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“It is not because a part of the government is elective, that makes it less of a despotism, if the persons so elected possess afterwards,  unlimited powers.  Election, in this case, becomes separated from representation, and the candidates are candidates for despotism”
–Thomas Paine
(I’ve been busy today following my own advice, that is working in the garden getting it ready for planting; spading in coffee grounds, manure, chicken manure and  peat moss.)
It’s a quote I have used before, but is getting more credit when the President believes that he can make war with NATO  and the United Nations’ permission, rather than presenting the case before congress.  Of coarse it’s against the Constitution.

It has come to my attention that the part of this video, with Biden speaking, is a fraud. Notice Obama is never mentioned, the president at the time was Bush.   I thank Intellhub for doing a marvelous job of cutting and splicing you tubes together.  Since they posted this video the story has changed through the magic of the internet, called delete, replaced with a new story that is proper and makes note that it was Bush not Obama.  I will also delete the video, using the same magic.

In fact there is a Bill being proposed that would make such war an impeachable offense.   Leon Panneta made the original comment but who is responsible for Leon Panneta’s actions; Obama.  Under the Emergency passed by the Congress at the beginning of the Roosevelt term in 1933 it might be unimpeachable, we are, and have been under an Emergency most of our lives.  The reason being that no President has rescinded the power since. Would Ron Paul if he were elected?  I would hope that he would as he believes in the Constitution.  People can make a difference.

There are strange goings-on behind the scenes with the Republican candidates.  Gingrich has all but said the Afgan war is a losing situation. 

 How could it be a win situation when sergeants go on a rampage killing civilians, mostly the elderly, women and children.   We have not seen the end of this as the Taliban want revenge. How many tours of duty has this sergeant had? Enough to where he is probably mentally ill from battle fatigue. It’s part of the problem of the volunteer army; repeated tours of duty.  Or am I falling for the insanity defense as the article says “The American ‘terrorists’ want to come up with an excuse for the perpetrator of this inhumane crime by claiming that this immoral culprit was mentally ill.  How was he able to leave the base and go AWOL with a weapon?  Who are the terrorists?

At one time, men joined the service to learn a trade, but there just aren’t any jobs for infantry soldiers, cannon ‘cockers’, or snipers in the civilian world. Too few that sign up are trained in careers as engineers, electricians or computer programers. So where does some one find work after several tours of duty in most military jobs but the police department. Who else wants snipers and others that have no compulsion in killing? We wonder why we are living in a Police state.

Back to the Republicans and problems in the future with their convention. It seems Ron Paul is taking delegates in states that have been won by others, in this phony election cycle. Check out this link. Take the time and scroll down through it. Both Minnesota and Nevada seem to be selecting delegates that are for Ron Paul and will vote that way. Notice they are backing Ron Paul’s ideas on the Federal Reserve, and a gold back currency. We definitely need a better idea in the financial department as the economy is on the ropes, just as Jim Willie says. Could Paul make a difference?
As for Pahrump, I can vouch for it as is a strong Libertarian area. I made it into the general election in Pahrump for the Office of Town Board, though I lost in the general to other Republicans. When I first moved there in 95 it lacked an zoning ordinances or business licenses. It was a pretty free area and I tried my best to keep it that way. I remember a County Commission meeting where they were going to pass a very draconian animal ordinance in a once farming community. I went to the podium pointed out a few sections of the ordinance and said it was ‘arbitrary legislation’. The County Commissioners and the District Attorneys’ office started arguing in the meeting and it went on for several minutes. I interrupted, “Gentlemen I think I have proven my point”! The ordinance was dropped. People can make a difference if they try.

Make a difference before it is too late. . . .  Before it’s lock and load time.