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“The lady doth protest too much”
— ‘Wm. Shakespeare ( In this case, Israel accuses too much.)


Judge Napalitano Fired After This Broadcast

Notice in the youtube who benefits from  9-11, Israel and Saudi Arabia.   I think all of the bombing this week: India, Georgia and Thailand benefit Israel as well. This will be explained in the news to follow.
India still claims that no country has been found responsible for the bomb blast
yesterday. What they do know is that it was a ‘foreign device’ never seen before in bombs in India. At the same time Saudi Arabia is offering more crude oil to India to make up for the loss of Iranian crude. Previously, a Russian website reported that India was the largest buyer of Iranian crude, and still is. India has no plans to diminish trade with Iran, in fact it is increasing trade with Iran.  It would seem that Saudi Arabia is trying to benefit, but India is turning them down. 

In the bombing in Bangkok today, once again Israel is blaming Iran. If you read the article at the link I provided you will see that the bomber arrived in Bangkok on Feb. 8, on a flight from Seoul, South Korea.
On Sunday, Bangkok had another visitor, the Iranian accuser Ehud Barak of Israel. The statement came from Israeli Defense Ministry. The police found (planted?) Iranian money, Thai money, and U.S. dollars in the bag left by the attacker on the sidewalk. To top off the story, the bomber blew up his apartment in the afternoon with more explosives. Then blew his own leg off when a grenade he threw at police bounced back at him. Some reports say both legs, and other’s say one leg, in this inept attempt to bomb some one.  The Key-Stone Cops could have done a better job in all this weeks bombings. 
I have questions. Where is the accusation against South Korea? The bomber’s last known stop before entering Thailand. Where was he before the flight from Seoul, South Korea? In less than a week he assembled bomb making material and hand grenades?  Did he meet with Israeli agents?
Of coarse Israel
(Bomb-making materials found in Thailand, days after Israelis warned of possible attack ) and the United States warned Thailand of the attack before it happened. Israel always seems to know, they knew about 9-11 before hand, the bombing in London on 7-7 where it wasn’t Barak that was present, but Netanyahu.
So who benefits from all of these false-flags? Certainly not Iran, still under pressure from the west.  Why would the bomber be carrying Iranian money, his last stop was in Seoul, South Korea?  When was he last in Iran? Yes I have questions, but I think the accuser, Israel, could answer all of them.