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Sorry I am coming out late with a new post, but I have been practicing what I preach and got behind after a day of Recon. The Recon mission was successful thanks to planning, studying topographical maps and research.  There will be more in the future as it is important to know your area.

If this doesn’t give you another reason to prepare I don’t know what would. There is a Bill in the House of Representatives H.R. 1505 that wants Homeland Security to act on all government owned lands within 100 miles of the border. That’s 100 miles along each border, including Canada. Seattle will be within the Homeland Security zone, as will Great Falls, Montana, Duluth, Minnesota and Juneau, Alaska. Do we have a problem with Canada? I kind of like Canadians. The Bill would have Homeland Security patrolling Glacier National Park. Michigan and Maine would be swallowed up in this Bill; Homeland Security would be patrolling most areas in these states.

Along the southern border, Homeland Security (Or should I call it the American SS) would be patrolling Tucson, Corpus Cristy, and as far north as Los Angeles.
Obama likes the illegals, he hates any legislation aimed at keeping them out. It gives the Democrats more voters,expecially considering the  way elections are. But if this article is true, no need to count votes, Obama has it all set up to be “Dictator in Chief”.

I am going to pose the question . . . Is H.R. 1505 designed to keep them out . . . or to keep us in?

The Bill is called the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act. It is sponsored by a jerk in Utah (Rep Rob Bishop (R)) whose constituents won’t be bothered with Homeland Security patrolling in Utah. It is co-sponsored by Rep. Stevan Pearce (R) from New Mexico, the man that represents much of the part of New Mexico that will be affected. This Bill would just about take in all of Grant County and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness area . Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) also endorses the Bill, the new “Queen of the Tea Party”. Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) accused of insider trading is also a Cosponsor. In fact the more I look at the 59 Cosponsors the more it looks like a Tea Party Bill. John Carter of Texas (R) is joined by Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana (R) as Cosponsors. Rep. Denny Rehberg is all for the environment but doesn’t seem to care how many previous Bills to protect wildlife and the environment that H.R. 1505 destroys. Rehberg, like Pearce is a multi millionaire. Another Cosponsor is Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Washington (R) who refused to tell citizens where she stood on the issues in the last election.

Does the 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition that Homeland Security has ordered ring a bell? The ammunition that would be a war crime to use? Yes, hollowpoint ammunition is against the Geneva Convention to use during a war. Is this ammunition purchase related to this this Bill?

Another item in the news is the Drones patrolling towns and cities in the United States. Almost assuredly, this 100 mile zone will be a target for those drones.

I may have to be a folk heroine. I live in that zone.

You see folks, regardless of the party in power the agenda goes on, and that agenda is ‘control’. Control lives on the left handside of the political spectrum along with socialism and communism and all the guises it takes on: Fabian socialism, Nazism, Marxism, and etc.

Our government has been usurped since the Civil War. It now cares more about corporations, and control over the people than it ever has. The Republic died a quick death when Abraham Lincoln convened Congress without quorum.

Last night I watched the first dvd in a series on “World At War”. It contains interviews of German citizens that lived through the rise of Hitler. They stated over and over again, how that rise was like ‘drips of water’. Our own country is now suffering from those ‘drips of water’ that just keep coming and will encourage a dictator to take over.


Survival and Preparing

It has been a while since I have you this link on How to Start and Train a Militia Unit so lets go over some aspects of this booklet titled PM 8–94.

Chapter 1 is on how to recruit members and you should follow this example by starting with people you trust. People you have known for a long time. Have them help recruit more members and with approval of leader, let the new prospective members join in a low level meeting. Engage them in conversation to help judge their character and after the meeting closes ask other members what they think of the prospective new member. After all the new member will have to work with long time members and their opinion counts. Even if everyone gives the ‘thumbs up’ the new member should attend low level meetings for quite some time. On a personal note: I wasn’t invited to strategy or planning meetings for about 6 months, and you should do the same with new members.  At that point I was placed in charge of medical and the logical choice was to use nature when possible. http://keys2liberty.wordpress.com

Skipping on to Chapter 2 Security. At the end of the last paragraph I gave you an idea on security, never trust anyone at first. They should move up slowly to a position of need-to-know any details.
Change your routine, never be where you are expected to be. Change meeting times and places. The oath is also something that everyone should do in a meeting.

On to equipment, this is pretty basic stuff, things that need to be accumulated as quickly as possible; if you haven’t already. I would add one item to the list, a cold weather cap as a helmet liner and insulator, it has velcro strips that attach below your chin. When it is not that cold, but still chilly, it can be rolled up and the velcro strips attached across the forehead.