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“Do not be too eager to chase someone.  He may be luring you into a trap.  Always be on the alert, and especially  when things seem to good to be true.  Your enemy may be setting out baits for you.”
— Sun Tzu
Trashing Tricare
Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military. . . . The disparity in treatment between civilian and uniformed personnel is causing a backlash within the military that could undermine recruitment and retention. (These are the cuts the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) did to the military. )
John Stossel’s Illegal Everything
(But most statutes and codes do not apply to human beings,. if you don’t understand this you haven’t read through U. S. Government Printing Office Style Manuel. Almost all statutes lack enforcement legislation due to brackets surrounding the implementation clause of the legislation. and can be challenged on jurisdiction. Don’t expect an attorney to help you, as they are officers of the prize court. The only statutes I have found without the brackets are for corporations. This is not legal advice, but simply what others have found that works for them. For further information visit Freedom Documents.)
Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican member of the Environment and Public Works committee, told The Daily Caller on Monday that climate change skeptics have won the debate over global warming on Capitol Hill.(Another reason to end the United Nations, along with Agenda 21.)
Janet Napolitano insisted yesterday that it has not been a failure. At a press conference in Mexico city Napolitano defended the U.S. and Mexican war against drugs stressing that the U.S. would continue to aid Latin American nations in combating drug trafficking cartels and the production of narcotics. (Really? lets have a closer look at this success story.) From Arizona to Iowa, the Drug Cartel Made its Way Across the Country The numbers are hard to comprehend – thousands of people killed, tons of drugs seized and billions of dollars exchanging hands. And Iowa is right in the middle of the Mexican drug cartels’ distribution network. (Is this how Napalitano defines success?)
The United States said Wednesday North Korea has agreed to suspend nuclear activities and a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests in a breakthrough in negotiations with the secretive communist nation. (Is North Korea serious this time?)
The United States is drawing up a new draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria demanding humanitarian access to protest cities where thousands have been killed, diplomats said Tuesday.
He claims that inflation is really at 9 percent, vs. Bernanke’s estimate of 2 percent, so he says they should split the difference at 5 percent.
(with video)
Taxpayers have spent more than $150 billion to prop up Fannie and Freddie, the most expensive bailout of the 2008 financial crisis. The government estimates that figure could top $259 billion to support the companies through 2014 after subtracting dividend payments. (Pouring money into a bottemless barrel!!)
The two high-ranking US officers were sitting at the nerve centre of one of the most heavily-guarded buildings in Afghanistan when their killer walked into their shared office and shot them both in the head.The audacity of the attack stunned both NATO and the Afghan government – the gunman had managed to get his weapon through crowded offices and past door after door secured with electronic locks into the heart of Afghanistan’s Ministy of Interior.
“We deeply regret the incident that has led to this protest, but we also believe that violence must stop and the hard work for building a more peaceful and secure Afghanistan must continue,” she told a news conference during a visit to the Moroccan capital Rabat. (By all means Hillary go to Afghanistan and say that.)
Speaking to the Nation of Islam’s 82nd annual Savior’s Day celebration in Chicago on Tuesday, he accused Jews of controlling the media and “Zionists” of trying to push American into war with Iran. (Absolutely true!! Farrakhan tells it like it is. )
Va. AG Cuccinelli: ‘The EPA has violated the law here’
Virginia and 14 other states charge that the EPA violated its own rules by using data from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), rather than internal research,
Israel wouldn’t warn U.S. before Iran Strike, says intelligence source The pronouncement, delivered in a series of private, top-level conversations, sets a tense tone ahead of meetings in the coming days at the White House and Capitol Hill. (If Israel attacks first it should end any defense treaties that the U.S. has signed.)
Egypt has decided to lift a travel ban preventing American pro-democracy activists from leaving the country, judicial sources said on Wednesday, a move that is likely to defuse a standoff that has plunged U.S.-Egyptian ties into a crisis.
Mohammed Ibrahim Makkawi, who was arrested upon his arrival at Cairo airport, says he is not the senior al-Qaida leader known as Saif al-Adel, and that he had nothing to do with the organization since 1989.
Labor Party Knesset Member Isaac Herzog says Syrian opposition leaders have told him they want peace with Israel after Syrian President Bashar Assad falls. (Of coarse they do, Israel is funding them!!)
 Lieberman was asked whether he also meant that there should be Israeli civilian presence in the Jordan Valley and not just military forces, to which he replied that his comments relate to both military and civilian presence in the Jordan Valley. He added that the communities in the Jordan Valley have made a major contribution to the State of Israel and its security and said, “They will remain in place and we will work to strengthen them.” (The 1967 line, the Jordan Valley is not part of Israel and the settlements are illegal. Israel wants a little piece of Syria, a little piece of Lebanon and a little piece of Egypt. That is why there can be no peace in the Middle-East until Israel is removed and the country of Palestine restored.)
According to television reports in Lebanon, Syrian government forces have all but cleared the opposition stronghold of Homs of armed rebels.
 Faced with American and European banking sanctions, Iran has decided to accept bullion gold as payment for its oil export. The announcement comes from its Central Bank.
“The conditions and requirements of war against Iran will not be prepared for the Americans, therefore the loss and damage of war with Iran is way beyond its benefits,” Fadavi said. . . . For example,” he stated, “if an ordinary submarines can sit in the Persian Gulf’s bed it would be the worst threat to the enemy.” (Be sure and raed the ariticle below in Commentary “What Nasty Surprises Await Our Warmongers in the Gulf” )
Greece approved bitter new austerity measures on Tuesday, slashing the minimum wage and chopping pensions as Athens began implementing measures demanded by international lenders in return for a 130 billion euro rescue package.
The Argentine Foreign Ministry suggested “the EU and the Union of South American nations (UNASUR) analyze the Malvinas islands conflict and urge both countries to negotiate” following the UK’s request to the EU to express concern regarding the Argentine plea of not buying British products.
The deterioration of the situation around Iran, to which the US has made a considerable contribution, is making the US government develop the country’s own strategic reserves of oil because the population is getting angry about the growth of gas prices.
As Occupy Wall Street spread across the nation last fall, sparking protests in more than 70 cities, the Department of Homeland Security began keeping tabs on the movement. An internal DHS report entitled “SPECIAL COVERAGE: Occupy Wall Street,” dated October of last year, opens with the observation that “mass gatherings associated with public protest movements can have disruptive effects on transportation, commercial, and government services, especially when staged in major metropolitan areas.” While acknowledging the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of OWS, the report notes darkly that “large scale demonstrations also carry the potential for violence, presenting a significant challenge for law enforcement.”

In the dead of night, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) administratively reclassified airport security screeners as Transportation Security Officers. The TSA then moved to administratively upgrade TSO’s uniforms to resemble those of a federal law enforcement officer. They further completed the makeover with metal law enforcement badges.
Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world’s wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture
After it was exposed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevolent charity is up to something other than eradicating disease and feeding the world’s poor

Our rights, metered
It’s time to sound the alarm: Power companies in Vermont have officially declared war on the privacy and wellbeing of their customers. In a rollout largely funded by a massive Department of Energy stimulus grant, Vermont’s electricity utilities have begun replacing standard, analog meters with wireless models known as “smart meters.”

If Hague, Hammond and Cameron love Israel so much let them and the regime’s other admirers don uniform and flak-jacket and go play battleships in the Gulf’s “bathtub” themselves. Who in their right mind would volunteer to be that trio’s cannon-fodder?(An excellent article, be sure and read it if you have time. Keep in mind they have already brought our drones down with technolgy, what else can they do?)