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“Living off the enemy should not be left to chance but must be a part of the basic strategy of the general.  The enemy should become a vital source of supplies once we make substantial contact with him.”
— Sun Tzu
(Blog Master’s Note: Sorry I’ve been absent the last few days, I’m the only one that works on my blogs and at times I need a break for personal business.)
CFR: The Most Dangerous NGO That Runs America
The Council on Foreign Relations is right up front about the push for world government. They are a pox on our sovereignty and need to be driven to extinction. (video)
State Department sent a diplomatic demarche to Syria’s neighbors Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, warning them about the possibility of Syria’s WMDs crossing their borders and offering U.S. government help in dealing with the problem, three Obama administration officials confirmed to The Cable. For concerned parties both inside and outside the U.S. government, the demarche signifies that the United States is increasingly developing plans to deal with the dangers of a post-Assad Syria —
Dominion Virginia Power is seeking the source of leaking radioactivity at its North Anna nuclear power plant after an elevated level of tritium was detected in groundwater. (This was the plant hit with the earthquake.)
 the Richmond-based utility was notified by its laboratory contractor that water taken from an on-site groundwater sampling point contained an unusually high level of tritium — more than twice the EPA’s standard for drinking water. (They have no idea where the leak is, or what caused it.)
U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his condolences over the deaths of two U.S. military advisers in Kabul on Saturday. . . . Two U.S. military advisers were killed Saturday in the Interior Ministry building in Kabul. The “Taliban” movement claimed responsibility.
A suspected U.S. drone crashed Saturday evening in north-western Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan.
US President Barack Obama sent a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday, apologising for the burning of copies of the holy Quran at a US military base in Afghanistan, the White House said. Obama told Karzai that the incident, which sparked angry protests against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was not intentional. (A ridiculous excuse.)


 A Japanese journalist, Iwakami Yasumi has been suffering from severe diarrhea since he visited Fukushima Plants.
[Live] inside of Fukushima plants (1,500 microSv/h in the bus) Japanese journalists were allowed to enter Fukushima plants. A Japanese independent journalist group IWJ entered the plants as well. (2 videos)
The International Red Cross spokesman in Geneva reported Saturday night, Feb. 25 that talks with the Assad government for evacuating wounded civilians from the bombed Homs district of Baba Amr had “yielded no concrete results.” .(The original deal was for it to last for a few hours, not days.)
Ramin Mehmanparast rejected false reports about Iran supplying weapons to the Syrian government to crack down on the opposition. He emphasized that Iran is opposed to all forms of foreign intervention in Syria and denounces any act of violence as being incompatible with basic human rights and the principles of international law. (NATO is part of the U.N.,so the U.N. has lost its way in negotiations for peace and needs to be ended totally it no longer serves a purpose other than fomenting more war.)
Syria has condemned the “Friends of Syria” conference, held in Tunis, branding it a meeting of the “enemies of Syria”, reported Reuters news agency Saturday. “Syria condemns all calls to finance armed groups, which can lead to support for terrorism and harm the interests of the Syrian people,” – it is said in an urgent message, broadcast on state television.

About 30 armed men wearing masks attacked the monastery, founded by Jesuit from Italy Paolo dell’Olio. Attackers demanded money and weapons. (This was obviously the opposition in this attack, not the Syrian army.)
Hezbollah has accumulated 45,000 missiles that pose a threat to Israel (If Israel keeps pushing for war, there will be no one alive in Israel after the war. That’s a small fraction of the missiles that Syria has, and will launch, rather than fall to the opposition which Israel helped develop by instigation.)
School principal Abdul Ahad told AFP he witnessed the attack on Wednesday morning. “Our students were in their classrooms. Two helicopters came from the Jalalabad direction and the first one started shooting,” Ahad said. (Taliban have no helicopters, so it was either NATO forces or the ‘Puppet’ forces.)
The Defence Ministry said on Wednesday the soldiers died when their vehicle was blown up by Taliban in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province while serving with NATO forces. . . . Previously, Georgia contributed soldiers to the US-led war in Iraq and to Kosovo.
“This morning a school was attacked by a NATO helicopter. Nine children, all girls, and the school’s janitor have been injured,” Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, the Nangarhar provincial government spokesman told reporters. (This is a separate account on school attacks. Schools are now targets, which is a war crime.)
“A mere probe or investigating the elements behind the act (burning Quran) will not relieve the Afghan people’s pain and they should be punished in an Afghan court,” Secretary-General of the Afghan National Welfare Party Mohammad Hassan Jafari told FNA on Saturday.
A senior member of the Jordanian parliament warned about certain countries’ plots and attempts to create turmoil and tension in Syria, and stressed the necessity for the continuation of the reforms initiated by President Bashar al-Assad in the Arab state.
London’s Foreign Office has cautioned its diplomats abroad not to travel in cars with Israelis, or meet with them in public for fear of being targeted by terrorists trying to attack Israelis abroad. (More B.S., I’m going to have to make a B.S. meter!!! Being near Israelis is the safest place to be, when they are doing the bombing.)
 The United States and Europe are “harboring hegemonistic ambitions” in Syria, China’s state news agency said Saturday, a day after Beijing was condemned at an international conference held to find a way to halt the Syrian regime’s nearly year-old suppression of an anti-government uprising. (Hillary Rodham Clinton really needs to step down before she helps cause WWIII.)
Jordan will place four Patriot missile batteries on its territory, to protect both itself and Israel against air strikes originating in Syria, (Jordan needs to stay out of this war, it promises things to both sides and being in the middle is not a safe place to be.)
George Carlin on American Foreign Policy
Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers? As tensions are building up for an unthinkable war with Iran, it is worth exploring Iran’s banking system compared to its U.S., British and Israeli counterparts. ( Banksters loan to both sides in a war, but not equally. The banks, along with religion, are always the main causes of war.)
Sean Ali Stone, son of the renowned Oscar winning director Oliver Stone, who has recently converted to Islam in Iran underlined that the western countries’ claims about the threat facing them from Iran’s nuclear program are mere “lies”.
U.S. election 2012: Rick Santorum’s relatives were Communists Mr. Santorum has a skeleton in the family closet – his Italian relatives are from a long line of Communists and Socialists. From this comments, he must have hated the Founding Fathers who believed in individual sovereignty, so Rick is just a chip-off-the-old-block