctions against Iran are “acts of war” that are likely to lead to an actual war.(Nor should he back down!! That is what is good about Ron Paul, always steady in what he believes, not wishy-washy like others.)
A US aircraft carrier entered a zone near the Strait of Hormuz being used by the Iranian navy for wargames, an Iranian official said Thursday amid rising tensions over the key oil-transit channel.
(How intelligent they are, trying to provoke an attack.)
Ongoing reports from RT have revealed that Iranian intelligence officer claimed in recent days that the recovery of America’s RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone on December 4 was not due to an equipment malfunction, as US authorities say happened with another craft last days later, but rather the handiwork of Iranian engineers. (It’s the beginning of the end of using drones!!)
Anyone following the intensive drills held by the Air Force in the Mediterranean and in distant regions, ranging from Romania to Sardinia, realizes that Netanyahu’s and Barak’s declarations that Israel will not tolerate nuclear arms in Iranian hands is backed up by practical capabilities developed by the Air Force and by our military industries. (Israel already has the 4th or 5th largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Though the arsenal is not recognized by the U.S. or the Symington Amendment would make it illegal for the U.S. to continue giving Israel weapons. Iran has no nuclear weapons and is not trying to create them. They are not concentrating uranium to the 95% level, only concentrating to under 20% for nuclear power generation of electricity. This year Saudi Arabia announced they would seek a nuclear weapon. )
Speaking at a meeting of top Israeli ambassadors in Jerusalem, Mossad chief Tamir Pardo rejected the notion that Iran, even if they were nuclear armed, constituted an “existential threat,” saying the term is being used “too freely.” (I guess not!!)
2011 will be remembered as the year the US, Britain, France and Israel went into Imperial Overdrive in North Africa and the Middle East. Will 2012 be remembered as the year those same Western Allies unleashed World War III?
New Spanish government announces draconian measures to balance te budget Spain’s new government revealed on Friday that the public deficit for 2011 would come in at 8% of GDP, well above a target of 6%, and announced income and property tax hikes and a civil servant wage freeze in response.
(The Euro zone is problems are getting worse, tax hikes and wages being freezed allow the banks to continue the fraud. )

 ICRP underestimated the low does symptom risk by 85% NHK is starting to change its attitude to the truth. It’s finally starting to broadcast what is actually true.

Breaking News: M7 hits Japan and water leakage at reactor4 Though the connection with this earthquake is not clear, Tepco announced water is leaking from the cooling system of spent fuel pool in reactor 4.
 Hugo Chavez hints at US cancer plot “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented the technology to spread cancer and we won’t know about it for 50 years?” Chávez pondered, one day after Argentina’s president . . . announced she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and would undergo surgery in January.
The Sad Truth to Why Most People May not Wake Up!
Bill Gates EXPOSED!
Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines
Bad Governance ‘Declassified Human Experimentation’
From World War II until the end of the Cold War, the U.S. government performed military tests on large populations. While in their hospital beds, patients were injected with plutonium, along with many other amoral experiments, the likes of which Nazi officers convicted during the Nuremberg Trials.
The Next Step
We are now at the point, I suspect, that our colonial ancestors were in the early 1770s. They were still British subjects, but had begun to question the relationship – the supposed right of the British sovereign to rule them. (Good article, the objective is to ‘withhold your consent’ if Ron Paul is not on the ticket. Take it a step further, send your voter registration card back and tell them to rescind your signature. It is all a controlled process anyway from start to finish on computer counted ballots that are easy to rig. I opted out on flying years ago, and still have a 73 GMC truck as my main transportation. It still has points in the distributor. )
Secession is a topic that seems to increasingly pop up in conversation, discussion, and written opinion. I believe that more people every day are seeing state secession as a viable and even necessary action to counteract increasing personal oppression, stolen liberties, and monetary incompetence and thievery by the United States Government. ( The Confederacy messed up by firing on Fort Sumter and starting a war they were not prepared to fight. The problem with the States and sucession is they are not de jure government. Like the federal government, they are corporations as well. We need a vote from each county, an unofficial vote set up by notorized ballots sent to a P.O. Box. After being counted and kept, if de jure wins the next step is to go the the sheriff of the county and inform him of the vote taken and demand a de jure government.)
 In the wake of Iran and the US threatening each other with navy might in the Persian Gulf, investigative writer Edwin Black says full military conflict would cripple the oil-dependent US – as well as the rest of the world.

 It is Past Time to Stop Using the Rest of the World as our Penal Colonies
I am sure you have noticed our intensive coverage of everything CIA in the last couple of months here at Boiling Frogs Post. . . . Has it ever occurred to you that there seems to be no positive actions or accomplishments associated with this rogue-criminal agency? Really, think of one positive accomplishment or contribution by this well-funded and legitimized terrorist entity?

The Goldsmiths Part CCXXV
In late Oct, 2011, there was a flurry of activity at MF as its officials secretly took hundreds of millions of dollars from the MF coffers and whisked them out of the US—through the work of the Khazar Jew JP Morgan Chase bank and its London connections. No one knew what was happening, save the insiders and a few fellow Khazar Jew hedge fund and big manipulators who were either tipped off or somehow learned that MF was going down the tubes.