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The controlled press is going frantic in making sure that our rights to keep and bear arms are in trouble once more. With the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, already signed by the United States, this tragedy in Connecticut is no coincidence. It was deliberately planned and executed for the mass damage to out Creator endowed rights to keep and bear arms.

The targets were deliberately picked, children. Children, who we have an obligation to protect as parents. This close to Christmas, imagine for a few moments the grief these parents of those children are going through. Not only the parents but relatives and neighbors who have probably already purchased presents for these dead children. This was a deliberate attack for the most sympathy possible towards the general public for the same purpose; the gun control agenda. This shooting was no coincidence.

With only days before schools were out for the holidays, the timing was perfect, as well as the targets for the most possible impact. This shooting was no coincidence.

George Soros’ websites are filled with condemnation against the National Rifle Association, an organization that is a U.N. Non Governmental Organization. The New World Order boys know they need to disarm American’s and this is the perfect opportunity to do that. Avaaz blog has a petition, titled Tell the NRA: ENOUGH! On another one of Soros’ blogs Media Matters, the fight continues to strip of our of Creator endowed rights in this article titled Fox News Sunday And Meet the Press Push Myth On Gun Lobby’s Electoral Dominance Soon to be Ex-Senator Joe Lieberman is interviewed as well as the another Zionist Mayor Bloomberg. The article claims the democrats gave up on gun control, are they assuming that democrats don’t own firearms? Our freedoms were meant for all Americans regardless of party, religious beliefs, gender or the color of one’s skin. It also talks of recent polls by another controlled media source CNN:
“An August 9 CNN poll found that 96 percent of Americans support requiring a background check for every gun purchase. The same poll found that nearly three-in-five respondents favored banning semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines containing more than 10 bullets, like those used in the July 20 mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The CNN poll also found that 76 percent of Americans favored requiring individuals to register their weapons with local law enforcement and 91 percent favored preventing felons and people with mental health problems from owning guns.”
The founders of this nation were very learned men, they had studied history and new the problems with democracy, and formed a Republic with some democratic ideas. A Republic of laws, that protected the 1% from the 99%. So much for CNN’s polls, which might have been rigged from the beginnings, as well as our voting system is rigged from the beginnings. Who responds to such polls other than the gun grabber progressives who want total control? Control to the point that true freedom’s light is removed in our nations history. This shooting was no coincidence.

The media reports are different in every account for this shooting. In this account a semi automatic rifle was to blame. But what can be expected of the New York Times. While in this article on CNN it states the rifle was in a parked car.
“Three weapons were recovered from the school: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster found in a car in the school parking lot, and a Glock and a Sig Sauer found with Lanza’s body, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said.” So much for the involvement of a so-called assault weapon. Or are any semi autos now defined as assault weapons? What about the new security system that was just installed in the building? “Under the new system, every visitor was required to ring a doorbell at the front entrance after the doors locked at 9:30 a.m. and report to the main office to sign in.” This shooting was no coincidence.

Today, soon to be Ex-Senator Joe Lieberman calls for a national commission on the culture of violence “These events are happening more frequently and I worry that if we don’t take a thoughtful look at them, we’re going to lose the hurt and the anger that we have now.” Lieberman wants to see assault weapons bans, though no assault weapons were used, and tougher laws in general on gun shows. Senators Feinstein and Durbin are also quoted in the same article; gun bans, ammunition bans and clip bans are just around the corner, and will proceed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which will be official in March. This shooting was no coincidence.

We may never know the truth concerning this shooting, it contains shades of Columbine High School, and shades of the Aurora theater shooting, both which happened in Colorado. Here is a really interesting article connecting both the Aurora shootings to the Connecticut shootings through the LIBOR scandal. The fathers of both the Aurora shooter and this one in Connecticut are due to give evidence in the LIBOR scandal. Oh what a web the globalist’s weave, when they plan to deceive.

What the gun grabbers forget is that firearms have also saved people in the past from mass killings. They also seem to forget that there are many of us ready to protect our Creator endowed rights, if need be.

In finishing this post the words of Sun Tzu come to mind,
“You must strike the enemies plans while they are just ideas, and before they are implemented”. So this Christmas give the gift that keeps on giving constant defense for your family and friends. Buy everything they are planning to ban in the near future.  Always stay one step ahead of the enemy of freedom. Civil war is on our horizon, especially when the U.N. Small Arms Treaty becomes enforced.