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Articles: Media Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case
The president had been subpoenaed to appear, and instead of his attorney respectfully following protocol to have that subpoena recalled, both Obama and his attorney, Michael Jablonski, simply failed to show up at all or offer any defense whatsoever. . . .Attorneys Van Irion and J. Mark Hatfield presented their cases first and offered compelling arguments — not regarding Obama’s birthplace, but rather that the non-U.S. citizenship of Obama’s father precluded Obama’s “natural born” eligibility under the Constitution and existing Supreme Court precedent. Attorney Orly Taitz, however, did present interesting evidence that questioned the validity of Obama’s birth certificate and questions surrounding his Social Security number.
(Very long article, but take the time to read it at the website. The media is ignoring the case which tells me, under US INC. it really doesn’t matter what the Constitution says anymore. Consider joining or forming a Constitutional Militia.)

OBAMA Disqualification Trial, Atlanta – part I

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Allen West to Obama: ‘Get The Hell Out Of The United States “This is a battlefield that we must stand upon. And we need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and my dear friend, chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table,” West said. The audience was booing by the time West got to Pelosi’s name. (This is their attitude towards not only the Constitution but the Rule of Law.)