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This posting needs to be spread far and wide, it is the perfect example of Bill within the states that are private corporate laws for profit. The corporations my have to obey, but flesh and blood humans do not. Anything that approaches our right to keep and bear arms for our personal defense has to looked at extremely closely. Because they have all been omitted for Cause. The current Bill in the New Mexico legislature is the most perfect example, the vote hasn’t even been taken, but the draft itself shows it has no force in law. I am speaking about HB 402,. New Mexico’s version of the assault weapons ban. Note along the left hand margin underscored material =new and [ bracketed material ] = deleted. Then notice under Section 1 New Material is both underscored and omitted  because it appears in brackets. Which means there is no New Material. Also note this statute is so unconstitutional as it says within the Bill ‘you are guilty until proven innocent’; what a joke!! What happened to the rule of law?  

All states are incorporated under the federal governments corporation, and have been since 1971. That coincides with when the old statutes became the Revised Statutes. Here is the general rule all corporate governments use, from the federal corporation, through the state corporate governments, to the municipal corporate governments: UNITED STATES PRINTING OFFICE STYLE MANUAL 2008 Publication , at Chapter 8, 8.19 — 8.20 Double Brackets – In bills, contracts, laws, ect., indicate matters that are to be ‘omitted’. So when ever you see brackets at both ends of a statute or at both ends of the authorization code, it becomes void, unenforceable.  All statutes have to have an authorization code by law, and if that authorization code is in brackets, it is unenforceable.

We the People, the living breathing flesh and blood of this nation are being defrauded out of our own Natural Rights, if we comply with their statutes. Corporate governments know it is a trick, they want you to Voluntarily comply, they haven’t committed treason, their documents prove that. So if you comply to their fraud, register your weapons, take photographs of your clips with the date, purchase a gun safe, purchase trigger locks, it is your own fault for complying with their fraud.

Other examples of this type of fraud are all of the current statutes on gun control If this current Feinstein Bill passes it will all be more fraud on the American People, add to that the new statutes in New York and California once these statutes will found with brackets around the authorization codes. So volunteer follow their statutes and be a good corporate slave.

As Rod Class has found out in hearings before an Administrative Court in North Carolina, and throughout all the States all government officials are Private Contractors and all Government Offices are vacant. This means that the police officer that pulls you over, or crashes your front door has no official status. They can be personally sued for damages that they cause, injuries they cause, theft of property and that can include firearms taken by laws that lack authority by having the authority in brackets. In addition add to that endangerment of human life and several types of fraud.

Actually the federal corporation has already committed fraud, with all of this gun control legislation at the federal and state levels; to include suspicion of false flags and murder leading up to such legislation. Murder in relationship to Sandy Hook and the Aurora shootings, are a definite possibility. It becomes apparent clear that it was done to comply with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that passed in a secret session on August 29, 2012 with U.N. Secretary General’s comments it was aimed at Americans and ended on September 7, 2012 with the corporate United States signing the document.  If it was murder at Sandy Hook and Aurora the motive was to turn public opinion into a anti-gun frenzy to comply with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty; where only the government will be allowed firearms as an end result.  Next will come murders with bolt action rifles and pistols  until you are left with pea shooters to defend your Creator endowed Rights. 

The previous two posts were on Sandy Hook Elementary School, so it is appropriate to review the Aurora, Colorado shootings. This film raises a lot of questions that need to be answered by police, CIA and the FBI.

The James Holmes Conspiracy – Full Documentary

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Most statutes today do have brackets surrounding the authorization codes, meaning they are omitted and can’t be enforced, if you know about the brackets. But a few statutes are based upon Common Law and have parenthesis to replace the brackets and they are enforceable. Those are for crimes against your fellow man, or his property. But how can a flesh and blood human cause damage to a fictitious state by owning a firearm? Can the state take the stand in court? Only through private contractors for profit can the state take the stand and that amounts to reprisal against the American People through fines and seizures of property for profit. The private contractors paycheck depends on profits. 

The brackets in the statute’s authorization code are usually only found by looking the statute up in a law library. Any idea why law libraries are disappearing faster than snow on a hot summers day?  That of course becomes deceitful fraud by corporate governments.  Probably the best source online is the Code of Federal Regulations, there you will see lots of brackets.