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“A man my be clever but if he is also ambitious with divided loyalties, he is worthless.  A strict disciplinarian without an accompanying sense of fairness is an invitation to rebellion.  And, a man may be brave but if he does not also have a sense of  the honorable and virtuous, will degenerate into brutishness and rashness.”
— Sun Tzu

Astronomers have predicted that the earth will have another Carrington Event, a super sun flare that will leave us half-way-back to the stone age. The last flare missed us just a few days ago. Some have predicted it to occur within 20 years, while others see it happening much sooner.
The last super flare, that we know of, struck the earth beginning on August 28, 1859. It was the first of two. The second flare on September 1, was spotted by
Richard Carrington.

Richard Carrington who saw the white light erupting from a sunspot. The resulting event was named after him. Within hours the effects of the solar superstorm were being felt on earth as telegraph communications went down the world-over, even the first storm on the 28th affected telegraph machines in North America. Telegraph machines started throwing out sparks and the operators were shocked by some of those sparks. Some of the sparks set papers on fire in the telegraph offices. The solar superstorm lasted from Aug 28 to September 2 nearly fusing telegraph machines contacts made of platinum together.
To give you an idea of the heat it takes to melt platinum, platinum melts at 1,769 degrees Celsius , or 3,216 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat was caused by the electric current flowing in the wires and being magnified by sparks jumping between contacts.
In 1859, homes were not connected to electric power lines, there was no internet, electronic banking, satellites in space, or computers holding bank transactions, defense systems and other electronic data. All of this data would disappear and the computers would no longer function in a future ‘Carrington Event’. Other things that would be affected are smart grids, GPS navigation, transformers on power lines and air travel. Gas pumps won’t work and your electronic ignition my not start your vehicle anyway. This is not a short-term problem, if it occurs, it will last for months.
Remember the sparks that started fires from the electric current surges to telegraph machines in the original Carrington Effect? They would now be in your home or apartment because you are on the grid.  You can count on every wall socket spitting sparks.  Wires act as antennas and bring the electro magnetic pulse (EMP) from solar superstorms a little closer to home, and today those wires stretch the world over.

If you are breathing a sigh of relieve that the superflare missed earth, keep in mind that the Sun  rotates like the earth, every 27.28 days at the equator. If sun spot 1476 does not deteriorate completely we will be in the Sun’s ‘gun sights’ again. Keep an eye on it at Space Weather.
Another source of electromagnet pulse is atomic weapons detonated in the upper atmosphere. Preparing for a super solar storm is relatively easy, you will have several hours to prepare, but not with a nuclear attack.  A first strike may well come as an EMP strike. To protect anything electrical from an EMP you need to build a Faraday cage around the object to be protected.

Here is a video of a simple Faraday cage made from a metal trash can. He used cardboard as an insulator on the interior. I would have still added a ground wire to the outsides of the trash can and connected it to a metal rod in the ground.

Here is a source for EMP Bags as well as a short video on how they work. I will put spare truck parts that are electronic, hand-held CB’s, field telephones, batteries, and small radios in the bags that I purchase.


The next post will be on guerrilla warfare, its history, which started long ago.  All warfare became guerrilla wars after Germany launch the blitzkrieg in WWII.  There are not front lines anymore.  A guerrilla war is designed to hold off an enemy until an army can be formed.  Our own Revolution was run as a guerrilla war by militias for many years while General Washington was forming the Continental Army.  A guerrilla force depends on the people for  support, supply and intelligence concerning the enemy.   It usually works deep in enemy held territory.   Although eventually, it  becomes part of the regular army once that force is formed.

If you are forming a militia, be very carefull of who you let join. A lot of years ago, while in S. Nevada, I found someone who I thought was perfect. I thought he believed as I do on a large variety of subjects, until tactics were discussed. This individual wanted to kill and rob from anyone that did not support the militia or didn’t believe as he did. You can’t rule over people with fear and expect them to support a militia, in fact it would become a malitia not a militia.  Malitia has come up before with the movie “The Postman”, you see both a militia of the people and a malitia.  The individual was turned down, though I hope he as learned the true job of the militia by now.