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Long War Disadvantages
“Military Campaigns cost a lot.  By the time the costs of equipment, training, provisions, salaries, and the thousands upon thousands of necessary items are bought and paid for the outlay in tremendous – and the longer the campaign, the more we must spend.  Even the richest of nations will become bankrupt at some point.”
–Sun Tzu

The Allies, now termed NATO, won World War II for 2 reasons. America’s industrial base supplied the Allies and the Axis Powers could not bomb American factories.
Things have changed; there is no American industrial base left, and now inter-continental missiles make every where in America a target in a future war.
I’ll start with Debka, a source which I will provide back up for, as I don’t trust Debka.

Russia is sending ships, anti-aircraft missiles, and anti-ship missiles to the Syrian port of Tartus. Part of that shipment includes Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missiles designed to shoot down aircraft, drones and cruise missiles

The above quote from Sun Tzu on a long war is part of the problem, both the Euro and Dollar are in bad shape over continued aggression the world over. The Euro is on the verge of failing. Where Russia has been building their army, navy and air forces instead of waging endless wars for Israel.

China, Russia, Iran and Syria are planning on a build up in Syria This includes the Chinese sending ships through the Suez Canal. With 90,000 troops, 400 airplanes, and 900 tanks involved. The Russians , and Chinese that copied the Russian tank, currently have the best tank on any battle field.

It’s a losing battle in my opinion as well as the opinion of General Amin Hoteit in this article (which is a back up on debka).

Russia believes that they are on the right side of history, which brings up another quote of Sun Tzu:

“You must operate from such a strong sense of moral justification that even the threat of death will not deter you from your course.”

If NATO and the U.S. do not back off, this will eventually go nuclear. It will be the U.S. that sends the first inter-continental nuclear warhead up, out of desperation from losing on the ground.

In the mean time the Soros’ of the world, along with the Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, Gates family and all of our politicians that made this war inevitable; will be safe in their bunkers riding out the mass depopulation they have wanted for so long.

My advice is to study my post called “Surviving A Nuclear Strike”. Don’t think this is Revelations, the numbers are still sitting at 300,000 to be admitted into Heaven out of 5 billion.