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George Soros, through his media outlet Avaaz.org has been busy helping Syrian Rebels all along with supply and support. More proof on the Soros connection to Avaaz.org can be found here. Take a look at the graphs on
Avaaz.org scroll down to ‘Start Your Own Petition’. It is a come-on for radical progressives, socialists and communists the world over to get involved. As for their petitions: favored nation status prevents tariffs along with WTO, and it is a little late to stop corporations from taking over government.  Fictional entities like governments and corporations work hand in glove with each other. Remember the ultimate goal is ‘Order Out of Chaos’.

Soros through another media outlet Media Matters
has been pushing hard for Obama to win the presidential election. Lately Romney, also back by Soros, is showing this true colors as a War Hawk claiming that President Obama that has failed in the Syrian crisis. Further that Romney will not negotiate with Putin over the missiles defense aimed at Russia from neighboring countries. He also claims he will provide heavy weapons, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to the Syrian Rebels if elected.

I wonder if either candidate knows the Syrian rebels are killing Christians? Or cares? Or if either knows Syrian rebels are naming battalions ‘Marytr Saddam Hussein’ ?

The reality is, this is the first presidential election where it makes no difference which party wins. War, along with the complete destruction of the economy, are waiting in the wings regardless.

Is it any wonder that Russia is announcing a fly over of the United States using the U.N. Treaty called ‘Open Skies’ . This has gone on since 1992, but why announce it?

In reality, the question becomes, did Syria launch mortars into Turkey? Or was it the Syrian Rebels that are supported by Avaaz.org through George Soros? According to Russia Today, the mortars were NATO issued and given by Turkey to the Syrian Rebels. That is for the first mortar attack on Wednesday, but what about the more recent attacks that Turkey is retaliating for? What do you want to bet they have all been false flag events? Turkey, being part of NATO, as a last resort can call on NATO for defense. They have, but currently being turned down. But why would Syria, already in the sights of NATO, launch mortars into Turkey a NATO member?

Soros’ Syrian rebels are trying to start a war, which could easily become a world war, false flag or not.

In an interesting propaganda piece by Debka, it reports Turkey is trying to create a buffer strip inside Syria for the Syrian Rebels. The article goes on to state “the White House did not rule out a limited Turkish border operation for forcing Syrian troops to go on the run and giving the Syrian rebels greater freedom of movement to cross back and forth for arms supplies and medical treatment.” If Obama said that, instead of a ‘no fly zone’ across central and northern Syria, then a war is in the future. China, Russia and Iran are well aware of the false flag, and have stated in the past their support for Syria.

In the past few days there have been explosions near Damascus and inside Turkey forcing Iran to shut down a gas pipeline. The entire Middle-East is powder keg.

About the only source of news on Syria, that is not posted in the Zionist newspapers, websites (Debka) and television networks, comes from Russia or Iran. Here is how a Syrian ally views recent events in Aleppo, “The government blames outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups for the deaths, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.” That refers to the United States, NATO members, Saudi Arabia and Israel. 

Recently Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met with counter part Khar in Pakistan. While the U.S. continues to dance with the globalists that want a third world war, Russia is making friends that totally agree on the Syrian conflict and do have nuclear arms.

Nuclear wars can be survived. If you haven’t yet, be sure and visit Surviving A Nuclear Strike. Some of the best sources are listed to prepare and target areas within the United States are also listed. Other suggestions are outlined, along with treatments for radiation sickness.

This, by the way, is not the Bible’s Armageddon, this is the globalist’s Armageddon. They will ride out the storm above deep in their bunkers. It has been their pipe-dream to eliminate 90% of the world’s population. They have killed off the weak with Genetically Modified Foods and pharmaceuticals, now they want the healthy ones, in the population, through a nuclear war. This is a serious situation that needs to be watched. It might well be another scenario to prepare for.

The survivors need to avoid the FEMA Camps (video).