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China on the attack

Pardon, my being rather skeptical on this article concerning an agreement between China and Mexico. I like more than one reference pointing in at least a general direction before sticking my nose out and posting. I prefer to work with facts, not rumors.
The agreement is, that if China invades the United States, it will give to Mexico Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Scanning the article, the agreement is not listed, but listen to the mp 3 at the beginning.
It sounded really farfetched until I read this article of Jim Willie’s. It seems the Chinese do have many interests in Mexico and are making deals for oil exports. The deals by pass the all mighty dollar and even include deals in Canada as well. With that much influence in Mexico, military bases can’t be rule out.
Jim Willie’s article comes out on September 26, and by September 27 the markets react with precious metals further on the rise, while the dollar tail-spins. Other things to watch are the Saudi royal family collapsing and fleeing to Spain. It, as always is a great article with much insight into the future. Follow the Yellow Brick road.
The Bahai Sea Green Pearl, a Chinese cruise ship for soldiers was is pictured in this article on Wired.   It was commissioned in August of this year. It’s maiden voyage saw dozens of armored vehicles, artillery and military tanks on board. It is not a true amphibious assault ship, but building them is on its way. Those include the Yuzhao Amphibious Ship which China has built and deployed. The lead ship in the class entered service in 2008 and was deployed as part of one of China’s anti-piracy patrols off Somalia. The second ship in the class was launched in November 2010 and began sea trials around September 2011.The third and fourth ships in the class reportedly have been launched. Here is a great link on
China Naval Modernization by the U.S. Congress. How naive are the opening comments in the above link, concerning war with China. Compare that with Jim Willie’s article.
China has made inroads towards a privately owned property in Idaho, this article came out in April of 2012 and goes on to say: Sinomach already has a strong focus on developing its international business prospects, having acquired agricultural machinery component manufacturer McCormick France last year and showed interest in investing in a 50 sq mile technology zone in Idaho, US. Earlier articles say Sinomach was involved prior to purchasing McCormick France. This leads one to believe McCormick France is a proxy company to get a Chinese communist company inside the United States to building their own city south of Boise.
Not to worry Governor Otter, you got free trips to China, at taxpayer expense, and your Republican Party voters will never catch on, that McCormick France is Sinomach .
As stated before, as America finds itself in a quagmire of planned ‘Wars On Terror’, other countries are improving their military capabilities. Some of them may be enemies in the near future.

Media Matters pushes another U.N. Treaty

The globalists have been pushing hard on another U.N. Treaty, this time the U.N. Disabilities Treaty by attacking The Washington Times. U.S. current law protects those with disabilities so why do the globalists push for this one? It is partly to ‘normalize’ U.S. law to United Nation’s standards in preparation for the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. Harold Koh (reported on is last post) would have a new issue to add to his “Agora: The United States Constitution and International Law” argument. This time the U.N. Disability Treaty would point the way to add more international law of the United Nations onto American soil.
The U.N. treaty was endorsed by past Senator, now turned lobbyist, Bob Dole and former Congressman Tony Coehlo. It was brought to the floor by Senator Dick Durban (Dem-Illinois) but failed in the attempt for
passage by unanimous consent. Senator Lee and Toorney obtained signatures from enough Senators that would block passage in the sneak attack by Durban.
Part of the fear expressed, was that the treaty would open the door to more abortions. Here is a copy of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The problem with all U.N. treaties is the double-speak between the document and how they have been enforced in the past.
The U.N. Small Arms Treaty may be passed by the U.N. General Assembly in the near future, in hopes of forcing it down America’s throat.
The current killings in Minnesota maybe one of the false flags designed for passage of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. When gunman kill themselves, the incidents should always be suspect for a false flag event.



This post is not being picked up by websites, some of whom want more proof, which is hard to obtain on this side of the border, but here is one link on China / Mexican ties titled China and Mexico. Note: it is from the Chinese government. It claims that China and Mexico established relations in 1972, with several visits back and forth between the two, eventually signing a MOU. The bottom paragraph states “New progress was made in exchanges and cooperation in the cultural, educational, tourism, and military fields and between local authorities. . . . . In September, the guard of honor of the three services of the PLA attended the military parade of the Mexican Independence Bicentennial.”

That is still not proof positive of Chinese bases in Mexico, it just shows that they are becoming increasing good friends. In the realm of videos, there are three, 1) China, Pakistan and Mexico are Joining Forces 2)China Military Base in Mexico? and 3)Are Chinese Troops amassing in Mexico?: Hawk-Suvive to thrive. The middle video claims he doesn’t know, as well as this website doesn’t know for sure. Just be aware of the possibility.