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Washington, DC (June 13, 2012) Today, Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement regarding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s announcement that the dunes sagebrush lizard will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act:
“For nearly two years, New Mexicans have fought against the unnecessary listing of the lizard,” said Pearce. “They have demanded that the government base its decision on accurate science and the local protections already in place to conserve the lizard. While it was a long and emotional process, in the end, Washington listened, and the lizard will not be listed. This is a huge victory for the people who have tirelessly fought to save regional jobs and our way of life. I extend my gratitude to the New Mexicans who came to the table, and through good faith efforts, voluntarily protected the lizard’s habitat.”
“On both sides of the state line—in Texas and New Mexico—local and state officials, private stakeholders and conservationists put millions of dollars and acres into this balanced approach that saves both the lizard and our jobs,” Pearce continued. “The conservation agreements in place to conserve the lizard are undoubtedly some of the most successful ever. The willingness of New Mexicans and Texans to conserve the habitat and species serves as a fine example of what we can do when the federal government takes input from all sides, and tries to find common ground. I am proud of the hard work that went into this effective and efficient solution, and I am pleased with today’s outcome. Personally, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the regional offices of the BLM and FWS. While we had our disagreements during this process, I hope this effort has re-enforced a strong working relationship.”

Some people complain about being called a resident; another derogatory term, but “Stakeholders” is much worse. Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition defines “stakeholders”, and it fits as :

“A third person chosen by two or more persons to keep in deposit property the right or possession of which is contested between them, and to be delivered to the one that shall establish this right to it”

I have not heard that term (stakeholder) since I left Parhump, Nevada and coming out of the mouth of one of our phony multi-millionaire politicians is a bit too much to take. Is he eluding to the English Crown as the owner? or the United Nations- through Agenda 21? Or the corporate United States of America? The point is, the owner isn’t you, you are relegated as “stakeholder”.

I am sure Steve Pearce knows who the owner really is. Keep in mind it is an election year and Mr. Pearce is up for election again. He has also endorsed H.R. 1505 to extend Homeland Security control on both borders 100 miles. He also voted ‘yea’ on the last Patriot Act Bill.

It seems I am not alone on pledging to stay away from the election this year. Here is an interesting article by Jon Rappaport that hits the nail on the head. It is titled Vote Or Don’t Vote: Arsenic or Cyanide?, like Jon, I would prefer Donald Duck on the ballot; a sure winner. Like I have said, Jon nails it square on the head with ” The One Party With Two Heads”. Regardless of who wins the “Agenda” continues to disregard our Natural Rights, increase wars of agression, and the puppet-at-the-top does what ever he is told. Send them a real message this time, refuse to consent: Don’t vote!!!

The situation in the Mid-East look more and more like World War III. This article is a MUST READ as well, Russian Warning Shot. It looks more and more like a nuclear war is just around the corner. Russia got China’s approval on this strong message, sending ballistic missiles trails across the Mid-East. The United States is planning to go forward with the Syrian invasion regardless of the U.N. Security Council and becoming a rogue nation. Further documentation on the attacks on Christians by the Syrian Rebels can be found at Lew Rockwell. I will pledge allegiance, and fly, the flag on my website banner only.

Survival List A – Z

I know I missed a few items in my last list, especially on medical items, like scalpel, extra blades, surgical tape, medical tape and blood clot. Here is another website on survival A – Z on things not to forget. It’s a good list so be sure and check out “The Grey Enigma’s A – Z. I have all the afore mentioned items and even more in plastic ammo boxes that are marked with a red cross on top. So incase of an emergency I won’t run-off without them.

‘Survival’ Gadgets On My Truck

I showed you a photo of my truck in “Hiding In Plain Sight” but didn’t explain items I have added under the hood, in the bed and to my dash.

One item that was added to the dash is a red marker light that truck drivers use to mark their trailers. The red marker light is attached low on the dash, with a toggle switch high on the dash to operate it. As explained before, red light has a short wavelength that travels a shorter distance than other colors of light. The light is there for reading topographical maps at night, or when I lose something on the seat and need some light at night, as I have no dome light.

The toggle switch is a three way switch with the center neutral. The other live circuit goes to a chip, also mounted to the dash, that converts 12 volt to 6 volt. There are a lot of appliances that work on 6 volt, shortwave radios, cassette tape players and recorders, etc. Basically most things that have a transformer that you plug in a 110 volt house outlet to make them work, and have dry cell batteries runs on 6 volt. It’s actually a chip that halves the voltage. Here is are some photos of similar devices. I used to use it for listening to a Sangean shortwave radio, while in my truck. You just ground the chip and run another wire from the chip that has the connection plug-in, that fits the electronic device at the end of the wire. Most are universal.

I’ve also installed dual batteries in the truck, with a switch on the firewall that has 4 positions, both batteries on, number ‘1’ battery on, number ‘2’ battery on and an off position. The ‘Off’ position comes in handy when working on other electrical items on the truck. My 1973 GMC has no smog, doesn’t have an air conditioning compressor and because of that has lots of room to mount a second battery on the opposite wheel well. At 40 degree below zero, I can still start my truck.

Here is how I set it up; normally battery cables are not long enough to pass under the engine, along the frame, to a device that controls them on the opposite side of the truck. I used wielding cables, with the ends twisted and soldiered and bolted to the device. Here is an image similar to the dual battery setup I have, mine is black, but this one is red and called Perko 8501DP Marine Battery Selector. As you can see in the photo, there are numbers to indicate which battery you are using, and one for both batteries. The wires to the batteries fit on the back side and you mount it on the firewall. You need enough wielding cable to go to each battery, and another section to go to ground.

I also had to make a new battery box for the extra battery. For this I used a piece of Formica on plywood , drilled and mounted with screws to the fender well. To keep the battery in place I used 3 inch high angle iron with insulated wire over the top to hold the battery down. At first I didn’t use anything to hold the battery down, and eventually on a rough road the battery fell against the exhaust manifold, that is when I reconfigured the set-up.

There are lots of appliances that run on 12 volt, this link will give you the idea of where to find them. It includes television, dvd players, refrigerators, micro-wave ovens and crock pots.

One last add-on item that is installed is a metal foot locker attached in the bed. It sits on the driver’s side next to the cab, length-wise before the wheel well. It gets used for tools, survival equipment, extra oil, truck parts along with MRE’s and water just incase I get stranded.