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Next post I will cover ammunition, explosives, and other contracts of interest purchased by Homeland Security since last time they were reported. This time contracts before and after Hurricane Sandy.

Some believe that Hurricane Sandy was a directed storm, reported by many sources including Jim Willie. Jim Willie believes, if not a directed storm, it was at leasted caused by the previous mild winter, followed by the drought, while  those in change of HAARP are seemly and purposely playing God which has devastating effects on people around the globe.   It is past time for them to quit playing with mother nature.  Most people can agree with that.

In searching contracts by FEMA for the Department of Homeland Security, nothing was found to implicate the storm as being steered towards the northeast. What was found was their first order for food consisting of Kosher Meals on October 31; provided by a company in Deerfield, Illinois. Not trying to be derogatory towards those of the Jewish faith, but FEMA’s first order for food was Jewish? The Jewish population in New York City is rather large 1.54 million by this article. The vast majority vote democrat. But the same article claims 700,000 Asians. So were was FEMA’s supply of food for the Asians? It didn’t exist. It is amazing the first thing the government considered was feeding a Jewish population of 1.54 million when the overall population was over 8 million.

They hadn’t even considered baby food until the next day, November 1st.  Well, at least they thought about it, even if it wasn’t their top priority.

By November 2, they finally figured out the rest of the population may need food and ordered 2 Million MRE’s.  Note, that is 2 days after considering feeding the of the Jewish population consisting of 19% of the people in New York. It took another 2 days for FEMA to consider buying Heaters for those meals.
On November 29th they ordered more meals called ‘Climate controlled meal storage’ and whether that has to do with Sandy is anyone’s guess. It could be for a government underground bunker storage just as easily.

After all these years why do people still wait for FEMA to do anything? Any idea why I consider myself a survivalist? It is a good feeling knowing you are ready for any natural disaster with stores of food and water on the self.

There were no water supplies for New York area in all the contracts observed, but here is one for Region IV, due by Nov. 2. Region IV consisting of Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky Tennessee and N. and S. Carolina. Did they haul this water further up the coast?

Housing crossed their minds at first as trailers for offices on November 9th and November 11th. More than a week and a half after the storm struck. This is housing for their employees and for their offices, we will cover the housing for the survivors, next up.  You didn’t think they thought of you first did you?

Emergency housing finally crossed their minds for survivors on November 14, November 15th,and November 16th Housing still on their minds as late as November 27 to provide interim housing for survivors.

This is really how much the government cares about you. It is really time for you to prepare for such natural disasters and quit waiting for the government to do anything. It is really not that hard to begin a food storage program, just start buying a bit extra evertime you shop.