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“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
— Albert Einstein

Scenario 1

Preparing for what is in the future means lots of things to different people. There are so many scenarios to consider. Right now it looks as if the American Hubris has taken over and we might find ourselves in a World War. I was truly hoping that the Soros Connection – part -2 would spread far enough to prevent World War III. Syria is still in the U.N., U.S. and NATO’s, sights, partly do to George Soros stirring-the-pot through organizations such as Re Publica and avaaz.org. Please refer to my article on “Surviving A Nuclear Strike” for ideas and equipment needed under Scenario 1, and also herbs that could help radiation poisoning.
For those of us that survive Scenario 1, Scenario 2 might be in order.  Sooner or later the collusion between government and corporations has to end.   That is what is causing the mess we are in.


“All we wanted them to do was follow the Constitution”
— Robert E. Lee (after the Civil War)

Scenario 2

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently wrote an article titled Where is the outrage? condemning the use of drones, and condemning the idea that our government keeps increasing its totalitarian in nature.  He wonders what Thomas Jefferson would do.  I think most people know what Thomas Jefferson would do, he talked about a revolution every 20 years.

Under this scenario civil war will break out to prevent  the swing towards a totalitarian government.  Unless, the current course of government can be  to turn around towards the principles upon which this government was originally founded. In other words individual sovereignty, where we were all kings and queens by our own Natural Right. But, as Judge Napolitano points out, there are too many Americans still giving their consent, by not complaining, protesting or preparing.

A big hurdle in preparing is all the equipment that is needed. Two weapons (3 would be great), either hand gun, shotgun, (for close encounters), a rapid fire semi-auto for medium range (100 to 300 yards) and a an AT&T bolt action rifle (an AT&T to reach out and touch someone.) for shots further away than 300 yards. I say ‘bolt action’, as they are the least expensive, but an M1 Garand or an M-14; both pricey but, would work equally well. To go with that weapon, you better have a few thousand rounds and several ammunition clips. I would advise that you pick weapons that have good access to ammunition (45 ACP, 9mm, 12 gauge shotgun, 357 magnum, 223, 30-06, 308, 7.62 X 39).  Keep in mind that at some point there will be lots of weapons around that ‘were never fired and only dropped once’, but be careful of booby traps.

Other equipment includes: at least two uniforms ( I got a great price at http://bdu.com  on multicam shirt and pants, they picked up the shipping; though not the handling), a web belt, a harness for that web belt, a canteen, the appropriate ammo pouches for your weapon, a poncho, a first aid pouch, a helmet, helmet liner cap, a boonie hat, a small backpack for patrols, lensatic compass (fits nicely in second first aid pouch), topographical maps, binoculars, a gas mask, a bore cleaning rod, (the military makes a nice one in several pieces that screws together and fits on a web belt), bore cleaner, an entrenching tool (the military makes a nice folding one that will hook to your web belt as well), space blanket (under a poncho it will greatly lessen your infra-red signature) and at least 100 feet if para cord. I recently did an article on the many uses of para cord.

Equipment Needed For Both Scenarios

Medical supplies will be needed to include several types of forceps, suture, bandages of all sizes, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, 6 months worth of personal medications, alcohol wipes, antibiotics such as iodine and betadine solutions.

Food supplies will be needed, stock up on as close to a year’s supply as you can. Don’t leave off spices, sauces, and other condiments. Anything that gets attacked by weevils pack away with Bay Leaves. Stock up on powdered milk; I have noticed the flavor is improved by adding a few drops of vanilla and some sugar to taste. Canned milk is another option, just watch the ‘best by dates’ on the bottom of the can.  Always rotate your food supply, using up the old stock with fresh stock.

Blankets and sleeping bags will also be needed as well as warm clothing for winters, such as:  a down jacket, a field jacket with liner, gloves with wool inserts, helmet liner, socks, wool socks, underwear, long johns and don’t forget a couple pairs of work or hiking boots.

Other supplies needed in both scenarios are water, fuel (gasoline and kerosene), toilet paper (I recently did an article of Mullein at http://keys2liberty.wordpress.com it can also be used as toilet paper) and strike anywhere matches.

For some, it is exercise they lack for being prepared, too much television. I recently read on a militia page that if you couldn’t walk 2 miles in 45 minutes; they didn’t want you. No mention of flat terrain, up hill terrain or down hill terrain. Regardless, that leaves out a lot of past veterans that are retired, that could still train others on survival skills. I am trying to get in better shape, I walk two 1/4 mile hikes daily and exercise on top of that.

The sheer cost of preparing is astronomical for those just starting out to stock up on supplies that will be needed under either scenario. My suggestion is stock up each time you go to the grocery store, buy in bulk when you can. When you purchase 10 lbs of flour, rice, sugar the cost goes down per unit. Prepare with others of-like-mind will help keep costs down. Divide up the cost of equipment to be purchased that can be shared when the time comes.
If you haven’t already started a garden do. Fresh food will contribute to your overall health. Since my last garden report I have harvested a head of broccoli, another head of butter crunch lettuce, given to neighbors 2 heads of butter crunch lettuce and one head of romaine lettuce. I have cabbage ready to pick, and iceberg lettuce ready. I have put away 14 packages of Chinese peas, 10 packages of snap peas, 2 packages of garden peas, 4 packages of spinach, and 1 package of Swiss chard. Here is a link for How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home I use the ‘straw’ method of packing away frozen foods. I place them in a zip lock bag, close it to where a straw will fit through it and suck the air out.

Other equipment needed can be purchased as quick as your budget will allow. I try to order new items for survival once a month on my very limited budget.  Shop around!!

Being ‘Prepared’ is a full-time job, and only you can do it.