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In part one, the examination of companies, lobbying efforts that produce GMO’s and Bills specifically for GMO’s, is posted. It is time for part two, the examination of the health effects on humans, livestock, the environment, lawsuits and petitions to get them labeled as ingredients .

These videos will appear in both Part 1 and Part 2.  War on Health and The World According to Monsanto , both MUST WATCH. If you watched “The World According to Monsanto”, then you are aware that the Genie-is-out-of-the-bottle and the world is contaminated by pollen from GMO crops.
After examination of H.R. 2112, an agricultural bill, there was no protection for GMO producers from a law suit. The bill has already passed the House and Senate. There was some protection for the People, in that an amendment was added to prevent government spending on GMO salmon; thanks to Alaska.

Effects On The Enviroment

All un-natural chemicals eventually become introduced into our planet’s water supply through rain water draining into the water table. In Pahrump, Nevada a water analysis was done that found the defoliant Agent Orange in water wells. In the past farms that grew cotton in that area sprayed Agent Orange on the cotton fields to simulate a ‘frost’ and kill the plants before harvesting the cotton. That was back in the 60’s, so it took over 35 years for the Agent Orange to enter the water table.
Monsanto produces PCB’s, as well, and was sued over toxic dumping and payed out 700 Billion, but did not clean up their mess. Even a scientist hired by Monsanto claimed that fish put in the creek, which fed a lake near Anniston, Alabama; lasted 10 seconds before their skin blistered and came off.
In a startling report by Doug Gurian-Sherman Ph.D, the pollen from GMO’s is altering related species in the wild. The pollen from the GMO’s doesn’t stay in the field where the GMO’s are grown, it is in our atmosphere.
Larvicides, part of the genetic changes in GMO’s continue in the soil long after the crop is harvested staying in the environment causing further harm to indigenous microorganisms. Note the date on this report, and nothing has been done to correct the problem.
It isn’t just crops anymore that are GMO, now they are releasing genetically modified mosquitoes. The insects themselves are mutating from the exposure to Bt toxins that GMO’s release into the environment. Further studies need to be done before GMO’s are further released.
Canada is the third largest producer of GMO crops, further concern about effects on the environment. What effects are caused on invertebrates in streams and soils from runoff into ponds, lakes and streams. What about the GMO salmon and the effects on other wildlife? The answer is not forthcoming in this article by Environment Canada, just more questions.
In short, they have no idea what disasters await from GMO’s in the environment.

Animals Eating GMO Have Problems

Would you believe cattle are dying from eating GMO grass? This article comes from central Texas, in the Austin area. The cows were eating Tifton 85, and suddenly they started dying from cyanide poisoning. The deaths have led to a federal investigation centered in Central Texas, where the cattle had resided. The cows died in agony, with painful bellowing and convulsions. Apparently when the grass was ingested it started giving off poisonous gas.
But it isn’t just the GMO grass causing problems, corn is causing problems with pigs that eat the stuff. This farmer went bankrupt after his sows went sterile, there is a video at the website. He was cultivating GMO corn, Round-Up ready with BT, and feeding it to the pigs.
Animals sense their is something wrong with GMO’s, it’s too bad humans don’t have that same inherited sense.

Humans Eating GMO Have Problems

I have a problem with irritable bowel from eating soy sauce or products with soy oil. I’m not alone on that as irritable bowel syndrome, digestion problems and skin complaints including acne and eczema are mentioned in this article. A 50% increase in allergies over GMO soy in the year 1999. Kikkoman has recently started making an organic soy sauce, so once again I can go back to eating chinese dishes.
GMO soy is just one of the 10 foods to avoid eating. There are a few ‘shockers’ on this list, but as the article points out, I do grow my own vegetables using organic fertilizers and using heirloom seeds. The top of that list is Corn and now you know one of the reasons, and another reason is weight gain generally, and weigh gain taxing your liver.
Round-Up diluted 450 to 1 and has been linked to 36 diseases because of the Glyphosate it contains, that damages DNA.
The Gates Foundation is working feverishly with Monsanto to rid us of natural milk. That’s right, first it was eugenics and population reduction and now natural milk and milk products . Perhaps they are aware of the quality of natural milk and its products that help our immune systems. While at the same time Gates and Rockefeller cafeterias reject Monstanto GMO products. Perhaps their employees have health insurance and they both wish to keep the costs down.
The situation with GMO products gets much worse when the BT toxin, used in GMO crops, shows up in human blood.


Currently there are lawsuits against Monsanto,
Brazilian Supreme Court opened the way for another law suit by 5 million American farmers asking for 7.5 billion.   So much for ‘Living Well Through Chemistry’.


Countries, counties, and states are fighting back where the U.S. Congress refused to go with labeling. One of those counties is Jackson County, Oregon by passing Ordinance N. 635 that keeps GMO’s from being grown within the county. In the state of Vermont, if H. 722 the VT Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is passed, then by 2014 all products that contain GMO’s will have to be listed. There are current petitions in California, which appears to have gained the strength that it will be a ballot question to label GMO’s. If it passes large companies will have their choice of labels for the a very populous state, or labels for all. I think it will be label them all.
Poland has banned GMO’s to save the bees.


If all of this information isn’t enough for you to start a petition in your state, I think viewing this set of videos by Jeffrey Smith may well convince you.
Some believe it was a conspiracy by the so-called-elite to poison our food supply. The Rockefeller imp, Henry Kissinger, stated in NSSM-200 (1974), a document the United States endorses, to cull the population through legalized abortion, sterilization and other coercion to force eugenics. Here is an excellent article titled America’s Silent Killing Fields that explains what Kissinger started in detail.