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Drought In The ‘Bread Basket’

Here in western New Mexico it is monsoon season, a time when we should get over 8 inches of rain in July alone, but instead, we have gotten an inch and 1/2. The humidity says it should rain, averaging 50- 60% on a daily basis. This time of year I worry about mud and strong winds from thunderstorms, pushing over corn crops, but not this year. This year I have to constantly water the entire garden a couple of times a week.
Like most of the country, See Map, we are in an extended drought, which will probably get much worse.
Is the drought a result of natural forces, or is something else afoot? The following video is one theory on what is happening.

I no longer have the best advantage point anymore to observe the planes that spray. What I have observed in the past is that the tails on the planes are red, and I have yet to see a fleet of aircraft parked on any runway with red tails. I’ve also noticed, that contrary to logic, contrails are not seen at night. If it was just normal condensation from the exhaust meeting colder air, night time should not make a difference on seeing the trails across the sky.

Global Warming Agenda

Oxfam America, funded by Rockefeller Foundation (See Exposing Oxfam America on this website) is back pushing hard for new ‘Global Warming’ legislation. How do global warming taxes relate to their stated goal of “Working together to end poverty and injustice”? They don’t of course, they work towards the global elites plans to enslave us all.
Media Matters, funded by George Soros ( See “The Soros Connection part 2” and “Rothschild, Soros, and Rockefeller Want Your Firearms”, both on this website) is also in on the act with an article released on August 2, 2012 titled “Not Grounded In Facts” Environmental Journalism Veterans Slam Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.
Unfortunately that is not the only issue the globalists are working towards. They are working to remove firearms from the people through the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, a Natural Right; as well as setting the stage for a third world war.

Third World War

Soros, through Avaaz.org, continues to make trouble in the Middle-East, trying to unseat the Assad regime . The United Nations has done their part, through the Annan plan, it allowed the foreign backed rebels to regroup and replenish weapons.  The attack on Syria is for benefit of Israel, a country founded by the Rothschild’s. As I stated earlier, the globalists want ‘Order Out Of Chaos’. One of those ways is through a third world war between NATO, U.S. and Israel; against Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Russia and China. The tensions are mounting.
This article was echoed on other websites, Russia has moved nuclear weapons back into Cuba. They recognize the broken agreements by the United States and are tired of being encircled.
The Syrian foreign insurgents are being removed by the Syrian Army from their strongholds. Even a Turkish Army General was captured according to this report, and Turkey is in NATO.  In further report of fighting around Aleppo, a battle which has not really begun according to this report.
Rumsfeld, who should be a war criminal, had given permission to Israel to attack Iran when they see fit. Claiming their intelligence on the matter was top-notch. While Leon Penetta attempted to convince Israel to not launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Which advice will Netanyahu take? What is important is that both sides are gearing up, Israel’s with its new Arrow interceptor and Iran with its new short-range missile.

In the past I have shown you who they are, focusing on their agenda and some of their news publications. Their agendas include Global Warming, confiscation of fire arms through the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and forcing you to buy and eat GMO’s, all of which are meant to enslave you even further. The perfect storm is much more than just preparing for civil unrest . It is a good start to prepare for  civil unrest, but  is worthless information if atomic weapons are being used. I’ve given you some of the best websites available for understanding how to survive a nuclear attack and protect your electronic belongs from EMP. Not to worry, the so-called elites will be safe in their bunkers riding out the storm above.

Be sure and check out wild plants that can be used to your best advantage for food and medicine. As our forefathers learned, “united we stand and divided we fall”, the best defense is to join a militia in your area that will help defend your rights of life, liberty and property.

How could our own government be in a conspiracy with corporations to tax us to death and to take our right to keep and bear arms away? Pretty simple, it has not been our government since the Civil War (Check along the left hand margin for the Lieber Code)

Now we are left to Pray that the elite’s plans are foiled by their eagerness to take it all with one pull on the ‘brass ring’ and make Freedom a thing of the past.