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“The evolution of the regulatory state has not been gradual, but rather reflects accelerated growth in response to periods of crisis and national trauma. In this light, regulation seems not only ubiquitous but inevitable.” 
— Steve Crowley (Obama’s gun policy adviser)
With this attitude in the White House, do you really think they are going to pass-up a chance to  ratifying the U.N. Arms Treaty?

In The News

Apparently, the ATF has been busy in Alaska asking gun stores for a list of weapons that they have sold, and to who. So far gun store owners have refused to give up their books. It appears that the ATF is ‘politely’ going away after being told ‘no’.

The ATF to accept public comments before outlawing some shot guns. They are basing this on “Sporting Purposes”, meaning any shotgun that is capable of holding more than 3 shells maybe outlawed. As always, this statute is bound to be authorized in pairs of brackets, meaning it’s  authority is omitted.

Hillary Clinton is at it again, she mad and sarcastic over the U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty being blocked twice. Is she also going to be mad over the U.N. Arms Treaty? America was smart enough to avoid the League of Nations, why weren’t we smart enough to realize the U.N. was just as bad? Both are, and were, controlled by the Rothschild family.


The new issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center ‘hate groups’ is out. They are behind in the year as this is their list for 2011 labeled as the 2010 list. Look at the groups on that list, John Birch Society, Oath Keepers, Constitution Party and We The People. They are an un-American group in my opinion.
Below is a video that names Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck as enemies, as well as returning veterans.   They feed Homeland Security through government plants!!

In a recent copy of Hatewatch, SPLC is going after the Tennessee House of Representatives for passing a Bill on March 15, 2012 to keep Agenda 21 out of Tennessee. Maybe it is an honor to be mentioned as a hate group by SPLC?

Any other doubts about what SPLC stands for? If so maybe you should read this article. Follow the Money!!

The SPLC is against patriot groups and militias, and rather then letting them down, I will now focus on militias.

Here are some videos to show you what the job of the militia is. But I would add, as a community service to volunteer to clean the sides of the state highways. Notice I said ‘state highways’. In most states there are signs designating the club or organization that keeps that portion of the highway clean. It would amount to good advertising of your unit to have a sign displayed along the highway.

Here is a video of a militia unit training.

I do hope this militia unit has more sense than to fight in this fashion if they are ever called to perform. Do you see what I see? They are out in the open, rather than moving in the tree line. The tree line would shield them for infra red detection, at least on one side.  If they were moving entirely in the trees their infra red signature would be almost entirely gone.  Keep in mind,  that where they are walking in the open, an ambush could be set up within the tree line.

I’ve begun compiling a list on ‘blocking of infra red detection’. Here is what I have found so far: Plexiglass, an aluminum space blanket, raw wood and plywood. “The BEST way to protect yourself from IR detection is get behind/under what is already there, and DON’T change the temperature of it. Since you obviously have to see and perhaps reach out, do so through the smallest portal(s) you can handle. Those “man-sized” targets detectable at 1100 yards are just that – man-sized – not the size of your nose and right eye.” That last link provides a lot of information, be sure and read through it. Infra red ‘ keys ‘on heat differences between objects. Thick vegetation appears white in infra red. Regardless of outside temperature if you have 3 layers of vegetation over you ( tall trees, medium trees and shrubs combined) your infra red image will be gone. Your skin is usually around 98 degrees, so if it is 98 degrees outside infra red would be blocked. Warms springs and hot springs may well hide your infra red image. I’ll report back when the research is complete.