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“Fabianism feeds on Capitalism, but excretes Communism.”

–George Bernard Shaw

Just like old times, the Pahrump Valley Times tried hard to put me down for articles I had written in my magazine the Pahrump Free Press. Now it seems Oxfam is trying hard to put me down, but in the end it will boost my readership. They have a link to my last article on them. Check under recent comments.  (If you haven’t read my last article, please do, this one makes for sense. ) Unfortunately few of their readers are American enough to stand up for the Bill of Rights and understand that slaves don’t own firearms and why.  Protecting ourselves is one of our unalienable rights.   Few of their readers understand that it was a combination of Rothschild and Rockefeller that started the United Nations.
The Rothschilds’ also funded Israel and every war since 1800. Their funding of wars was for both sides, in a similar fashion they now control our elections, funding both sides to ensure a winner on their side. In the past I have linked to articles where George Soros, supports both Obama and Romney. I’ve exposed Soros in the past, as well as his links to Occupy Wall Street. George Soros, of coarse, is a cousin to the Rothschild clan.
Oxfam org.  claims they are trying  feed the poor and obtain justice for the same; a noble cause, but at the same time they support the United Nations and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers that formed it.  I think that is  contrary to Oxfam’s basic beliefs.  Are they hypocrites?  That is for the reader to decide after reading this article.


Since when does either the Rockefeller or Rothschild  families interesting in feeding the poor? Their interests have always been – Money and enslaving the poor!! The United Nations no longer is a place send delegates for peace councils, they are busy starting wars through NATO.  But that is the agenda that creates profits.
The first delegate of the United States to the United Nations was Eleanor Roosevelt, who had a very long file with the FBI over her political activities. J. Edgar considered her a communist. Some websites claim she started Americans for Democratic Action but one thing is for sure, she was a Fabian Socialist. Guess who claims they are ‘channeling’ with Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton of coarse. Let’s not forget it was President Franklin Roosevelt that amended the Trading With The Enemy Act to include Americans as the enemy.

What is a Fabian Society? The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in 1887, and each member is obliged to support it. “It reads … ‘It (Fabian Society) therefore aims at the re-organisation of society by the emancipation of land and industrial Capital from individual and class ownership … The Society accordingly works for the extinction of private property in land… (Agenda 21?) Working for a society where the State owns everything; doesn’t that sound like Communism?

After watching this video is Oxfam.org also pushing for new legislation on Global Warming? Yes they are.  How do they justify that approach when they are supposedly worried about poverty in America?  More taxes always makes the poor feel richer!!

Oxfam claims they are a non-profit organization which means they have to spend everything they get on salaries or projects. The reality is they are funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, see
here, here, here, here and here.   Do you think Oxfam will re-post this article on their website?

I love to uncover cockroaches and expose them to the light.

Foundations, are part of a Complex Trust, and everything donated by them is a tax write-off. It’s the utra-wealthy approach to altering our society for their own benefit. They donate money to causes that will eventually benefit them and get the tax write-off.  Two birds with one stone!!

Here is what the United Nations is up to with the Arms Treaty .   Note that they will meet again August 27 – September 7, 2012.  Your unalienable Rights are hanging by a thread!! . . . and now you know one organization that is trying their best to see that it is passed.

Take Back Your Power a short film on the Smart Grid. Oxfam wouldn’t be interested in your health problems caused by the Smart Grid.   There is no grant funding available by the Rockefeller Foundation to investigate the Smart Grid.   Maybe with Oxfam it is all about Money as well. Ya think?

PS: Oxfam actually posted this article, they have the best search engines that Rockefeller Foundation money or Rothschild money can buy. They seem proud of their funds being backed by the so-called world’s elite. But posting it again is not exactly smart, as I have already heard from one reader that was considering donations, but won’t any longer.