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“. . . not an arms race but to a peace race — To advance together step by step, stage by stage, until general and complete disarmament has been achieved”
–President Kennedy Sept. 25, 1961

Time out to catch up on current events unraveling before our eyes, part 2 of GMO will be put off.  Maybe this is  even a final warning of things to come.

The title of this piece comes from The Oath Keepers on ‘The Militias of the Several States”. It is an excellent piece of work.   It is probably still a good idea to attend County Commission meetings and sign in as a militia member. A show of strength might keep this from happening, though doubtful. It is time to stand our ground, on a defensive posture. He who fires first loses.  The Confederacy is a prime example.  In the same light, No More Waco’s, or families surrounded.
Yesterday, on a site for court cases, there was an advertisement showing and smiling gleeful Hillary Clinton with the title Global Gun Ban, but it appears to be the work of Sen. Rand Paul
Another excellent article which points out the atrocities committed by the U.N. Peace Keepers with their gun grabs appears in The New American;but how gradual is a question of concern.   The article also points out the
hypocritical selling of weapon in Fast and Furious.

Blueprint For The Peace Race

Outline of Basic Provisions of a Treaty on
General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World

I have a hard copy the foregoing document, and it appears to me that we are entering Stage 3, when all weapons will be destroyed including your personal self-defense weapons.  That of course, is a violation of our Natural Right granted by our creator. 
In Stage 1, general reduction of armed forces and the beginning of U.N. Peace Keeping Forces has been accomplished. General reduction for the United States was probably ending the draft and going volunteer.
In Stage 2, the signers of the document would further reduce military armaments while strengthening the United Nations forces. (expect Blue Helmets at some point)
This was all treason at the very top, and I can never again remember President Kennedy as a good president.  The original rumor of a hammer and sickle below his bust on the half-dollar, was false, but you can understand how the rumor got started.

They are extremely behind schedule with this Treaty.  Stage 1 was supposed to last 3 years, and the same with Stage 2.  In Stage 3 “only those forces to maintain  internal order and protect the personal  security of citizens” would be allowed.  All other forces would come from the United Nations.  Now doesn’t that make you feel safe?  Only the police, sheriffs, FBI, ATF and ect. would be allowed to carry weapons and their numbers will be reduced.
We probably have George Bush II to thank for the holding off this treaty; probably the only thing to thank him for. Now with Obama and ‘change’ in the White House we can probably expect the Treaty to pass (as I earlier stated by the Senate or by Executive Order).  It probably won’t be until after the elections, so you have that time to prepare. Of course, the Treaty is as un-Constitutional as it gets, and freedoms once lost are gone.

It is hard not to notice the links on my home page for militias getting hits. Maybe it is time to give another list of militias of the several states in keeping with my oath and in honor of Molon Labe. 
Some States, such as Oklahoma and Nevada have passed laws to either prevent militias from forming, or limit them in other ways.  Nevada passed a law several years ago that made it illegal for 3 or more armed individuals to be in one place.   In Oklahoma, they are simply just banned.  All this is already a violation of several Rights that were granted by our Creator, the  Right to associate with who you want, and the right to keep and bear arms for the common defense. In both of those states the statutes are be ignored. That is what they are ‘statutes’ and not law; statutes with brackets around their authorization meaning they are omitted. If you don’t know what that means here are some links and here.  The statutes are being ignored.

You already have the one’s on my blog roll, so I won’t include them. They won’t be in alphabetical order, but here they are.
Alabama , Alabama , Alaska , Arkansas , Arkansas , Arizona , California ,Colorado ,Florida , Florida , Florida , Georgia, Georgia , Georgia , Hawaii, Idaho , Iowa (use this forum to find other militias), Iowa , Illinois , Illinois , Indiana , Indiana, Indiana, Kansas , Kansas , Kentucky , Kentucky , Louisiana , Louisiana , Louisiana , Maine, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan , Michigan, Minnesota , Mississippi , Mississippi , Mississippi , Missouri , Montana , Montana , Nebraska, Nebraska, Nevada, Nevada, Nevada, New Hampshire , New Jersey , New Jersey , New Mexico , New Mexico , New Mexico (There are also militias forming in Luna, Grant, and Catron Co., contact me.), New York , New York , North Carolina , North Carolina , Ohio and West Virginia , North Dakota , North Dakota , Oklahoma,Oklahoma , Oklahoma , Oregon , Oregon , Oregon ,Oregon , Pennsylvania , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , Rhode Island , South Carolina, South Dakota, South Dakota ,Tennessee ,Tennessee ,Tennessee , Tennessee , Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas , Texas , Utah , Utah , Utah , Utah , Virginia , Virginia , Virginia , Washington , Washington , Washington , Wyoming, Wyoming,

The CFR and other Global elites want their New World Odor (not mis-spelled) and have a few things to accomplish, another world war, to reduce world population, and another civil war in America over gun ownership. Order out of Chaos is their game.
It’s time for all gun owners, survivalist’s, prepper’s and sovereigns to come together in the militias for the defense of their homes, families, and towns. It is what our forefathers did at Lexington and Concord for their mutual defense. If can’t find a militia unit close to you, form your own. of trusted friends.
Final advice, stay away from making bombs or having illegal weapons, that is what most militia groups get busted for. Improvise when the time comes. Sun Tzu said to live off your enemy, solid advice.