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Beyond a doubt, both sides in the presidential race are corrupt to the core. Like Gerald Celente recently stated on coasttocoastam, the correct vote this time is to ‘Stay Home’. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

In the above interview, unless you especially want to hear about ‘ rock bands’ skip over to 40 minutes into the broadcast to hear what Gerald Celente has to say.  At 1(hour):15 (fifteen minutes) the topic becomes fascism and Gerald is right about the fascism in the government. A natural progression of a corporate government in bed with corporations. At 1:19, it turns to this election, Celente remains right on target. Send the corporate government a real message, quit consenting to fascism, Stay Home and don’t vote.

Unfortunately Gerald Celente, near the end, proposes ‘direct democracy’ which is a horrible idea. We need to restore the Republic, with true representation.  Along the way, paying attention to our own business; as proposed by George Washington, rather than meddling in the affairs of other countries through alliances.  That would end a lot of wars, and reduce the national debt immensely.

Gerald is not alone, be sure to visit the home page of The Voice of Russia and along the right hand side go to “Your Opinion” vote for who ever you want and wait. The poll claims that Obama will win, but in second place is “it doesn’t matter as nothing is going to change”. A very true statement, with the Republicans changing their rules in the convention to keep Ron Paul quiet- without any votes and to continue on with an anti-gun agenda.  In the end, both candidates will pass the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, by vote of the Senators or by Executive Order.   Remember the treaty was already signed by the United States.

 The Tea Party Patriots put out an excellent video on Healthcare titled The Determinators Movie. They seem to forget that Mitt Romney passed his own Healthcare system in Massachusetts, that is very similar to Obamacare. Romney is not going to help repeal any healthcare program. The Tea Party is correct, in that Obamacare went against the vast majority of citizen’s wishes and most doctors on the issue.  This of course translates into lack of representation under the current government.  So exactly who is the Tea Party going to vote for?

In reality, it is another symptom of the fascism in government working hand in glove with the other corporations. The corporate hospitals don’t want to spend money on the elderly, nor do the corporate insurance companies. They just want the elderly to die if they contract an expensive and otherwise-live-ending disease like cancer. It’s called euthanasia, part of the globalists dream to reduce population, so don’t look for help at the United Nations.  In fact, they just did turned down a treaty on the ‘aging’. This will come as no surprise when you remember the names behind the United Nations (i.e. Rockefeller and Rothschild).

This article ties in both the Zionist Rockefeller and Soros, along with the Obama Administration through Zionist Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of the ex- Chief of Staff for Obama, Rahm Emanuel) to the idea of euthanasia through a new concept known as ‘Bioethnics’. The program was started by Adolf Hitler but goes back even further to the British eugenics program (pre 1904) and Zionist Arthur Ruppin of the Palestine Office (1908) near the beginning of the last century. According to Shlomo Sand in his book The Invention of the Jewish People , Ruppin although Jewish, had no problems consulting with Professor Gunther, the founder of the Nationalist-Socialist Party (NAZI) racial theory in Germany after Hitler’s rise to power according to his book Chapters of My Life.

Returning to this election and reasons not to vote: ‘The winning move is not to play’.

Tic-Tac-Toe is a child’s game, and as we grow-up we become aware that it ends in a stalemate with ‘no’ winners. The same is true under the current election process. The process is rigged from the inception, by voter fraud through commuters doing the counting.   This insures the selection of ‘who’ the bankers and globalists want to win and they hedge their bets; but the winning move remains, not to play. Consider this, the winning party always continues with the same globalist agenda, and the fascism continues along with it. Send them a real message: Stay Home!!

Election results a few weeks early on KPHO in Pheonix, Arizona.