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Inside the United States

With Obama Care now passing the Supreme Court, the enforcement arm of the IRS has beefed up. Health And Human Services Department has hired more bureaucrats and an additional 13,000 pages of regulations have been written. This fiasco is not what the American people in general want. There are a few that don’t bother to read the legislation; and are ill from not taking care of the own health and watching what they eat, that welcome it. Those socialist creatures, who want big government to save them, are in for a surprise.
I do hope that a personal revolution is on hand, as it clearly violates many principles on which this country was founded. Non-compliance will rule the day!!

However some people think that if Obama is re-elected it won’t be long for an armed rebellion to break out. In the two party system with a single agenda, called ‘continued war and fascism’ it really doesn’t matter who wins. Romney is off to Israel to get his marching orders before the Republican Convention. Romney certainly did his part to help Congress send our jobs off shore; with the jobs gone that paid health insurance benefits and Romney making money off the deal, who with a clean conscience could vote for him or for either party? On election day, the best vote you can make is to stay home. Why do I say that? It’s a rigged game, where candidates are pre-selected by corporate and banking interests, making voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

For those who think if Romney were president that somehow Obama Care would be repealed, please remember as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney OK’d a very similar Bill in that state.


The Syrian problem continues to worsen, as Reuters, own by the Rothschild family, helps spread propaganda. The rebels, backed by NATO and the United States, are swarming into Syria with heavy weapons. Switzerland has stopped a shipment of grenades to United Arab Emirates which would have ended up in rebel hands. It’s too bad the shipments were not stopped before they helped the overthrow the Libyan government. Truth and fiction is reported in this Debka report which is typical for anything coming from the Zionist state of Israel. The real goal of NATO, the U.S. and Israel is to get Iran into a war, they seem to forget the other players Russia, China, Pakistan and maybe North Korea; which do have nuclear arsenals.


Gulf, or into a trap, according to war games held several years ago. Both of our political parties could care less, they don’t have their sons and daughters in harm’s way.
All of this sabre rattling hasn’t gone un-notice and Iran has issued warnings as well. Iran claims, within minutes to be able to destroy 35 U.S. bases in the region if they are attacked. (not a mention of Turkey as Debka file stated). Apparently the Iranian missile drills, mentioned in the article above were a success.

Mexican Election

Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI) back in power. President Enrique Pena Nieto may end the drug wars and might put a stop to Eric Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ operations; another scar on the Obama Administration. Time will tell as Nieto won’t take office until January 1st.

Tanning Leather (part – 2)

Salt Alum Tan This is widely used to tan leather, in a plastic tub, wooden tub, or fiberglass tub dissolve 5 lbs of salt 2 lbs of alum in 5 gallons of warm  water.  Let the water cool before adding the  hides.  stir the hides in the solution for 6 to 10 days.  The hide is tanned when a thin sliver of skin cut from the hide is the same color throughout.  Rinse the tanned hide.  Work the flesh side vigorously over a board or a fleshing beam ( a log with bark removed).  Keep the hide damp and continue to roll it up until it is pliable.  This must be done several time until the hide is as flexible as cloth.  The final step is to rub warmed neat’s foot oil into the dampened leather.  This process with make leather that is flexible even after it gets wet.  This process would have you remove the hair from the hide using a lime water solution.
Salt-Alum Cure for Small Pelts (fur on) Rub skins  on flesh side with a mixture of salt and alum 1:1 Dry for 3 days in a cool shaded area.  Remove all the dried fatty tissue and trim the sides of the pelt.  Wash the pelt in mild soap and rinse out suds but don’t twist or wring the pelt.   Hang the wet hides on a clothesline, in the shade, with the fur on the inside.  The sun will dry them too quickly.  Fluff the fur several times while drying the hide, over a period of 2 to 3 days.  Rub Neat’s Foot Oil or Saddle Soap on the flesh side, the more you rub the better the pelt.
Salt-Alum Brine for Small Pelts (fur on)  Rub each skin with salt, cover the skins for 4 days in a cool place.  Take the skins out and scrap the flesh side to remove all fat and gristle.  Mix 2 lbs salt and 1 lb of alum in 2 gallons of water to make the brine.  You can double or triple the solution using the same percentage of mix.   Soak the skins in the brine for 2 weeks.  Hang the wet hides on a clothesline, in the shade, with the fur on the inside.  The sun will dry them too quickly.  Fluff the fur several times while drying the hide, over a period of 2 to 3 days.  Rub neat’s foot oil or saddle soap on the flesh side, the more you rub the better the pelt.
Tanning Snake skin Split the skin down its belly from head to tail.  Skin it by hand and by using a spoon to remove any meat or fat.   Let it dry a little, then paint both sides of the skin with 1 part denatured alcohol and 1 part glycerine.  Spread the skin flat on a board with another board on top of the skin with weights on it (Blocks or rocks).  For seven days, at the same time of day, paint both sides of the skin with the alcohol/glycerine solution.  On the eighth day it is ready to use for a hat band or belt.
Rawhide and Buckskin Both of these processes are the easiest in a primitive situation, but the draw back is it can lose its shape and require soaking it again and home-tanned skins smell badly.   You can’t use a skin that has been salted to make rawhide or buckskin, the materials needed are easily obtained in nature.  Neither process is considered leather or tanned.
Rawhide: Once rawhide dries it will hold its shape and is sturdy and hard until soaked again.  Small animals such as a calf work best when you want to make rawhide.  If the skin is already dry, soak it in water and scrape it until it is soft. 

After trimming off flesh and fat with a sharp knife.  Place the hide on a wooden surface, hair side up and sprinkle a 1/2 inch of wood ashes over the hide entirely.  Work the ashes in and keep the hide damp with soft water or rain water.   Wrap the hide into a bundle, cover with burlap or bury it in damp earth for 3 days.  By now the hair should be loose.  The next step is to continue to de-hair and flesh the hide.  You need a surface to work on and a scraper.  A table knife can be used as a scraper.  If you can remove the blade from the knife  (or cut up an old knife) place it in a wooden handle (length wise) so you have a handle on both sides.  It is a perfect fleshing tool, or you can use a rib bone as a scraper.  For a surface to work on, a wooden log or half log works fine.  Use the rounded edges of the log.  Set the log on legs at a 45 degree angle bracing it well so that you can put your weight against it.  Fill a pail of water for rinsing and toss the hide over the beam (flesh side up) with it falling off the upper tip of the beam so that you can use your weight to hold it in place.  Scrape downwards on the hide.  When finished with the flesh side turn it over and scrape off the hair.  Next wash the de-haired hide thoroughly, stretch it to the fullest extent you can,  and fasten it for drying.  You can nail it to a building, just make sure it is high enough that animals can’t get to it and re-stretch the hide if it starts to sag.   Don’t dry the rawhide in the sun.

When the hide is dry you can use sandpaper or pumice to remove rough spots and you are done!!  When you want to use the rawhide cut a piece of it off the hide, soak it in water for 10 to 12 hours or until it is workable.  Like other hides, you can use  1 part neat’s foot oil to 1 part tallow (or any animal grease) and work it into the rawhide while it is on your beam.

If something made of wood cracks or if you want to fasten wood pieces together bind them with rawhide.  You can also use rawhide to make buckets, baskets, or other containers.