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Silence is golden, but there is only so long I can remain silent to the dribble in government before I have to speak out again. Several things have come across my desk. One of those is concerning the obviously staged event at  Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.  Actors being involved, people smiling who just lost a child and fake tears, which could have been edited out before broadcasting it.  But they weren’t edited out, were they?  There are even links that claim Adam Lanza was dead the day before the massacre at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.  The entire incident is riddled with inconsistencies.  Maybe this series of videos will explain why all of the changed stories, lack of editing and why none of what has happened makes any sense.

Care must be taken in writing letters to government officials at any level. If it sounds like a threat, they will try to prosecute under the PATRIOT ACT.   This Act  has no effect in law and is Restricted to a Commercial Offer.  But, don’t depend on an attorney to help you, they will help hang you for they are officers of the court itself.  Impeachment has never worked before. It takes a Congress that is not taking bribes from their masters, and many in Congress are Zionist shills anyway. But is this the plan the government has? Start a civil war to get the U.N. involved and disarm us completely? The corporate government has been busy stockpiling ammunition.  They have already stockpiled enough to kill us all several times over.
Several county Sheriffs are taking a stand. A  complete list can be found Here.   They are throughout the country, but notice the high percentage in New Mexico, Utah and Oregon.   New Mexico’s Bernalillo County, whose county seat is Albuquerque is on the list as well.   It has been said you can’t even fire a gun in that county.   The county made the news on Sunday, with the Rothschild’s Associated Press, which was more than happy to tell you about another assault weapon used to kill five people, all in the same family.  The  eldest son was taken into custody as the person who committed the murders.  Yet that sheriff says no to new laws.
Another action that can be taken is to talk to your sheriff, and convince him that he too, should say ‘no’ to new firearm rules passed by the federal government since January 2013 and refuse to enforce them.   For those of you who’s sheriff is on the list call him, thank him, and offer your support and assistance if the federal government tries to confiscate firearms from someone in your county.  The sheriffs answers to the people, and have more authority than any congress ‘critter’ or the president within the sheriff’s  jurisdiction. He is also authorized to deputize extra people or call out the militia.

Check out who is on the front cover of Newsweek; “The Second Coming” of Obama. In fact here is a video on Obama and his ‘Second Coming’. Is Obama the new Messiah? Some idiots think so!!
Newsweek and The Daily Beast are both owned by Ex Congresswoman and Zionist Jane Harman. She worked in Congress to help end the Second Amendment and still attempt it through both of her propaganda rags.

The other way to spoil their plans is to join a militia and get organized. If the militias were strong today, there is no way they would try to come after our firearms.  If you can’t get your sheriff on board to say ‘no’ to new gun control issues, you still have the right and obligation to defend yourself, your family and  your neighbors and join a militia.  I further advise you to go to the last post, for the link to Molon Labe and join a militia.  There is no need to keep silent, you are on the list the government is taking of enemies already.  They know who your friends are, they monitor your phone calls, your e-mails, know what you are purchasing (unless you use cash) and knows every website you visit; so get over it!!   You are on the list.  The government has a record of all previous gun purchases.   If you think you can bury your weapons and ammunition, you will end up in a re-education camp and be tortured; along with your family until the weapons are recovered.   The louder you are the less likely they will try to take your firearms.  It is time to stand up and be counted, and get motivated.   The country, and way of live you save will be your own.

Virginia’s Message