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“Deception is very important in war.  You may say an army has to practice deception against its opponents all the time.  However, deception is not the purpose why we wage wars nor can we fight a war solely on deception.”
–Sun Tzu

Time will tell whether it’s deception in Russia’s statements on Voice of Russia the following day after I posted the last message on Keys To Liberty. Deception; . . . or, did cooler heads prevail when Putin met with Obama?

The Voice of Russia denied Russia, China, and Iran were planning on training jointly in Syria. Even China now denies the same. Russia is further denying ships were sent to Syria for any reason other than to evacuate personnel.

Oddly this all happened on the same day when Obama met Putin at the G-20 meeting in Mexico.

World Net Daily put out an article saying the Israeli’s were fueling their Jericho missiles and were launching German made submarines that could hold nuclear warheads. Voice of Russia, then states, for Germany, that Germany denies that Israel equips German submarines with nuclear weapons.

Closer to home, as in drones spying on Americans, 64 drone bases are revealed but of those bases how many are for overseas surveillance? I think a vast majority of them are, here is the map. You can check things out by the type of drone the bases are using.
I noticed 4 bases in New Mexico, and one definitely is spying on Americans because of the type of drone flown. It is along Interstate 40 and uses gMAV; gMAV stands for Gas Micro Aerial Vehicle. From the video it is apparent that this spies on Americans along Interstate 40. Are they planning a road block in that area?

U.N. Small Arms Treaty

The Obama Administration has ask the Senate to ratify the U.N. Small Arms Treaty making both Hillary Clinton and Obama traitors to their oath of office, the Constitution, and our Natural Rights that are granted by our Creator. Be sure and read the article at the link.

It is rather obvious that it will pass, or why is the Senate and the House trying to pass legislation to try to protect our Right? Senator Moran started a Bill to protect the 2nd Amendment.
Ask yourself, why would there be a need to protect the 2nd Amendment if they were not going to pass the treaty? Here is the Bill S. 2205 check out the wording for yourself. You will find the wording is pathetic!!! This does not guarantee anything other than the People won’t pay for the treaty’s enactment.  Where is the ‘no registration’ guarantee? They are going to leave the registration in there because that is how tyrants have always disarmed the people. First comes registration, then comes confiscation. This is right out of the Nazi play book.
Do you think Obama will even sign this watered down Bill? Do you think the Senate will wait until Obama signs the Bill before the Senate ratifies the Treaty?

I Have warned you before to start getting ready for this treaty to pass, by stock up on ammunition, food, clothing, field gear and start training militias to defend your Creator granted rights of self defense. Start exercising, if you haven’t already. The government only guarantees those rights, that are natural rights originally given by the Creator, but that time is about over. The New World Order is about to be born and all natural rights go out the window.