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Choose – that is . . . to live on your knees as a slave, or stand with the militias and Restore the Republic of the  united States!!

This just came across my desk:

The AK-47 is the world’s favorite killing machine. It’s estimated that there are between 50 and 70 million of these rifles in existence – and they’re being used daily in conflict zones to terrorize women, men and children. Right now, these guns are standing in the way of Sudanese and South Sudanese people and their hopes for peace and prosperity.

A weapon is only useful as long as there’s a steady stream of ammunition to load into it. Take a guess: how many bullets do you think the world produces each year?

a) Less than 5 billion a year

b) Around 9 billion a year

c) More than 12 billion a year

These weapons, and the bullets they carry, can have a terrible impact in countries struggling with instability and poverty. In addition to directly creating conflict, uncontrolled weapons make it harder for humanitarian workers – including Oxfam’s staff and partners – to reach people in need around the world.

A new Arms Trade Treaty could change that by adding international oversight, making it harder for war criminals and human rights abusers to get their hands on these weapons – but only if people like you speak up today. Before the US goes public with its stance on the Arms Trade Treaty on April 16, ask Secretary Clinton and her negotiating team at the State Department to push for the strongest possible protections in the fight against arms.

In places like Sudan and South Sudan, decades of conflict have been fueled by easy availability of arms and ammunition. An influx of weapons on all sides of the conflict has led to human rights abuses, has restricted humanitarian access, and has made achieving peace much more difficult. Oxfam has been working in this region for decades – we’ve seen first-hand the destruction these weapons cause, and we know how much more work could be accomplished without arms standing in the way.

The best way to help slow the flow of arms – in Sudan, South Sudan and around the world – is through a robust Arms Trade Treaty. Oxfam has been working toward this treaty for almost ten years, and we’re finally close to getting tighter control of arms and keeping deadly weapons from reaching human rights abusers and war criminals.

To succeed, we need you to take action. On April 16, the United States will present its position on the Arms Trade Treaty. Make sure Secretary Clinton and her team know: we want a bulletproof treaty.

Thank you for raising your voice on behalf of the millions of people who are trapped in poverty and terror because of lax arms regulations. With your help, we can keep weapons out of the hands of human rights abusers and create a better future in places like South Sudan.


Judy Beals
Oxfam America Advocacy Fund

More links from Oxfam
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The North American Treaty was bad enough to put website on a survival basis. Oxfam and the Obama Administration are going to start a civil war if this passes.
Time to stock up on ammunition, just in case, and tell Hillary Clinton “don’t you dare”!!

Chances are Clinton won’t care, she has always been anti-gun.

“It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, let alone alien to our Constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI (the Supremacy Clause) as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement, without observing Constitutional prohibitions.  In effect such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V. . . . .The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National Goverment, and they cannot be nullified by the Executive, or by the Executive and the Senate combined.”
Reid v. Covert (1957), 354 U.S. 1

At the above links; a, b, and c, you can contact them, I did. Change the e-mail heading, unless you want to support this treaty (Do Not Support), delete their entire message, and form a new one. It works; I used the above Supreme Court case as a message, addressed to “MS Clinton and Staff: Don’t you dare pass this treaty”. After hitting ‘send’ the window will change and ask for a donation, I deleted that window, and they still sent me a ‘Thank You’ message through e-mail. I responded with “Piss-off, communist organization”. Whether the message got to Hillary or not remains a mystery. The Department of State’s telephone number is 202-647-4000 if you care to call.
Notice the message is about ammunition, if this treaty is signed ammunition will disappear. Next of coarse will be registering all firearms, followed eventually with confiscation. The same play-book used over and over again to strip the people of their firearms the world over. When the issue comes before the Supreme Court again, maybe it will be the ‘militia’ and not the people that have a right.
Think about joining or forming a militia!!


Drip Gas

Drip gas is another alternative to having a regular supply of gasoline. During the last depression and through the 2nd World War, when gasoline was rationed, many people depended on drip gas. Especially true if you had access to gas lines coming from the well head. It seems along the pipe, at lower elevations and dips in the line, a special pipe would allow for condensed liquids to accumulate. Opening the end of that pipe slightly the drip gas would flow out as drips. Drip gas has a lot of sulphur in it and gives out a horrid stink when it is burned. It is also low in octane and causes ‘pings’ in the engine. In time it will burn out the bearings in the engine if you don’t add copper mesh to it. Here is an interesting link that explains a lot about drip gas including additives. Another excellent link that explains a lot about drip gas.
To the average individual, without access to well head gas, wood gas is probably the best alternative. If anyone that reads this post can add more information, please do.


Parting Shot

Even with the large crowds, Ron Paul is losing in the primaries. This has nothing to do with an honest election, you can’t have an honest election using computers to count the votes. Yesterday I went to a state run office, when they asked be to sign up to vote, I responded, “not in an election where computers do the counting” the girls behind the desk laughed, a knowing kind of laugh. Jim Willie recently commented on vote fraud. Everybody Knows.