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 “You must wage total war.  You must not rely solely on military power as the fighting on the battlefields  just one front in the total war”
— Sun Tzu

Can you see, from the following reports on H.R. 3223, that the government is currently waging a ‘quiet war’ on the people? Remember, you have been the enemy since the Trading With The Enemy Act was amended to include U.S. citizens. They are using Sun Tzu’s quote against you.

I was shocked to hear Joel Skousen on coast-to-coast-am on April 28, 2012 get it almost right. All ‘Control’ lives on the left hand side of the scale of politics(communism, socialism, fascism, democracy); at the right is anarchy. A republic based, on the rule of law, is center-right. I added democracy because it is a tool that leads to socialism then to communism. Looking at the 10 planks of Communist Manifesto we are almost there.
The next attack is on the internet against free speech. The House has already passed H.R. 3523 the ‘Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act’ from a Republican led House.  We have a two party system with an overall one agenda, more fascism.  This woman has it absolutely correct:

The people themselves are getting fed up with constant wars, vote fraud and fixed elections. Just listen to this speech at the Missouri RNC convention by US Marine (Ret) Major Christopher Miller:

  With all of that in mind, and while there is still a free internet, that recognizes free speech; the time has come for survival for the people, considering where our country is headed.

I wish to thank Mr. X for providing an example of a rifle that is camouflaged and how he made this work of art.

This is an image of a 6.5 X 55mm Swedish Mauser. It was fabricated using the reverse side of a worn-out pair of woodland camouflage trousers. The fabric was glued to the stock of the rifle and then camouflage paint was added for color to the fabric, leather strap, bi-pod and scope. A piece of burlap was placed at the tip of the barrel. The glare was reduced by use of the fabric from the woodland camouflage trousers.

Hopefully you watched the videos from the last posting on Carlos Hathcock. This series of videos is called the”Ultimate Sniper” produced by the same individual that produced the Hathcock video. If you watched the past videos then you don’t need to watch this one in its entirety. From part one you will learn how a sniper squad operates and the importance of field craft, marksmanship and tactics. Then as you watch further the topics will be: range finding using the eye-hand method or using a topographical map, windage-judging wind speed in a flat area or through the terrain, how to take proper aim by holding your breath and making your own ghillie suit. One aspect of shooting the video does not take into account is firing a rifle up hill or down hill. Older reloading books discussed this in detail, as anything above 15 degrees in up-hill or down-hill shooting will make you overshoot the target.
This is a series of videos that will improve your shooting ability and presented by Major John Plaster USAR (Ret). These are MUST WATCH for anyone preparing for a survival situation.

Imagine being in a survival situation and missing the target because you mis-calculated the range, windage and etc.  Remember you have   a limited supply of ammunition,  and missing the target which is your next meal. 

I’ll start you off with the first video and give links for you to follow the rest. 

link to part 2 link to part 3

Do yourself a favor and watch these videos, and practice what they show you!!