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“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

— Joseph Stalin 


Millions of Voter Records Flawed, Nearly 2 Million Dead Registered As the presidential election approaches, the potential for voter fraud is dangerously high nationwide with nearly 2 million dead people still registered to cast ballots, about 3 million eligible to vote in two or more states and millions more that are inaccurate, duplicate or out of date.( It used to be a joke in Chicago about the dead voting. They have more tricks up there sleeves than dead people voting, flawed computers do the counting. And more as you will see in the video below. )
Clear Evidence Republican Party Committing Voter Fraud!
State Party Chairman Charlie Webster said Monday that Saturday’s caucus results won’t be altered at least until the state committee takes up the matter at its March 10 meeting. In the meantime, Republicans in Washington County, where a snowstorm forced a postponement, will hold their caucuses Saturday, Feb. 18. (If you viewed the video, the snow storm didn’t happen and only 194 votes were between Romney and Paul. The Corporation can’t afford a Ron Paul win if only he accomplished half of what he says. We’ve seen fraud in Nevada and Iowa, and Jim Willie reported fraud in South Carolina. You might remember the ‘Newt’ had to cancel campaign stops because no body showed. You are the enemy and have been the enemy since the Trading With The Enemy Act was amended.)
OMB director undercuts legal case for Obamacare
In a hearing of the House Budget Committee Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J., pressed Zients on whether the penalty that the health care law imposes on individuals who do not purchase health insurance constitutes a tax. Eventually, Zients said it did not. (Don’t you love it when they goof-up with contradictory statements? The government has no right to tell you how to spend your money. )
Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been in discussions with the White House about leaving her job next year to become head of the World Bank, sources familiar with the discussions said on Thursday. (May she screw up their policies as well!! She will be missed, no one could cause the trouble she has caused in the Secretary of State’s office. She probably figures the banks rule the world, and so should she.)
 The DOE is disputing reports from several of our sources claiming there’s a crack in a concrete radioactive waste container at the central waste complex. The written response says the leak in question is likely just melted snow. (This is a breaking story. The leak is at Hanford near Richland, Washington. )
The City Council on Tuesday voted 4 to 1 to send a letter to the commission requesting the resolution of public concerns before any consideration is given to extending San Onofre’s operating license due to expire in 2022. . . . Abel verified that 4,000 tons of high-level, radioactive waste are stored there.
This is a busy time in the calendar of an Israeli journalist in the United States. AIPAC and J Street are holding their annual conferences, Washington think tanks are discussing the Arab Spring, Iran and Syria. And then there is the 8th annual Israel Apartheid Week coming up (February 26 – March 3) with the usual discussions, films and photo exhibitions, flashmobs and an apartheid poster contest offering a $400 dollar prize. . . . .But there are a few exceptions. Among those who have chosen to confront the apartheid events are 75 universities across North America (up from 50 last year) that are holding “the Israel peace week,” where they will try to convey the message that “Israel wants peace and has demonstrated its willingness to make painful sacrifices for peace.” (Israel wants Peace?? They have a funny way of showing it, attacking all their neighbors. As for AIPAC, it’s an election year, new politicians to bribe.)
Radiation moniters spike at several locations in western Japan – Highest level recorded in 100 days (Charts) On Feb. 15, several MEXT monitoring stations in the western part Japan showed significant spikes in radiation, recording the highest levels in at least 100 days (Plotted MEXT data provided by atmc.jp only dates back 100 days). (Fukushima is far from over.)


The U.S. has described as ”laughable” the intention of Syrian President Bashar Assad to hold a referendum on a new constitution, the White House official spokesman Jay Carney said, adding that the move ”makes a mockery” of the Syrian uprising. (What could be more of a mockery than voting in the U.S.?)
According to sources, two missiles were fired by a US drone on a compound used by militants in Spalga town near Miranshah and six suspected militants were killed.
(Pakistan won’t be happy about this, we shouldn’t be flying missions in their country.)
The Taliban used the 23rd anniversary of the humiliating Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan on Wednesday to taunt the United States that it would suffer the same fate as preparations to hand over security to a shaky government are underway.
( Our puppet is not shaky!!)
The US-led NATO force in Afghanistan on Monday conceded that several children died during a bombing raid last week in the northeast province where French troops are based.
The sound of explosions and machinegun fire echoed through the city’s al-Balad, al-Mahatta and al-Sad districts as government troops attacked rebels, who responded by firing at army roadblocks and buildings housing security police and militiamen, they said.
Syrian government forces attacked opponents of President Bashar Assad in cities and towns across the country on Tuesday and Arab officials confirmed that regional governments would be ready to arm the resistance if the bloodshed did not cease.
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda urged Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday not to resort to military action against Iran over its nuclear ambitions, according to Japanese Foreign Ministry officials.
The bombs discovered in a Bangkok house after a series of blasts in the Thai capital were similar to those used in attacks on Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia, the Israeli ambassador said Wednesday. (Israel should know, they made them. ‘We can assume we were the target’ what’s that saying about ‘assume’?)
Iran and the core leadership of the al Qaeda terror group, under Ayman al Zawahiri, have established an “operational relationship”, the British Sky News reported on Wednesday. (Sky news – isn’t that a Rupert Murdock newpaper? Once again they are dragging out the dead guy, killed many years ago, and claiming Iran is helping Al Qaeda. Iraq helped Al Qaeda too they said. Lies, lies and more lies to get a war started. Search for Al Qaeda and Syria, this connection is a bold faced lie, Iran is an ally of Syria.)
The horrors of the nuclear age, in terms of exploding reactors and nuclear bombs, are well known. Behind the well-publicized threat of mass death lies a secret history of nuclear projects being used to destroy individuals. (Are they still doing it? I don’t do shots of any kind anymore. I worked for years at the Nevada Test Site and now take EDTA to remove heavy metals the government said I never got. B.S. I know I received doses of radiation.)
According to researchers at eleven, a German security firm, the new drive-by spam automatically downloads malware when an email is opened in the email client. The user doesn’t have to click on a link or open an attachment — just opening the email is enough.
One of the advertisement banners that was put at the entrance of al-Azeh refugee camp in Bethlehem for example shows two girls sitting in the cinema and eating popcorn, though the reality is that in Palestinian governorates and in Bethlehem in particular, there aren’t any cinemas.
(Maybe the anti apartheid in Israel group would like to live in Bethlehem, maybe they could explain no cinemas, maybe they can explain why women don’t advance in Israel and so many are sexually assaulted. Do you think they could?)