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Crossing The Rubicon

Similar to the ancient Roman republic, laws in the Republic of the united States forbid the military from operating within the country. Posse comitatus was supposed to protect the American people from being invaded by our own military, but it has been broken on numerous occasions and plans say it will be broken again.
Here is an article by a Ft. Leavenworth instructor Colonel Kevin Bacon that appeared in Small Wars Journal. It describes a fictitious account of the Tea Party and a militia taking over a community in South Carolina. As the article begins it references US Army Training and Doctrine Command, The Army Operating Concept 2016-2028 also know as TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, dated 19 August 2010, p. iii. Hereafter cited as TD Pam 525-3-1. This is partly for civil support operations on U.S. soil. The link is restricted, imagine that.
The importance of this article is it lays the ground work for further military upon streets in America in the near future. It also describes the plans the military is planning on using under this scenario. I have to laugh as they comment on using google maps. Some military intelligence that is! I have yet to see a google map that has been updated over the past several years. I have personal proof of that, because my house built-in 2007 does not appear. Please remember that when anybody tries to prove anything with google maps.
Local militias do have the upper hand on reconnaissance, as they have first-hand-knowledge of the area. The article points that out as well. Be sure and read it.

In a past post “The ‘Perfect Storm’ against Freedom”. Walking Crow commented “Planes with RED TAILS are DOD/CIA they are at Marana,AZ. exit 236 off I-40 . Evergreen has the contract to do there maintance and keep them flyingabout the red tail aircraft “. That area is in the middle of the Navajo Indian Reservation. I looked it up on google maps, age unknown, and there was a dirt runway at the airport located there.  The runways could be paved at this time.  From past reading, The Nuclear Waste Primer it is certainly not unusual for the federal government to enter contracts to hide nuclear waste, and or DOD/CIA airplanes deep inside Indian Reservations. It might be the next ultimate insult on the Native Americans in our country.

Back to Survival

I personally feel that peppers and survivalists are closet-case militia members, or will become militia members under any scenario that involves confiscation of firearms or the break down of government from civil unrest in any form. In my opinion they will have to unite as our forefathers did, or lose all of their Rights.
I said before that I would report back on both the re-chargeable batteries and the solar re-charger. The batteries I purchased were from this website. I chose the Premium Tenergy batteries, figuring that they either last longer, or will recharge more often. Of course they were made in China; what isn’t? Each battery is encased in heavy plastic, except the electric contact points. I swear the warning on them says: “Battery can explore or cause burns if over charged”. No, that is not a typo, the writer of the warnings English is not top-notch. I’ll do my own exploring, but I will be careful on over charging the batteries, as I know they meant ‘explode’, not explore.
I haven’t run the batteries down yet, but feel it is safe to go forward with this report, as the solar charger is made by C. Crane and gives hours needed to recharge batteries on the indicator. Here is the solar charger that I purchased. As you can see from the photo it has an indicator built-in. The green areas on the indicator say charge time is 18 hours for D-size, 12 hours for C-size, 6 hours for AA and 3 hours for AAA. At the other end of the scale is the red area which says 9 hours for D-size, 6 hours for C-size, 3 hours for AA and 1 hour for AAA. The new batteries buried the needle past the red area. I assume that means they are fully charged. The charger is equipped with a diode to prevent discharge when the sun is not shining on the solar plates. Do to the length of time in charging the batteries, I will probably purchase more of them.

Ideas Of Survival Sites

When out exploring for sites to survive in, think about planting vegetable seeds for plants when you have retreated to that location. This idea is probably more important for people who still live in the city. Pick heirloom seeds that will continue to produce seed that will produce the same exact plant, over and over again. Plant the seeds in the winter or early spring, in areas where there is enough moisture from rain or snow to get them started. Make sure you plant them above the high water mark, to keep them from washing away. To protect the future crop from deer or other animals that might want to feast on your future crop, use chicken wire securely mounted down to protect them.