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Recap on last post

I enjoyed the video in the last posting at the bottom, and learned something new. I ran for Town Board in Pahrump, Nevada in 2000. The Republican Chairman for the County and another individual attempted to bribe me in the park. I can still hear them, “Things will go better for you in the election if you leave the corporations alone”. When that failed, the Town Secretary called me and wanted me to talk to one of the corporate executives. It was one of two corporation that was moving into Pahrump, that my campaign had fought against. The second attempt at bribery failed as well and so they fixed the election.
On the night of the Primary, I was on the telephone to KVPM television station; on hold, waiting to thank those who had worked on my campaign. I was trailing in 6th place with two precincts left to be counted out of 34; and only four candidates continuing on to general election. While waiting on the telephone, the last two precincts were counted and I sudden jumped from 6th place to 4th place. That, of course is impossible, as I have worked exist polls in the past, voters all vote alike in an election, the precinct doesn’t matter.   I am sure they took the code off the computers for the last two precincts. They were sending me a message . . . to leave the new corporations alone. In the general I did no better, because I stood my ground and would not cave-in.

Even in a local election, if you don’t play ball with the ‘big’ boys, they will rig the election to keep you out of office.

Just recently a new movie was released called Obama’s America 2016. The fact that this movie is being shown in theaters bothers me.  It is supposed to be a documentary by Gerald Molen who co-produced ‘Schindlers List’.  Molen’s religion is LDS (mormon) the same religion as Romney, so it is a propaganda film for his candidate. It is an attempt by Hollywood to influence the election. I can’t help but wonder if American’s are being set up for vote fraud, followed by revolt.  This is an election where neither candidate deserves to win, unless elected for the position of ‘dog catcher’.

Part of this worry comes from another article titled Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot by Major General Jerry Curry (Ret.). If you haven’t read it be sure to read it now. He missed some ammunition orders that I exposed in “Searching for Government Contracts and Ammunition Orders ” , but even without those orders the Department of Homeland Security has bought enough ammunition to kill every American, Iranian, Syrian and Mexican. With no answers forthcoming, no investigations by Congress,as he proposes, it could be for a new civil war. Either after the election, when Obama makes it back into office, or when the U.N. Small Arms Treaty passes through either party (see below).

Of further interest is an e-mail I received today from the National Gun Rights Org. titled ‘Stacking the Deck’ by Dudley Brown:
 “As you may know, I am a Republican delegate from Colorado at the RNC in Tampa this week. I was selected by my peers to represent our delegation on the RNC’s Rules Committee. The actions I have witnessed from the Republican Party establishment (led by Washington, D.C. insider lawyer Ben Ginsberg) are nothing short of outrageous. The party establishment rammed through new party rules designed to lessen the impact of gun owners, conservatives and Tea-Party-types of all kinds. . . . . These rule changes are a move by the Republican Party establishment to silence you and other gun rights activists.”

More evidence of the coming U.N. Small Arms Treaty. So let’s continue this post on Survival Skills.

I’m sure you are aware of the dangers involved in firing a shot to score a meal of animals in the wild. The shot can be heard for miles, altering possible enemies of your location.
You could use a bow and arrow to hunt with, it is quiet, or set a snare for game. A quick search on the web for videos on snaring game found in your area is a good idea. I am going to post 4 videos on snaring squirrels, rabbits and deer.

Here is another one to show you how to use wire in the design.

As I said in the last post, I was on a mission at the Farmer’s Market. I took along very few items to sell, because I have been drying a good portion of the produce from the garden this year, including cantaloupe, Valencia melons, beets, carrots, green beans, cucumbers, corn and a small batch of pattypans squash. I’ll add to that onions, watermelon, bell peppers and beef jerky in the near future.
Not having the time to build a dehydrator I ended up purchasing one from Lehman’s. Time . . . . the penalty for having 3 websites up.
Part of surviving is knowing what to eat and what makes good medicine as well. Yesterday http://keys2liberty.wordpress.com  was a very busy website; and it needs to be.
Here is another link from Survival Blog, something for everyone to learn. It may be titled for ‘newbies’, but there is a lot there to read for everyone.

It is probably time for you to consider joining or forming a militia. It is an American tradition, for your own self defense in the troubled times ahead.