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Death Struggle

“The situation is a “death struggle” if desperate battle is the only thing between you and death. In this situation you should make sure the men do not have false hopes. You will find it is the nature of men to fight back when encircled and there is no way to avoid fighting, and fight to the death if they know the enemy is bent on killing them.
When you find yourself in a death struggle stay calm and do not make any rash moves. Conceal your true strength from your opponent. Kill the cattle and use them for a feast for the men. This is their last meal for you will order the extra food destroyed. Destroy all spare items of clothing, the transports and other equipment.
Have the men make peace with death and put away any thoughts of survival. Have them spend time preparing for a final battle
by cleaning and oiling weapons. Gather all your strength and determination and pick either the left side or the right side and with as much yelling as possible burst out using your best soldiers to drive a wedge into the enemy to split his forces. If successful, now attack the enemies rear with all of your strength.”

— Sun Tzu

This was a search term, and yes I do watch search terms on the website and answer them when I can. So here is the answer to what Sun Tzu would do if he found himself trapped. Desperate men and women are to be avoided, they will fight back extremely hard.   Always leave an escape route open to your opponent, but that doesn’t mean that you can still set an ambush along that open route.
“Have them spend time preparing for a final battle by ‘cleaning and oiling weapons’. ” was me, Sun Tzu used the phrase ‘sharpening their swords and preparing their armor’.   Of course we fight with other weapons these days. It is part of using Sun Tzu in a modern world, you have to put his words into context that makes sense today. The rest of the quote was strictly Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu doesn’t care what weapons are used, his tactics concentrate on the human behind those weapons. In his eyes the greatest achievement is to win without a battle.  He writes,  “It is better to gain the surrender of an enemy nation without having to smash it to oblivion” and “I would rather accept the surrender of my enemies troops intact instead of first having to slaughter most of them.” Example: Put the word out that the POW’s that you take will be able to lounge around pool-side with lots of food and drink; a vacation. Your opponents men will be surrendering in droves.
Humorous? . . . Yes. But consider our current tactics of torturing and killing the Taliban, which only encourages more to fight against the U.S. corporate government, meaning more profits for the arms producing corporations. A wicked circle!!

Domestic Spy Drones to be Armed according to the article, and drones were spotted over Chicago recently, for the NATO summit. ” What happens to the weapons when unmanned drones begin falling out of the sky? Already, rumors of bounties offered for shooting down domestic spy drones have become an almost carnival-like mission for angry, armed and militant Americans.” Sounds like Sun Tzu: The enemy should become a vital source of supplies once we make substantial contact with him. . . . offer a substantial reward to the first person who captures an enemy war vehicle, as well as the one who captures the most . . . . just replace the enemy’s flags with your own flags. Except in this case, it’s the weapons onboard. 
The photo in the article shows a rocket being fired, but this won’t be how it starts.  It will start with drones being armed with machine guns.  When we get used to that idea, they will start arming the drones with missiles.

Elsewhere in the news, you are helping to fund the “gun grabbers” through your taxes. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has burrowed its “gun violence prevention coordinators” through cities coast to coast, paid by taxes. It is another attack on our Natural Right to defend ourselves. Is this the same as Sun Tzu living on the supplies of the enemy? Remember, you have been the enemy of the U.S. government since the Trading With The Enemy Act was amended in the early 30’s.

In a recent poll 24% of Americans believe that states have the right to secede. That is up 10% in two years. But how honest would people be over the telephone to make such a statement in this day of the government surveillance into every aspect of our lives? I think that some people hid there true beliefs on that topic. When you talk to strangers on the street, as I have, I think the percentage is a lot higher.

Navigation at Night

Earlier I did a post on declination of a topographic map to a lensatic compass. Here is how to navigate at night. The first job of course is to delineate the compass to the map, if you are using a map to find a direction.  Place the straight edge of the compass between where you are and where you want to go.  Then read the degrees to that target.  If you are just using the sight on the compass do it in this manner:  If you set this up before it gets dark it works even better. If it is already night, shine a flashlight on the face of the compass (red lens or filter preferable, as red light doesn’t travel as far), several spots will light up, the arrow pointing north, a line on the bezel ring around the top of the compass that moves in clicks, and two spots on the top and bottom of the sight on the cover. Each click on the bezel ring is 3 degrees. Rotate the bezel ring until the luminated line on it lines up with the stationary black line on the compass interior lens. Find the degree to which you wish to travel by holding the compass up, open and level and use the sight attached to the compass folding top. If the desired direction is less than 180 degrees rotate the illuminated line in a counter-clockwise direction dividing the degrees by 3. Example: Desired direction is 51 degrees divided by 3 equals 17 clicks counter-clockwise on the bezel ring. If the direction you wish to travel in is larger than 180 degrees, move the bezel in a clockwise direction and subtract the number of degrees from 360 degrees; then divide by 3 again to get the clicks. Example: Desired direction is 330 degrees – subtract 330 from 360 degrees equals 30; divide by 3 equals 10. Move the bezel ring clockwise 10 clicks.
Once this is set up, rotate your body holding the compass in front of you until the illuminated arrow is lined up with the luminous line on the bezel, that becomes the direction you wish to walk in. Walk in that direction using the two luminated points on the top cover (upper and lower) while at the same time the north luminated arrow and the bezel luminated spot are lined up as well.
It sounds complicated but try it and you will see that it works.