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“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

— Secretary of Defense William Cohen at University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

Would you believe that it is now the U.S. government that causing the current drought? By the end of this article you will!
Soros and Rockefeller are continuing their calls on Global Warming. Soros through Media Matters blog had a writer author this article
Media Fail To Put Record Heat Report In Climate Context . Note the article talks about greenhouse gas emissions and gives a link to government controlled NOAA Satellite and Information Service of course it claims these gases are caused by ‘human activity’ which raises the Carbon Dioxide content of the atmosphere. Along with Carbon Dioxide, what they never mention is water vapor. That’s right, water vapor comprises 95% of all greenhouse gases. This hardly explains the current drought that is ravaging crop lands does it? It should be raining much more than it is, if greenhouse gases were to blame. This still isn’t where to put the blame as you will see.

The government needs to look at its own military’s use of fuels. The U.S. military is the largest consumer of fossil fuels. This drastic increase is caused by the illegal wars of aggression around the world, making use of tanks, helicopters, drones, aircraft, trucks and armored personnel carriers. While the average (See Chart) American that uses an automobile or truck has been spending much less for fossil fuels, simply because of the expense. Fuel consumption is one half of what it was in 2007.

What the drought and heat wave really mean is higher prices for groceries, that is unless you bothered to start a garden or at least planted something edible in pots on your deck (for apartment owners and renters). It is still not to late to start a fall garden, you should be planting lettuce, radishes, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, turnips, carrots, beets and potatoes in most areas of the country.

The idea of the drought is to put farmers out of business. Giving the consumer a choice of paying more, or eating GMO’s. (See my last article here, if you haven’t.) Farmers are being forced to dig deeper wells as the water table drops. With most farmers it only takes one bad season before they have to sell-out to corporate farms which grow GMO’s. Eating GMO’s is like spinning a roulette wheel when it comes to your health, as another article comes out linking GMO’s to loss of fertility. Which also fits well with the eugenics plans doesn’t it?

The Rockefeller Foundation is also pushing hard for some legislation on Global Warming. The Rockefeller Foundation is putting pressure on other fictitious entities, (fictitious entities includes all governments, all foundations, all municipal governments, United Nations and all corporations; fictitious and imaginary in that they are not flesh and blood)  such as Smucker’s to change their policy. The corporation also operates Folger’s Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.
They did change their policy and came out with an article at their website on Sustainability . Sustainability was a word used in United Nations Agenda 21. Maybe it is time to boycott all products of Smucker’s, Folger’s Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts? Let the people look at their website and decide whether or not to boycott their products for going along with Agenda 21 and the globalists. (We will return to Agenda 21, it has been tried before in history.)

The greed of the so-called elite, from Rothschild you formed the U.N., World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to his cousins Rockefeller and Soros; the goal is for a carbon tax to break America further. The carbon tax will feed the banks, but ultimately will probably be paid to either the U.N. or IMF. You will pay at gas pump or in the electric bill. It is a plan to steal from the poor to give to the ultra wealthy.

In my opinion, the blame should be placed on HAARP and other such installations the world over that heat up the atmosphere. As we saw in the last post, HAARP combined with contrails may be the answer. DARPA is experimenting with HAARP trying to disrupt the weather, by causing hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, lightening, and tsunamis.
More than half of the country is in a drought, but the largest recorded forest fire in New Mexico history; this year, was put out by rain. It was the only place it rained!! What luck the government had, a forest fire that had just about broke-the-bank and was put out by rain in a year of drought.  Was it directed towards the forest fire?

The link above, in the opening paragraph, says ” They plan to use this in warfare, “to enhance friendly force capabilities and degrade those of the adversary.” Trading With The Enemy Act was amended, and since that time the American people have been the enemy.

I said we would return to Agenda 21 a few paragraphs back. Agenda 21 wants to make the earth ‘wild’ again, restricting humans to certain areas and corridors, or making them move. The same idea was tried in England, were the King ruled with divine powers from our Creator. I propose that Agenda 21 is quite similar to Forest Law. This is the definition of Forest Law found in a 1928 Bouviers Law Dictionary.

“The old law relating to the forest, under which the most horrid tyrannies were exercised, in the confiscation of lands for the royal forests. Hallam’s Const. Hist. Ch 8
The privilege of reserving the forest for the use of the sovereign alone was instituted by the Saxon kings, who, however occasionally conferred it upon a subject by special license; and the charter of the forest is said to have been issued by Canute at Winchester in the year 1016, but the authenticity of this document is doubted by Lord Coke; Inst. iv. 320 . There is, however, no doubt that this monarch issued the Constitutiones de Foresta, by which document he appointed four chiefs of the forest (primarii) who administered justice; under these were four mediocres
(game warden ?) who undertook the care of the venison and vert( Vert – definition Everything bearing green leaves in a forest) ; and who in turn superintended two tithing-men whose duties were to care for the vert and venison by night and who, if slaves, became free upon being appointed to this office. Complaints against the mediocres and the tithing-men were heard by the primarii and by them disposed of, and complaints against the primarii were dealt with by the king himself; Hallam, Anc,. Laws and Inst. sec. 10. If a freeman used violence towards the primarius of the forest, he lost his freedom and goods; if a villain, he lost his right hand; and for a repetition of the offence by either, he forfeited his life. Offences against the vert were dealt with leniently as compared with those against the venison, and there was also a difference in the penalties imposed for killing a royal beast and a beast of the forest; thus for killing the latter, a freeman was fined, while the former he lost his liberty. A difference was also recognized according to the rank of the offender, as if a bishop, abbot, or baron killed a royal beast; he was subject to a fine at the pleasure of the king, while for the same offense a slave lost his life. Certain animals are enumerated in this document for the killing of which was attached no penalty, ( in modern society there is no penalty for killing jackrabbits, snakes, gophers, carp, possums, raccoons, coyotes, dogs, cats, & ect)  the wild boar is especially mentioned as never being held to be an animal of the venison.
Under the Confessor these laws were no enforced with the rigidity of Canute, the penalties for trespass were moderate, and the administration of the forest law did not seem to be subject of complaint from any class of people, but William the Conqueror soon altered this condition of affairs. The hunting of wild beasts of the forest being his chief pastime he immediately claimed absolute and exclusive right to all forests then existing, and allowed no one to enter without his license; he extended those already existing by laying waste whole towns and villages; and he devastated vast tracts in Hampshire and Yorkshire to form the new forest, “denuding the land of both God and man to make of it a home for wild beasts”.
. . . The highest penalty enforced for offences in the forest during the reign of William I. seems to have been the loss of a limb or the eyes of the offender, and this was enforced and fines were imposed for the most trivial offences; Sax. Chronicles; Comp. fol. 194.
These abuses were continued until about the year 1215, the most extensive afforestation having been made under Richard I and John.”

It ended with the signing of the Magna Charta and the Charters Of The Forest. The United Nations now thinks it owns everything on the planet with Agenda 21!!  It is waiting for the People to rise up again and stop it, as was done long ago.