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I recently did a search for United Nation shoulder patches on FedBizOpps.gov because of this article. Don’t bother reading the story, just look at the photo. The photo shows velcro patches on a general. I didn’t find any on FedBiz because I think they already have them in large orders waiting to be distributed to the troops.

Proof of that is the Michael G. New being removed from the military for refusing to wear the patch and the U.N uniform. That happened under President Clinton. who had signed a Presidential Decision Directive 25. American troops from then on were ordered to submit to the command of multilateral “peace” operations around the world. Phyllis Schlafly stated that Al Gore said that soldiers killed in Iraq ‘died in the service of the United Nations’.

Searching further, there were 352 entries in the last 90 days for ammunition and explosives on FedBiz, some of which were missed by Natural News in this article. The article points out ammunition purchases by Social Security and Homeland Security, and I am going to point out several more. Discounting military purchases by the Army, Navy and Air Force and discounting purchases of vests, night vision and other tactical equipment being purchased by the Department of State. The Department of State might be purchasing for overseas embassies to protect Hillary while traveling. However, what will the Department of State do with this order for Mechanical Breaching Tools , this has nothing to do with normal embassy security.

Some people will think this is an election year, and with the dismal report on unemployment in July, the Obama Administration is beefing up the numbers to get re-elected.
Some will think this is target ammunition, and nothing to worry about. They could be wrong, as this was found on the list for Homeland Security’s practice ammunition . Here is Homeland Security’s Duty Ammunition in the same caliber. Notice they specify practice and duty ammunition?

If you go to the FedBiz link and do a search on Homeland Security, you will find that they have already purchased 12- 50 caliber machine guns and the ammunition (See Comment Below, and link; it is strickly for ammunition at wholesale prices, as they already have the weapons.) to go with them (use top link to search). The post didn’t specify how much ammunition because it was already a ‘done deal’. This is ‘heavy duty’ stuff, at close range a 50 caliber will penetrate 2 inches of aluminum, 32 inches of pine and 21 inches of wet earth. That is not all the American ‘Gestapo’ is purchasing, they are purchasing Explosives as well, and have contracts out for Training Courses. Look what the course includes: “Counter Terrorist Search courses will include: components of Improvised Explosive Devices, Actions on a Find, relevant case studies (current threat), theory and practical exercises on vehicle search, route search, area search, venue search, and simple indirect fire surveys”. This order is also headed for Artesia, New Mexico, (mentioned in the above link) it is for various types of ammunition

It is not just Homeland Security that is buying explosives, here is an order for the BATF under the Department of Justice.

Here is a rather large order for the District of Criminals police department which includes 600,000 rounds of Hollow Point ammunition in 40 Caliber Smith & Wesson and 50,000 12 gauge 00 Buck Shot.

Let’s not off the Department of Agriculture. This link doesn’t have amounts, but is for the U.S. Forest Service in California . If you read the contract, they will not reveal the quantity or type of ammunition unless you sign-up as one of their vendors. Venders have to have 1,000 people employed and will be notified electronically.

Here is another order for Fish and Wildlife Service, under the Department of Interior. Amounts are not listed, but it is for 12 gauge 00 buckshot and 1 ounce slugs. Also listed as Department of Interior, is the
Bureau of Indian Affairs which is purchasing 12 Gauge 00 buckshot Police Load (20 cases) 12 Gauge Tactical Low Recoil Rifled Slug (20 cases) 5.56 FBI 62 Grain Tactical Bonded Rifle Cartridge (40 cases). Cases should amount to 1,000 rounds, meaning 20,000 12 gauge 00 buckshot, and 20,000 rifle slugs and 40,000 223 caliber ammunition. Are the Nations on the up-rise again? They should be after what Indian Health Services has done to them (forced birth control through sterilization and using Native Americans as guinea pigs for new drugs).

Last post I covered the Weather Service and its ammunition and target purchases, here is another one for NOAA this time for the National Marine Fisheries Service. They are looking for a total of 40,000 rounds of ammunition for semiautomatic pistols to be factory-loaded .40 S&W caliber, 180-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP), 6,000 rounds of frangible ammunition, 125-grain CFRHT .40 caliber, and 500 Transtar II blue 24″ x 40″ targets for shooting. Note the 6,000 rounds of frangible ammunition, which is designed to disintegrate on impact with harder surfaces than the bullet. These are designed for close quarters combat shooting, they don’t ricochet well.


Why all of these purchases? My opinion is 1) they are trying to create a shortage of ammunition for the people to purchase and running up prices through ‘supply and demand’; or 2) some of these departments and agencies, might be stockpiling for Homeland Security in case of civil unrest. The same may be true for the military orders, but at least the military has a ‘cover story’ as they do go through large amounts of ammunition and explosives.
Why does Homeland Security need 50 caliber machine guns? Are illegals crossing the border with massive fire power and improvised explosives? That training course including searching vehicles, route searches and terrain searches means much more tyranny is ahead for that agency. That contract is not designed for illegals crossing the border, it is design for resistance to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty when it passes.
Keep in mind that these purchases and contracts are in addition to the ones listed by Natural News.