Denise B. Holmes 

My family entered America on the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock. They came here for ‘Freedom’ but unfortunately only found that for a brief period after the Revolutionary War.

I’ve held many positions in life, from truck driver, bartender, self-employed lapidarist, ran for public office in 2000 – winning a primary – not expecting to win the general,  but enjoyed the soapbox it gave me to speak my thoughts to the public, to a Code of Federal Regulations Prosecutor for Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone.

Getting the job as prosecutor wasn’t easy, after all I’m not an attorney. In my interviews for the job, I’d already had cases in the 8th District Court of Nevada, 5th District Court of Nevada, Nevada Supreme Court, Federal District Court Las Vegas, U.S. Bankrupcy Court District of Nevada and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which I presented to the Tribal Council. But the legal system is flawed, I only won cases as a prosecutor, never as a pro se litigant. Even then, with a high prosecution winning rate (95%) most cases I offered an easy way out, plea bargain. I only sent one Native American to jail, who continually, evaded trail. All I wanted was for him to sign up for an anger management class. Overall the experience was an eye-opener, because I realized before long that the Tribal government was as corrupt as the Federal government.

I awoke to what was going on when Waco burned to the ground. I found myself protesting for the very first time against a government gone mad.

In between all the court cases and protests I joined the Nevada Militia and was put in charge of both medical and supply. I’ve always had a garden, but I need to go deeper in on the subject. I gained an interest in native plants for both eating and the medicinal properties that they contained. I am still working towards a complete series on “Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants” . Recently, when I met people at a militia meeting in New Mexico they couldn’t believe that I was putting out information on the logistics of using native plants for supply. That will also be a topic, as well as the militia itself. We are entering a period of our history that I encourage everyone, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disabilities to join or form a Constitutional Militia.

I do cover the news as well, trying to stick with stories the media won’t touch. One of those news issues is Zionism, because of the unrest it has caused for not only the Jews, but other peoples as well the world over. The pre-emptive wars we are involved in since the 9-11 attack should not be continued.

I will also post documents that are not mine but deal with Sovereignty. If we have to fight again, it’s time to end corporations including the Federal Corporation that we are being enslaved by.  The Sovereigns are basically correct in their way of thinking.

I can be reached at dbhjtl@att.net if you have an interest in uses of wild plants visit my other blog at http://keys2liberty.wordpress.com or if you have an interest in Freedom Documents visit http://keystoliberty2.wordpress.com

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