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Preparing for A Nuclear Strike

Maybe we should start with potential targets, here is a map of potential targets within the United States. As you scroll down on that page you will see Major Fallout Generating States according to FEMA. All states are listed, the one’s in red will get the most fallout (Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota)and states directly to the west as the winds carry it. Most of those states are targets because of missile silos within that state. Most States have a link to show you the most likely target. It would not be wise to live within a 100 miles of any target.

Wind matters, and both local and the jet stream are west to east. Low level local winds might carry radioactive fallout to your area, but most important is the Jet Stream which changes daily. This may be a link that you will want to save, that is, if the first strike isn’t a detonation in the atmosphere which may disable your computer and the internet through an EMP burst (See article I wrote on Faraday Cages).

Some protection can be found in large road culverts, most areas of the country have west to east winds, so find a culvert that faces north and south and close off both ends. Caves and mine tunnels offer some protection, more than a road culvert as one end is blocked off. An improvement would be a cave or mine tunnel that goes in straight for a distance and then angles off in any direction. Remember, radiation particles move in a straight line, that curve in the tunnel will protect you.

Think about a kerosene lamp for light in that cave, culvert, mine tunnel or other shelter; it gives off very little carbon monoxide. Being in there for days at a time, you might want to take a good book, or a deck of cards to keep from going crazy. Children will need something to keep them busy too.

Store as much water as you can, preferably distilled. A gallon will last 2 people for a day. Open rivers and lakes will be contaminated, so look for springs. Once again that topographical map will come in handy on finding a spring. Once you have found one, dig it out a bit to remove contaminated dirt from around it. That water will be safe to drink at that point. Springs come from deep underground and it takes centuries for the water to seep into the ground that distance, springs are safe.

What about a toilet? Use 5 gallon plastic buckets with a lid on them. I’d suggest one per person, this will cut down on the need to go outside and empty them. Emptying them will be needed, but it needs to be put off as long as possible to keep someone from being exposed to the radiation.

Canned food will be alright to eat, as well as military MRE’s, just wash them off before opening the can or pouch. Don’t eat sugars, very important.

This is probably the best website on surviving a nuclear war. It gives ‘Myth’ and ‘Facts’ throughout most of its 18 chapters. In Chapter 4 there is a diagram of fallout across the United States, but keep in mind this is a straight west to east graph, not taking into account the Jet Stream at the time of the attack. Don’t forget the Appendices A – F. In appendices C you will find a design to make a fallout meter. Nuclear war is survivable.

Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War and from that moment on I realized the threat of nuclear war was even greater. After the ‘cold war’ ended, the government quit stocking up supplies in bomb shelters, and sold their radiation meters in bulk. I purchase one (CD V- 715) several years ago for under $40, brand new in the original box, with instructions. E-Bay may be the best bet to find one, since Fukushima all radiation monitors have been in short supply. My box also contained 2 dosimeters and a charging unit for the dosimeters. Dosimeters are for people that go outside the shelter, or work in an area of radiation. They are shaped like a pen and fit in your pocket. They basically show how much radiation you have received. This is something you want to keep track of. Both the meter and the Dosimeter charger run on a single C cell battery. Here is a picture of several of them. They also sell potassium iodide pills, and further down on the page they give a chart of Total Exposure and the effects you will suffer. Notice in the chart; ‘personnel’. Those personnel were soldiers forced to be exposed to nuclear weapons detonations on the Nevada Test Site from the 50’s – early 60’s.

The problem with potassium iodide is you can only take it for 7 to 10 days. I purchased potassium iodate, in bulk, which you can take much longer. However, both only protect your thyroid gland from getting radioactive iodine after a nuclear detonation. Our bodies are usually short of iodine, because we drink chlorinated water. The chlorine sits in your thyroid gland taking up space where normally iodine would be. (Look at a Periodic Table of Elements chorine and iodine are in the same vertical column.) You can also paint a 2 inch circle over the front of your throat using iodine solution, this too will protect you as your body will absorb it directly through the skin. As it wears away, replace it. Iodine can also be obtained from eating seaweed; but I would suggest you find a source in the southern hemisphere far away from Fukushima.

I also listed plants that would help with radiation poisoning on http://keys2liberty.wordpress.com # 51 to 57 and 108 and 115 ( Elderberry, Spiderwort, Nettle, Echinacea, Acacia, Ground Plum, Privet, Chaparral and Crabapple.  With Crabapple it is the pectin that will help.  Most Probiotic also contains pectin as well as good bacteria for your intestines to replace those destroyed by radiation poisoning.  Spirulina (blue-green algae) will as help your body get over a dose of radiation poisoning.  Normally you take two tablets before each meal, but you might want to double that in a radioactive environment.  Once again shop around, you would probably prefer it coming from the southern hemisphere.

Baking Soda will protect your kidneys, another organ that doesn’t do well from radiation poisoning. I have heard to take 1 teaspoon between meals. If you know you have been exposed, take a bath using
baking soda

If you have been following this blog, you might remember the “Garden Report”; I mentioned Cilantro (Coriander) and that I had put about a 1/2 ounce (dried) away. Cilantro can also be used to protect you from radiation poisoning. It can remove any heavy metals from your system.
Here is a short article. I use it as a tincture with vodka. I use about 1/2 an ounce in a pint jar and fill it up with vodka. As with all tinctures it has to rest for about a week with you shaking the bottle daily, so use the lid. After a week take an ounce of the tincture twice or more daily for radiation sickness. Or, as the article suggests, eat two tablespoons of the fresh herb. If you aren’t worried about radiation sickness, take 10 to 40 drops daily to remove heavy metals in your system.
I recently started a new planting of cilantro, the new plants are about a month old and have secondary leaves on them. If you started growing some now, within 3 months you will be harvesting your own cilantro.

Please be sure and visit the website I suggested. It will be of great help, just incase.