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The continued silence on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is astounding. With the help of several websites, keystoliberty seems to be the be only one reporting on the passage.
In one way American’s are lucky, at least those who know, we know the globalist’s timeline; complete disarmament by 2016, slowly but surely. Now it is time to get the documents and spread them like crazy; e-mail them, copy them and hand them out to those without computers. The important ones are here, here and here. The ‘state’ in that last document, means only government, its agencies, from the federal to the local will be allowed to have firearms.  We are already living under tyranny, how much worse will it get if we were disarmed?  Say good-bye to all of the Bill of Rights, they all hinge on the right to keep and bear arms.  
That becomes the future job, as well thinking hard about forming or joining a militia for defense. If the militias were strong at this point, the thought of disarming the American people would be remote. Remember defense, . . . . . who ever starts shooting first loses.

Knowing what-you-know, is a glimpse into the future, start preparing by exercise, hiking, exploring, purchasing items that will be helpful, storing provisions and learning new skills such as recognizing plants that can be used for food and medicine. Stay away from things that are illegal, if there is a battlefield it will be covered with ‘only dropped once’ equipment of an illegal nature. Learn Sun Tzu, understand the use of force and the use of spies for information.

Government ammunition purchases have not slowed down. Homeland ( the SS) just purchased .223 ammunition. It is a 5 year contract for 200 million rounds (click on top amendment on right side). On a separate order for Homeland (the SS) 255,000 rounds of .223 ammunition, labeled as Duty Ammunition.  Along with that, 176,000 rounds of 308 caliber, 168 gr. Hollow Point, Match Grade, Boat-Tail, which is ammunition for use by snipers. Let me remind you they label ‘training’ ammunition.   308 caliber is NATO ammunition and could be used by NATO troops.  If you haven’t check the last posting on ammunition and contracts please do.
Is the government preparing for a future event?  I think they are.

What do you think about that? Unfortunately, the other side of the coin, Romney, would say the same.

The video came from an article that is quite interesting. The link in the article works well on “Psychiatric doctors have seen money in the words of Obama and are rallying to claim that supporting the 2nd Amendment is tantamount to having a mental disorder”. The one below on sovereign citizens does not, but is easily verified when doing a search.  Here is what the FBI thinks about sovereign citizens and here is another one.

There are no problems with sovereign citizens, most of the documents on Freedom Documents were written by a sovereign Citizen. Most are honorable, they just learned to stay out of commercial transactions that make them liable for statutes and taxes. They learned why their name appears in all capital letters on government documents, insurance documents and many other documents.  That is where the fraud is, your name in all capital letters means you are refered to as a corporation.
They realize that corporations are fictions, and they are flesh and blood ‘nul tiel corporation‘, they understand that the United States of America is a corporation and the courts are administrative hearings, where you should be the plaintiff, not the defendant.  The Article 3 courts, under the Constitution, have been gone for a long time.

Sovereigns know that if you register an automobile with the state, the state owns the title, you have the equity and upkeep, while the state issues bonds for money on that title. They understand that a license is defined as “a right to do something, that without a license would be illegal”. Think of all the things you purchase a license to do? In marriage, a license creates a contract between 3 parties, the state being one. When a personal contract would do, and keep the state out of your affairs and the product of the marriage; the children’s affairs. The contract would still be upheld in the courts of today, because it is still commercial.
Rod Class, though not claiming to be a sovereign, is constantly beating the system, using their own rules against them.  There are many conflicts involved with due process, when you are pulled over by a sheriff or policeman while traveling in your automobile.

Everything in law today boils down to the Uniform Commercial Code.  All you have to do is refuse to contract with the corporation/government.

PS:  (Blog Masters Note: I never intended to be a catalysis; I was just  reporting the news.  It does go with a nom-de plume I have often used in the past; Eowyn – a female character from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, that killed the one ‘no man could kill’.    I haven’t done this alone, there have been several major websites that have helped [http://www.iamthewitness.com, BeforeItsNews, GodLikeProductions, DailyPaul,  and Steve Quayle] and several smaller websites have gotten the word out.   I hope you show your appreciation by buying their products or donating funds to help keep the truth out there.       Denise  )