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“We shall have one world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”
–James Warburg, Council on Foreign Relations, architect of the Federal Reserve System, made this statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

News events are still happening at an accelerated rate, so GMO part 2, is put off to report on  other developments with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the government lies to the people on a constant basis. Here is a good example, John Boenher states in this article for Huffington Post “The president has made clear that he’s not going to use this horrific event to push for new gun laws. I agree,” . (Speaking on the recent massacre in Aurora, Colorado) Please note the date of that article, July 24, 2012. One day later, on news provided by a radio station, Obama wants a ban on assault rifles.
If you are a gun owner the first article made you feel “warm and fuzzy”, but now its a ban on assault rifles provided by a new law through a treaty. In fact the U.N. Arms Treaty is still about to be signed by Obama.  Rumors say it is today, July 27, 2012, but it is coming.

The Rockefeller foundation has still been pushing hard for the U.N. Small Arms Treaty through Oxfam America . The article complains about the U.S. regulations on firearms trade not being tough enough. Very few organizations use the term “NGO” unless they are affiliated with the United Nations, but Oxfam America uses it. Yes, just like the National Rifle Association, Oxfam’s parent, Oxfam International is an NGO of the United Nations. Please remember that Rockefeller donated the land that the United Nations sits on, so of course the organization that  is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation is a member.

On July 24, 2012 a new article appeared in Politics of Poverty, the blog of Oxfam America. It is titled “Will Obama’s stance on the Arms Trade Treaty erode his own National Security Strategy?” Contrary to the article stating that the treaty is still being ‘hammered out’ on the 24th, here it is. Released on the 24th of July as the Examiner discloses.  (notice all the 24th’s of July?)
I read through the treaty, it takes effect in 30 days upon signing the document, with yearly reports to the United Nations on how it is being enforced.  The treaty grants a ‘collective right’ to the State and nothing for  individuals, other than registration.  Individuals may still hunt, but for how long with ‘false flags’ occurring like happened in Aurora, Colorado.  It aims at keep terrorists and organized crime from obtaining weapons; since when do either of these groups register their weapons?   Basically it is more of the same “boiling the frog to death slowly”. Step 1: put frog in cold water, Step 2: turn on heat, Step 3: frog feels comfortable in warm water, Step 4: frog is boiled to death as water heats up.   
We are still under Martial Rule from the Civil War under General Orders #100, called the Lieber Code and fully explained in this post a Historical Outline on Martial Law.  General Orders #100 has never been rescinded and so is still in effect.  The entire system is broken beyond repair, as Frank ‘Austin’ England declares, and needs to be reset to our original jurisdiction without membership to the United Nations and without corporations in charge at the federal and state levels.  
The United Nations was a trap to steal our sovereignty away and give it to a World Order run by the globalist Zionists with communism in mind for the majority of us.
The next question is, will Obama sign it? His favorite mentor was a communist named Frank Marshall Davis as stated in Dreams from My Father written by Obama. Beyond a doubt Frank Marshall Davis was a listed as a communist by the FBI, but so was the author of the United Nations Charter (Alger Hiss), as outlined earlier in a post titled “Rothschild, Soros and Rockefeller Want Your Firearm”.  With the United Nations charter signed by the Senate, you are now subject to rules by the United Nations.
Was it a coincidence that Congressman Larry McDonald died on Korean Airlines flight 007; a Chairman of the John Birch Society trying to expose the United Nations, or an assassination by the Central Intelligence Agency? He had already announced that he would run for the office of President in 1988.

All of our Rights, hinge on the ‘right to keep and bear arms’, as an individual right, a Natural Right guaranteed by our Creator. Without that power in the People’s hands our other rights are worthless. It isn’t about hunting, it’s about defending ourselves from an increasingly tyrannical government. A government that is a corporation, passes statutes for drones to fly over our nation and spy on us, grants powers to TSA to harass us at airports, on the highways, and now in train stations. The draconian measures of this government have just begun with passage of this Treaty.