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I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. That’s been a while as I am now 60. I lean towards the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party, both are conservative and at least once believed in the Constitution. I am tired of giving my conscent by voting in elections. The Libertarians don’t stand a chance, everyone wants to vote for the winner, who ends up being the lesser of two evils. The Republican are busy trying to pass H.R. 1505 to extend Homeland Security (read American SS) to a zone of 100 miles along all of our borders. The Republican Governor of Virginia just loves drones spying on the American public violating the 4th Amendment from above. “Increased safety and reduced manpower are among the reasons the U.S. military and intelligence community use drones on the battlefield, which is why it should be considered in Virginia” he said. (audio at link)
Being quite frank, we have a two party system and both have a single agenda for a police state and more wars. Neither party serves the people.
Elsewhere in the news is the war on Iran and Syria, the Zionists are really pushing for a third world war and it will be nuclear. They use ficticious headlines against Syria, concerning the resent terrorist attack on slaughter of children in Houla. The terrorists were NATO in origin. Excellent videos attached to this link. And on Iran, they are busy practicing a href=” http://rt.com/usa/news/us-troops-iran-exercise-490/” target=”_blank”>beach landings. Next post will examine how to protect yourself and your family in a nuclear war. It is just around the corner.

Make Your Own Yeast

Do any other survival websites teach you what I am trying to teach? Few, if any. Please circulate my websites to like minded individuals. They all have their purpose. I try to think well past any future events that affect our lives and this topic is a good example.

I stock up on yeast for bread and make sure I have about 10 packages of 3 per pack stocked. But what happens when you run out of stocked yeast? Maybe it’s time to consider making your own yeast.  There are several ways to make your own yeast and some folks believe it is better quality than what is made commercially. Yeast can be made from potatoes as well as many other fruits, such as apples, grapes, wild grapes, raisins, peaches, and of coarse other wild fruits that you can collect in the ‘wild’ when the SHTF. Here is an excellent video on the subject.

Be sure to boil the jars and lids for 20 minutes to make sure they are sterile before you begin. The video talks about ‘spring water’ and for most of us on a water system with chorine and fluorides added, I’d use distilled water.

Of coarse yeast is also need to make beer and other alcoholic beverages, and here is a video on that.

If you are into ‘home brew’ you can find a lot more videos on that subject by doing a search. There are not a lot of videos on making yeast for bread and I hope the one I presented will get you started thinking about making your own yeast.

Exercise, eat proper foods, only the strong will survive (and of coarse the elite, in their underground bunkers). Do you think, the-so-called-elites eat GMO’s . . .  not a chance.

Garden Report

Over the past month I have harvested 2 heads of butter crunch lettuce, one head of romaine lettuce and dried 1/2 ounce each of cilantro and dill weed. I also managed to freeze 2 packages of Chinese peas, 3 packages of snap peas, 2 packages of spinach and 13 egg rolls. The egg rolls consisted of onion, green onion, carrots (harvested in the spring from last years planting) Chinese cabbage, bok choy, Chinese peas and spinach. The only thing purchased for the egg rolls was bean sprouts and olive oil to fry the egg rolls. Knowing ahead of time that wontons were probably not available I used this recipe and made my own. I also learned to use thick corn starch to seal the end flap. Like her, I realized there were no wonton’s in the stores around me, just tons of torillas. I had to make 2 batches as my egg rolls were larger than the one’s she made.
Freezing 2 packages of spinach is an under-statement on production, in that I have had spinach for salads since the beginning of the year.
Everything I have produced was all organic. I begin every year with 12-14 sacks of manure, 4 sacks of chicken manure and three bundles of peat moss. I do use blood meal on items like brocolli, cauliflower and bussel sprouts after the plants are well established.
The Chinese peas and snap peas are still producing and next month the garden peas will also be producing. Right now the peas are hanging on the vines still maturing.
Next month my first head of iceberg lettuce will be harvested, to go in salads with the other lettuces and spinach. Radishes, which have been harvested since last month. I’m currently on my 3rd planting.

P.S. right after posting I went to the garden and picked enough Chinese peas and snap peas for two more batches to be frozen. The idea, of coarse, is to eat them fresh, so understand all of the frozen vegetables are excess. Also, upon close examination the garden peas appear to be ready as well.