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In the past Avaaz. org has been well covered over spreading vicious rumors and supporting the Syrian rebels. They seem now to be moving towards; in their words,‘a people powered online news site’. With George Soros backing this group, they seem to be waiting for $25,000 in donations to launch the new site which will feel ‘like walking onto the global town square’. Global is the theme.  The kicker is – ‘Old media is beholden to corporated owners’; all corporate owners are beholding to the Rothschilds through Reuters and Associated Press to tell most folks what news is important to the so-called elites. Avaaz.org will be no different, it’s owned by the elite club.

Notice the prominent display of twitter and facebook links on all of the elite websites, there are people who worry about this in elections be sure and check out their graphs. Facebook is examined in this article, are they leaking personal information?

If you haven’t noticed the global elite always criticize other global elite in the game they play. It sure prevents law suits when they are all in on the same agenda. It happens over and over again, they never pick on anyone that is not in their club.
For instance, the National Rifle Association which is an NGO of the United Nations, is constantly attacked through another George Soros publication, Media Matters. In this article, they spread the truth concerning Romney flip-flopping on an assault weapons ban nationwide and draw on his past performance of passing such a ban as governor of Massachusetts. He even differs with the NRA on that topic.   But still, under the Obama Administration the United Nations Small Arms Treaty  passed in a ‘secret session’ at the U.N. with the United States signing on.

Here comes the deception, still pushing for gun control, is this article on Media Matters titled Study: A History of Gun Violence And The Presidential Debates. Note that the article claims 30,000 deaths by firearms each year. But they are using their anti-firearm agenda in those totals, as seen in this article that says in 2010 there were 8,775 deaths due to firearms. As you can see from the graph, deaths due to firearms are decreasing each year.  Hey, they only missed by 21,000 in this progressive author’s article.  In fact banning assault weapons would only reduce the total deaths by firearms by 2,200, coming from a pre-assault weapon ban  conducted by the Department of Justice (ratio), in a year when total gun related deaths was still quite high.
Of the total number of Police Officers killed with their own weapon, which no doubt are added in, from 1994 to 2003 the number of police killed with their own weapon was 52 out of 616 or 8% ; and rumors  have that number a lot higher.  The rumor came from a  captain of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept in Nevada, who said nearly 50% of officers are killed with their own weapon.

In fact there are more people killed from drunk drivers, in any year, than from firearms of any type. 10,228 people were killed in 2010 from drunk drivers with a total of 32,885 deaths in total from all accidents. Is Media Matters confusing the two? Is there currently legislation to remove all alcoholic beverages sold or all motor vehicles on the road? Of course not, that would go against corporate and state interests for taxes, insurance, gasoline, oil and bonds that each state sells on your registered vehicle.

A late breaking article on Media Matters continues on the same topic by progressive author Timothy Johnson, attacking the NRA (who else?) and firearms owners.
By the way, media matters advertises itself as ‘progressive’, which is a nice way to say communist. Don’t believe me, put the term ‘media matters’ in a google search engine.

A new assault weapon ban is in the works, proposed by the gun hating Senator Dianne Feinstein. With the U.N. Small Arms Treaty signed by the United States, and the next meeting being in two years to discuss how it has been implemented; a new assault weapons ban will show progress towards total disarmament of Americans. This website warned you over a month ago of the plans, they hope for total disarmament by 2018.

Not to be out done by Soros and Feinstein, along comes Rothschild through Reuters with this article by the American Academy of Pediatrics wanting tougher gun laws and an assault weapons ban; it’s for the children, don’t you know.  Children become another stepping stone for the socialists to use.
The first step is to bring us closer to the footing of Mexico, which allows ownership of weapons approved by the military (if you get a license) for low powered bolt action firearms and revolvers; in our case it will be the government through Homeland Security.  The purpose of that Right, guaranteed by the government, but granted by our Creator; is to fend off government tyranny with the modern weapons of the day.

Keeping things ‘fair and balanced’ on the continuing agenda for a One World Government; here is a recent article on oxfam america org., funded by Rockefeller Foundation, seemingly attacking the International Monetary Fund . Another case of the elite attacking another elite enterprise, mainly Rockefeller attacking Rothschild.

In the article, are they bragging or what? The top 1% captured 8% of the GDP in the 1970, but today it is 23%. Are the Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family not in that 1%? Maybe they are the new ‘Kings’, along with other elites in their new world order and not part of the 1%.

The article goes on, ” the U.S. has one of the highest rates of inequality. The only countries with higher rates are Portugal, Turkey, and Mexico.” This makes Jim Willie’s latest article on target for the number of unemployed and unreported-unemployed, that no longer can draw.

In Conclusion

This presidential race will mean nothing, who ever wins.   The agenda will go on, just as the globalists have planned. Which means civil war is coming to America, because of inequality in earning abilities, as well as the demise of the ‘right to keep and bear arms’. During our last civil war the military split up, going north and south, the division is less clear this time, but the same will happen again.
Do you suppose, any of those who support and read avaaz.org, media matters or oxfam america org. will allow themselves to pick up a gun to attack our right to keep and bear firearms? Hypocrisy at its worst if they do, so don’t count on it. It goes against their religion of gun control, and in the end they will be happy slaves to the New World Order that is planned for them.