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Globalists going for the Brass Ring have failed, so far. For them it is a Must to remove the firearms from the people of this country for the New World Order to be born.
Two critical articles are claiming negotiations have failed and that the U.N. General Assembly may vote on the treaty anyway, to enforce it. Note the organizations involved in this article.
The other article is Deadline Looms. Note at the bottom that 51 Senators will not go along with the treaty. Remembering this is an election year, be careful of a ‘lame duck’ Senate passing the measure after the election. Perhaps another ‘false flag’ event, like what happened in Aurora, Colorado may help force the treaty through. Another thing this article mentions is Iran and Syria; which are not likely to go along on the treaty.
Imagine that, Iran and Syria, may save our Natural Right from being swept under the carpet by the Globalists.

Gratitude goes out to You, you are the heros; I’m just the ‘pen’. “Rothschild, Soros and Rockefeller Want Your Firearm” has been viewed on the internet 3,765 times and  untold numbers on Facebook and Twitter accounts (into the thousands), my hat is off to those that have helped spread the word; you are making a difference in this treaty.  It was published, but more than a third of the internet hits were spread by people copying and pasting the link.

It is not over yet; keep your powder dry!!!


Another article I want you to be aware of is this one on
3D Printing What is 3D Printing ? If you have a machine shop at home, it is possible to make your own weapons using 3D technology.

Here is another link to a recent broadcast by
John B. Wells, an excellent show on surveillance and government harassment. Something you should listen too.