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Part of the reason for all of the ammunition purchases of last fall, deals with the end of the budget for the federal corporation. After working for a government contractor I understand that at the end of the fiscal year, they have to spend their excess to be funded more in the future. Things have quieted down somewhat, but Homeland Security, under FEMA, is continuing to fortify positions in several areas.

It seems that firing ranges are now on the agenda. They want one in Southern Nevada located 20 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada and from the description it is for semi automatic pistol firing. That isn’t the only place they are seeking a firing range. They want to lease one in the Chesapeake,Virginia area. Both of these contracts have little to do with border security, others below will.  

Here is one for ammunition there are several changes, 4 to be exact, 3 for cancellation and the 4th one for an auction for the lowest bid. For the final requirements, they are asking for 176,000 Boat Tail, match ammunition, hollow point for a 308 caliber. It must be delivered within 30 days of acceptance of the bid.
Here is one for 9mm Luger, 124 grain, jacketed hollow point Duty ammunition. The contract has already been awarded at 4,870,008. 50, you can probably imagine how much 9mm ammunition can be purchased for almost 5 million dollars.
This one appears as training ammunition for 40 caliber Smith and Wesson. They are noting the distinction as ‘training’ and not asking for hollow point ammunition, that appears on duty ammunition only, but not always. In the pdf file they want to know how much ammunition can be supplied by the performer of this contract.
This contract is for duty ammunition for 223, 64 grain , the quantity is 255,000 rounds. Small in number to the purchases of the fall.

Other contracts of interest deal with Biometrics Systems, 660 such machines called “L-1 Identity Solutions LiveScan”. If you do a search on L-1 Identity Solutions Live Scan, there will be lots of other government agencies looking for the same. The are touch screen identifiers that catalog your finger print. Of the 660 machines they want 440 cabinet style, 100 desktop style and 120 mobile machines.
It is probably a sign of increasing the policing powers throughout the United States.

No sub-agency is listed on the contract for Hand Held Explosive Detecters using Differential Mobility Spectrometry, mean as a chemical breaks down in RF radiation it ionizes and is then detected. The comments on the contract state it is for public safety, which means they are planning on using this equipment for possible airports, parks, stadiums and anywhere people gather. Depending on how they will use it determines whether it will just be more harassment of the people or protection.
Explosives are on their minds as we see this contract for Canine Explosives Detection In the last ‘Changed’ link there is a further link to a pdf file. They are seeking research for advanced Canine Detection of Explosives. The number of dogs required is not mentioned, but they will award contracts to several entities up to $650,000 dollars.

In short, they are preparing for some event that the government needs protection from the people themselves. Perhaps it is the secession movement still alive and well in many states, and in particular Texas After all, and beyond a doubt, Obama will get the United Nations Small Arms Treaty passed by the Senate or by Executive Order.

Something most people will like is this contract for Immigration and Customs to provide infrastructure for illegal immigration Detention Center in the Houston area. This must be a contract for a security firm such as Wackenhut. But hopefully not Wackenhut they are currently owned by a British company called G4S. They claim they are the leading security company in the nation

Homeland Security is also doing a lot of upgrades for H60 helicopters, from electrical Bay Doors, Electric Control Panels, 120 Gallon Liquid Level Gauges to monitor fuel levels, and various parts for H60 Helicopters for the Coast Guard.

Sorry for the delay in articles. There were things in my life that had to be sorted out and  now they have.  I’m am in the dating process.   There is packing and moving to be done as I was ask to leave. So this may be my last post until after the holidays.  Wishing you the best of Christmas holidays and Happy New Year.