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The Obama Administration, at least in the early voting, appears that it will continue for a second term. Some people vote Democrat because they believe Democrats are more likely to help seniors and the disabled. But, surprise, surprise; this same administration has taken away a program for the seniors and the disabled to be provided with wood to heat their homes this winter. In fact it appears the entire Department of Interior has started its Contingency Plans, supposedly for lack of funding. Phase one of the contingency plan, has all departments under Dept. of the Interior to furlough most of their employees ( USFS, BLM, BIA etc.). Phase two has them shutting down parks, forest lands and BLM lands by blocking off access roads. But the funding was available to purchase large quantities of ammunition this year for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and  for ammunition for Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now remember the 3rd video link where Steve Quayle warned you about surviving in a National Park or National Forest? When Phase 2 beginnings forget about that entirely, unless you get there on foot. If on foot, place caches there ahead of time.

If the government is that broke, how can Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledge $45 Million to support the terrorists in Syria? While at the same time the globalists are trying to cut off arms and munitions to Syria. Patel, in the video, works for George Soros through avaaz.org.

The Syrian situation has not improved with the high jacking of a civilian aircraft by Turkey, and now both sides are refusing to allow civilian flights over their respective countries.

It would seem that Syria has every right to declare a state of war exists between itself the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar from this article. But Syria is playing their cards right, waiting to defend against an attack, so that prior alliances with Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China for their defense goes un-disturbed. The end result will be the globalists will most likely get their war, that serves many of their purposes for them.

Here is an interesting link on survival titled Fieldcraft. It is a very excellent article by David Reed with not much to add. If it is your vehicle, where the sun might create a glare off the windshield, consider using cardboard under the windshield wipers and bushes on top of that to blend in with the surroundings. As David suggests, not bushes or plants around your ‘hide’, it would be obvious and expose your position. To David Reed fieldcraft is different than fieldcraft on Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants, though both are correct. Fieldcraft means many things, from understanding tracks, garbage left behind, to usable plants in a survival situation, even to understanding where a sniper might be by the path and angle of the bullet (range and direction – Ultimate Sniper videos in past posts).

The globalist term: Order Out Of Chaos is approaching. It can take on many forms from nuclear war to riots over the economy. Along with chaos will come wounds, famine, and the illnesses of the 4 Horsemen.

If you have seen the movie ‘The Shooter’ starring Mark Wahlberg, remember the scene where he purchased sugar, water, salt and a barbecue syringe. It is not just Hollywood, sugar and honey have been used since ancient times for wounds. First the bleeding must be stopped, and Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants lists many hemostats to stop bleeding, and plants to use on wounds in general.

Now we come to the barbecue basting syringe; that was Hollywood!!
Here is a website to give you the proper information on setting up Peripheral Intravenous Injections. After reading this link you will come to the conclusion that a basting needle is the wrong size for a cannula, or catheter, but now that you know how they are used and what they are called you can order all of this equipment from amazon.com or e-bay. Several people in a survival group, family, or militia should be trained for treating wounds and suturing wounds. (see back posts on suture techniques)

The whipped cream cans used in the movie, to stop pain before removing the bullets, is not Hollywood, the cans contain nitrous oxide (laughing gas). In the manner they were used, it would help with pain.

Feed stores and many pet stores sell antibiotics as well as penicillin. They are all usable on humans as well. With antibiotics they usually list cows, horses and goats and give a dosage by weight. Goats are close to the weight of a human, keep that in mind. I remember helping a sick milking goat in Pahrump years ago. The goat had mastitis making the milk un-usable. A syringe without a needle was used to put food grade hydrogen peroxide up into the goats teets. It ended the mastitis. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is 35% and was watered down to 1.5% before injecting it.  It must be food grade for internal use, as drug store hydrogen peroxide is poisonous because of additives it contains. Food grade breaks down to water and oxygen only, and the oxygen is released when it comes in contact with bacteria. The goats udders did bloat, and she was in pain through the night, but the next day the oxygen released from the peroxide was reabsorbed by her body and she was fine.

Goats, by the way, would make very fine pack animals. Being related to deer, their hooves would leave a mark like a deer. With you using David Reed’s idea of erasing your tracks using burlap wrapped around your boots, and using goats as pack animals, it would truly take an expert to distinguish goat tracks from deer tacks.