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Rapper Lowkey Exposes Zionism

Rap is not my favorite music, but Lowkey gives a very good definition of Zionism that I totally agree with.
I just had to shut off another Patriot Talk Show Host. He is just like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannidy and Savage. He is a check valve diverted back to the left. An election has been stolen in South Carolina. Instead of talking about the fraud committed in the Palmetto State. He talks about useless things we have no control over unless we take control of the system by peaceful means or by force.
 That is the only article I am using, so please take the time and read it. But the infowar isn’t quite over, until people understand what waits ahead, and what was in our past.

President Lincoln, as you know , was an attorney, he knew the correct word for setting slaves free and it wasn’t emancipation. The follow definitions are from a 1928 Bouvier’s Dictionary.

“Emancipation. An act by which a person who was once in the power or under the control of another is rendered free. This is of importace mainly in relationship to the emancipation of a minor from the parental control”.

Unless you are a child, emancipation isn’t freeing anyone.

At that point the dictionary has you look up Bondage.

“Bondage. A term which has not obtained a juridical use district from the vernacular, in which it is either taken as a synonym with slavery, or as applicable to any kind of personal servitude which is involuntary in its continuation. . . . The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Lincoln as commander-in-cheif of the army and navy of the United States during the existence of armed rebellion, and by its terms purported to be nothing more than a ‘fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion.’ By virtue of this power, it was therein ordered and declared that all persons held as slaves within certain designated states, and parts of states, were and henceforward should be free . . . The proclamation was not meant to apply to those states or parts of states not in rebellion. “

So Lincoln did not free the slaves of Maryland, Kentucky, or West Virginia ?. . . NO.  Are you currently free? We will see.
A rump Congress passed, or I should say, replaced the 13th Amendment which most people believe did away with slavery. At the same time, the same Congress passed the 14th Amendment changing most of our citizenship from State Citizens to U.S. citizens.

Manumission was the proper word to use: “Manumission. The act of releasing from the power of another. The act of giving liberty to a slave. Manumittere signifies to escape from a power, – manus. Originally, the master could only validly manumit his slave when he had the dominium jure quiritium over him: if he held him merely in bonis, the manumission was null.”

But it is null and  void. Because we are in bonis and not under Quiritarian Ownership. “Quiritarian Ownership.  Strict legal or technical ownership as distinguished from mere equitable or bonitarian ownership.”

“In bonis. Among the goods, or property ; in actual possession” and the corporation owns it all.

The fact of the matter is, you own equity in everything you believe you own; including your body. Please see Freedom Documents as I have just been posting documents on the birth certificate. Why do you think they can pass statutes telling you what you can consume in your body? Until you take possession of the birth certificate, through the UCC -1 Financial Statement, you don’t own yourself.

What else don’t you own? You have only equity and not title to your home, and your automobile.  Once again the state owns your title and you have the equity only.  Think I am wrong?  Don’t pay your property tax and see what happens.  The real owner with title will come out and take possession of the property.  They quit granting “allodial titles” some years ago, it is absolute ownership and can’t be taken away.
In 1871 they passed legislatiion making the District of Columbia a Corporation.  With subsequent acts the States became corporations as well as the federal government itself (i.e. Buck Act, Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax Act, and on and on).
Being a U.S. citizen you have privileges not absolute rights to anything. The ‘Bill of Rignts’ no longer applies. You can vote, in a rigged system and as the above article stated ‘vote fraud’, kept the winner from winning.  So who won?

When Mitt Romney Came to Town
So, when Obama or Romney win;. . .  and let’s face it, they are both owned and controlled by the banksters, sure winners. What are you going to do? Wait for the next time to replace the lesser of the two evils with more evil?  Oh yes, we will kick the bums out and replace them with more bums, to continue stealing our Creator granted Rights.
In a true Republic it really doesn’t matter who wins the election because the true laws remain in place fixed. In this controlled Democracy with Congress taking bribes, or letting lobbyists of corporations write the laws, we are all in deep trouble unless we file a UCC-1 Financial Statement and take possession of what we own along with our labor.
There was a reason they didn’t teach ‘law’ in school, to hide the truth that we live in a corporation and most of us are slaves to that corporation.  I say most, because few people have filed a UCC-1 Financial Statement and without a proper defense all the statutes are in place against you.
I have to laugh when someone sends me some new statute, or video about the statute, that will make us a ‘belligerent’.   Folks we have all been belligerents our entire life, unless you were born before the Trading With The Enemy Act was amended in 1934.  The problem is, you can’t get off the list that makes you a belligerent!!
In the end it’s up to you, to make a STAND and FIGHT to set things right.   Back a Republic where statutes only apply to corporations.   As for me, I know how to defend against the statutes, but will fight as well. Your Choice!!